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Deko is a quest NPC that players can meet and accept quests from after they complete the quest "Spirit Explosion" from Boom. He is located in the spawn building in Dimension 4 and has a current total of 5 quests. Rewards of Deko's quests include Yen, Chikara Shards and new powers.

This page contains all brief explanations about the current quests given by the quest giver Deko.

Deko Mastering

Deko (Mastering) is another Deko NPC that provides players with quests. He is located on the roof of the Quirk unlocker's hospital located in Dimension 1. Deko (Mastering) can only be interacted with when you have equipped the One For Everything Quirk, and has a total of 6 quests. Rewards of Deko (Mastering)'s quests include Yen and Chikara Shards, and the ability to master the One For Everything Quirk to the One For Everything 100% Quirk.