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There are four main currencies in Anime Fighting Simulator: Yen, Chikara Shards, Competitive Points and Spirit Shards. Each of these currencies has its own uses.

The yen icon.


Yen has two uses - to upgrade your stat multipliers (as outlined in the Starter Guide) and to upgrade your Class. Yen is gained every minute, with the amount depending on your Class, and can also be obtained by completing quests. Yen can also be bought from the store with Robux, earned from Boss battles, earned from codes and earned from Tournaments, with the amount depending on your class.

Chikara Shards

The Chikara Shard icon.

Chikara Shards are used to buy most Specials, with the exception of Fruits, along with Champions in the game. Currently, the Specials that can be purchased with Chikara Shards are Stands, Kagunes, Quirks, Grimoires, Sword Styles, Bloodlines, Armaments and Pyrokinesis. In order to obtain one of these Specials, you must go to the respective unlocker and purchase a roll. Each roll costs 5000 Chikara Shards, with you earning 200 as a refund if your new Special is less rare than your previous one. For Champion rolls, each one also costs 5000 Chikara Shards. Champions can also be sold for varying amount of Chikara Shards (Refer to Champion to view selling prices).

Another use of Chikara Shards is to remove Devil Fruits in order to be able to equip a new one. In order to do this, you must use 50 Chikara Shards.

There are six ways to obtain Chikara Shards: collecting them from Chikara Crates; which are the golden crates scattered throughout the map (each crate gives 80 to 135 Chikara Shards), completing quests from certain NPCs, fighting Bosses, obtaining 5 Chikara Shards per minute, and using Codes. For bosses, the amount of Chikara Shards you earn depends on the number of hits you land on the boss.

Birthday Crate

During the Anniversary Update, a variation of the Chikara Crate, dubbed as Birthday Crates, rarely replaces the Chikara Crates you see throughout the map and gives about 2x more Chikara than normal ones. The amount ranges from 160 to 270. (320-540 for people with the x2 Chikara shards gamepass). The spawn rate of Birthday Crates are approximately 5%. They also will reward you with the Stripes 1 Sword Skin after collecting it for the first time.

Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards are a new currency as of Update 20. They are used to buy the Champions in the purple Sayian Pods at spawn and around the map and upgrading the Slayer stat.

Spirit Shard icon.

There are currently three ways of obtaining Spirit Shards: defeating enemies, destroying crystals (The amount of shards scales with the Slayer stat) and completing quests given by Orochi

Since the champions bought with Spirit Shards can be sold for Chikara Shards, a way to farm them would be to buy champions for 20 000 Spirit Shards and sell them. This method gives 500 Chikara per champion bought and sold.

Competitive Points

The Competitive Point icon

Competitive Points (CP) can be earned from tournaments and used in the Tournament Dimension. You get 35 CP every time you win a 1v1, 10 CP if you kill someone in Free For All or King of the Hill, varying amounts of CP based on damage in Juggernaut, and 0 CP if you lose, get no kills in Free For All, or your opponent in a 1v1 leaves or disconnects. If you have the x2 Competitive Points gamepass, the amount of CP you earn is doubled. You can use CP to buy content in the Tournament Shop (Meliodas). Competitive Points are the only currency that cannot be bought by Robux.