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Quenky Quenky 1 December 2021


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Jaknifed Jaknifed 1 December 2021

AFS Eulogy

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Le petit gateaux Le petit gateaux 16 September 2021

mon blog

surcribe me :)

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JustCallMeAkira JustCallMeAkira 7 August 2021

Stands Upgrade (I posted it here becuz yes)

"Many people have done this, and I thought I would too."

(P.S: This took me sooo long to make-)

I'm not gonna make them too OP. And I repeat, I'm NOT gonna make them too OP.

Firstly, the Stands will be slightly larger than the player.

Secondly, some parts of a Stand will have special effects like being a bit shiny or smth.


Fourth, The auto-aim moves won't attack the people in your group/other players fighting boss/Juggernaut players.

Now, I'm gonna move on to the 'upgrades' of all the Stands

The Arm (The Hand)

Shiny-Shiny blue armor lol.

Z move is removed. (YEET)

X: Space Fill and C move is Space Erase and these 2 moves are buffed by 5x.

V move: Space Fill attack (I get I have bad …

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KenBoi999 KenBoi999 28 July 2021

About Specials...


So I've been thinking about this for a while now... You all know how Stands have V move, right? So I thought why not let other specials have the V move to?

I think this would be a good idea to add more powers for specials to the game (especially kagune). So here's the list of all the specials and there V moves.

(Some anime I didn't watch and some I don't have to watch so yeah I don't much about the powers so please help me by replying in the comments)

FRUITS: (y'all need to help me with this, I googled them)

Explosion: Bomb Boogie - Flick an explosive ball of snot that explodes and deals damage on impact.

Rubber: Gear Fourth: Monkey King Gun - Unleash a devastating short-range punch with massive power, dealing huge damage. …

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also im a reaper in afs and also around 300B power in total

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About MEEE

Hey! Here are all the Anime shows and mangas i read: God Of Highschool Black Clover Tonikawa Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures One Punch Man Demon Slayer I am also currently I Also love roblox :D my favorite game is Anime Fighting Simulator, Arsenal, and sometimes some random story games. Anime Fighting Simulator: My total power: 150 Qn My Class: Overlord Here are my champions in 2x Kakashi 4x Boros 2x Goku 1x Itachi 1x Asta 2x Madara 1x Igochi 1x Sasuke 1x Shanks 1x Endeavor Fighting Pass Champions: Shinra Mihawk Escanor Zenitsu Bakugo Rock Lee (My Favorite Champion) Marco Dream Champion: Eren Asuna (Cause she’s my waifu) Kirito cause he looks cool holding two swords Here are my specials: Fruit: Ice, Lig…

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WaifuTV WaifuTV 6 May 2021


I’M A die hard hunter x hunter fan and I would love it if nen was added. Imagine being able to get Godspeed or bungee gum! Plz comment if u think it should be added or not

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JesseDangerXD JesseDangerXD 3 May 2021

Things i wish were in this game

So you see I'm a hardcore dragon ball fan, and its often disappointing seeing the amount of missed opportunities and what not in the game and I often find myself coming up with random ideas for the game so i'd like to share some of them with you, note that all of them will be from dragon ball

Ok so first we have Jiren's power impact, I've always been quite fond of this attack and I love Jiren's signature "It's over" every time he uses the move, I think it would scale maybe X30 chakra but have like a 15 second cooldown, the move would work something like that, once it is activated the user dashes towards the nearest player with a redish orb in their hand making contact and knocking the attacked player into the air then causing damage

Next one…

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CallMeShinez CallMeShinez 29 April 2021

Champ List

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DrapalDragon DrapalDragon 28 April 2021


Animations are a mechanic in Anime Fighting Simulator which lets you change your default animations into special ones for cosmetic purposes. Currently, the only way to obtain animations is from the fighting pass.

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Virus quak Virus quak 25 April 2021

hi i like anime my fav anime is re zero and black clover how bout u?


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Maionboy1999 Maionboy1999 22 April 2021

Quick Routes for Dragonballs

Here is the map of Dimension 1. I drew the quickest route to find dragon balls for your daily quests. You start at the red circle and end there. If you want, you can run the route again in case you need to find more. I may do one for chikara shards if this format is helpful.

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Hhighsky2 Hhighsky2 22 April 2021

Best special

I'm not pro at editing

And i am wrong or idk know what to edit with this page again






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Insult me

Just insult me

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Robloxgamer362 Robloxgamer362 3 April 2021

anime simulator codes

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes for chikara shards help you to upgrade yourself in the game of Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator. We are listing the working and latest codes for Anime Fighting Simulator to level up your game.


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UltimateGodMeliodas UltimateGodMeliodas 1 April 2021

My boring Life on AFS

I summon. Get Eren. Sold. To slavery. Next. I do tournament. Stun Spammers. Leave. I bully children. An OC comes and claps me. I wish I had my old account back. ;-; . I beat boss using 3 moves. I bully children. I summon. I get Eren. Sold. To slavery. I criticize Ice Spikes. Not using it since Christmas. I realized it got buffed. I bully children. I bully more children. I troll idiots by saying that wasting 10,000 Bobux gives you a free Eren. They fall for it. I call them dum idiots. I repeat all of this again.

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TheRealImortalYeet TheRealImortalYeet 18 March 2021

Imortal's Idea Page

Here you will see all my ideas of what should come to the next update


  1. Evolving. Here are some of the evolutions I made.
  • Sage Mode Naruto. Reqs: 2x Naruto, 3x Sakuras, and 1x Gon. Let me explain. Naruto would have 85% Chakra, 5% of your hp every 5 seconds, 15% Dura, and good buffs (Like gons buffs before he got nerfed) but its half of it. Trading rank: Shinigami. Credit to MoJanneh for this
  • Nen Gon. Requirements: 1x Gon and 5x Killuas. im saying 1x gon is because people who never bought the 2nd Fighting pass wont be able to get this (like sage mode naruto, which would have to be traded for). Stats: 80% in all but stuff like sword (speed and agility too…
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28ktIer 28ktIer 14 March 2021

Help each other

This blog is for helping people with the bosses like me and I need your guys help with beating the boss so yeah


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MyrobloxDragonmasterGuy47 MyrobloxDragonmasterGuy47 11 March 2021

Rate my specials 1-10

My champions madara and sasuke and kakashi My fruit Smoke My pyro devils flame my sword style sun my champion made in heaven my titan beast titan my kagune one eye my

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GamingFox2007 GamingFox2007 10 March 2021

tournament inventory

so ehm, i have no clue how to access the tournament inventory, i checked the description for the game and it said there is a tournament inventory but my question is. H O W ?

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HerrscherOfSentience HerrscherOfSentience 9 March 2021

The Problem about amount of Yen display

If you or someone else sees this post, please contact the AFS's Admin or Developer to correct this dumb error once and for all.

Even though every minute, the amount is still added normal, but the amount displayed does not change and it is very inconvenient to have to exit and re-enter to let it display the correct amount of yen available to increases multiplier or whatever u want .It makes me so annoyed :(

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BlackLight32 BlackLight32 9 March 2021

Tournaments Rewards

So, i'm not getting any rewards at all when i win a tournament round. anyone know what's wrong?

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REALThirtyPercent REALThirtyPercent 8 March 2021


Ayo so like, anime fighting simulator is yes. Sun style is op on the bosses. I solo'd them all! :O

Im about to solo dark demon rn so. Cya! :)

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Apestogetherstonks Apestogetherstonks 6 March 2021

Help with inferno(chapterone boss)

If you are looking to defeat inferno (chapter one boss) add 𝔹𝕚𝕘𝔹𝕠𝕚ℝ𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕘𝕒𝕟#2531 on discord

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Sdajkassahsd Sdajkassahsd 26 February 2021



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Trollerboy Trollerboy 25 February 2021

Titan shifters

They need to add titan shifters

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Ijustwantofficialdateofupdatepls Ijustwantofficialdateofupdatepls 24 February 2021


im finally not banned and i finished my exams and got to 1t

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Theonlyson2007 Theonlyson2007 4 February 2021

Anime Fightin SIm

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RedKameGun RedKameGun 27 January 2021



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Quenky Quenky 21 January 2021


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BOiIyOuDiEd BOiIyOuDiEd 17 January 2021

guys you know how there is an island on the coming soon portal with that blu tree i found this

guys you know how there is an island on the coming soon portal with that blu tree i found this

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Sasaki2389 Sasaki2389 14 January 2021

This is weird...

I saw them near the training area of strength 1mil.

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Jaknifed Jaknifed 10 January 2021

How to Raid the AFS Wiki

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The Shashophille The Shashophille 6 January 2021

I've learned. You've taught.

01001001 00100111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110010 01101110 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101101 01110101 01100011 01101000 00101110 00100000 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01110100 01100001 01110101 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01101101 01110101 01100011 01101000 00101110

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Imgoodatroblox Imgoodatroblox 4 January 2021

idk to delete the other one

My stats are kinda bad


23T Physical strength

10T durabilty

7T chakra

300T sword

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West652 West652 28 December 2020

In game passes i bort x2 durability and it made me pay two times can i maby have a refund pls my robloxs is kaidestroyer76

In game passes i bort x2 durability and it made me pay two times can i maby have a refund pls my robloxs is


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The Shashophille The Shashophille 28 December 2020

The legend of the shash

Once there was a 12 year old popsicle. This popsicle had a birthday coming up. When he turned 13, his parents allowed him to use fandom. He quickly hopped on to chat about his fav game, Jailbreak. However, that wiki had died. He looked around, looking for a place to chat. He found a link to, and had great deals of fun. The people there were so nice. he moved along playing roblox, and found a game called anime fighting simulator. He played STS, so he thought, lets give it a try. After a little grind, he had a lot of fun! I looked for wikia covering this topic, and found this. I looked around a bit, and asked who the saltiest admin was. Peter responded saying it was him. I got warned for the post. I then hopped on this ac…

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RevereAlt RevereAlt 26 December 2020

HI Im new to the wiki I'm so confused on what im doing xd

HI My names revere nice to meet u all xd

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Narutogodanime123 Narutogodanime123 24 December 2020


Help me with my quest

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Red is sus im sure Red is sus im sure 22 December 2020

Rate My Specials


stand: crafted in heaven

grimoire: demon

sword style: flame style

fruit: light

quirk: overhaul

kagune: eto

bloodline: kurama and flying thunder

arnament: night sky


sword: shanks

durability: meliodas

chakra: madara

strength: meliodas

fighting: endeavor

agility: luffy

speed: killua

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GamerFox2007 GamerFox2007 21 December 2020


yes heblo this is my first blog post, i need yalls opinions on my current stats for afs

Total Power: 125.2 qd

Bloodlines: Nine Tailed Fox

Quirk: Half Hot Half Cold

Armament: Night Sky

Fruit: Light Fruit

Sword Style: Flame

Stand: Celestial Diamond

Grimoire: Wind Gimoire

Kagune: Blue Steel

> if you have an opinion about this that needs changed pls comment :)
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500 Star treats 500 Star treats 18 December 2020

How good are you

Updated at 12/21/2020


  1. Strength: 1.030T
  2. Dur: 1.729T
  3. Chakra: 950B
  4. Sword: 4.097T
  5. Agility: 211.9M
  6. Speed: 150.4M

Sword type: Scissor blade

Rank: Sin

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Slashqwe123 Slashqwe123 16 December 2020

Pls devs i beg u can u pls make my freind and i accounts to sx pls i will give u yen or whatever u want usernames are: cayou1345 slashqwe123

pls :( im super weak me and my freind both :(((

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The Shashophille The Shashophille 15 December 2020

The reason I quit

leave it no more drama

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Get vectored xError Get vectored xError 15 December 2020


Updated at 12/15/2020

Strength: 473B

Dur: 1.3T

Chakra: 143B

Sword: 1.8T

Agility: 200M

Speed: 120M

TP: 3.8T

Comment on how much tp you guys haveRules: same as the rules in the comments page

Put on topic stuff

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Johnnysfriedchicken Johnnysfriedchicken 14 December 2020

um hi...

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OOFmasterNUB OOFmasterNUB 10 December 2020


This is proof that heyheyheyheyheydude, my alt on fandom, is me.

I just can't get in my main

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RealRaihanSym RealRaihanSym 8 December 2020

Training Area In Anime



Dummies: One Punch Man : 100

Saitama Gym: One Punch Man : 10k

Dagobah Beach: My Hero Academia : 100k

Meteor: One Punch Man : 1M

Kami's Lookout: Dragon Ball : 10M

Cell Arena: Dragon Ball : 100M

Excalibur: Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night : 1B

Nomu: My Hero Academia : 100B


Road Roller: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : 1T

Ichigo's Inner World: Bleach : 100T

Unbreakable Boulder: Demon Slayer : 1QD

Executor: My Hero Academia : 100QD


Grimoire Tower: Black Clover : 1QN

Boros' Battleship: One Punch Man : 100QN

Demon Skull: Black Clover : 1SX

Heaven's Arena: Hunter X Hunter : 100SX

Infinity Castle: Demon Slayer : 1SP


Boar Hat: Seven Deadly Sins : 100SP

UA Training Gym: My Hero Academia : 1 OC

Fairy Tail Guild Hall: F…

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