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Dragon Orbs can be found around all Dimensions (excluding the Tournament Dimension). Dragon Orbs are based on the 'Dragon Balls' from the Dragon Ball franchise. They have no use except for completing daily quests and Beris's storyline quest that requires the player to find a certain amount of them. They despawn roughly 2 minutes after they spawn, and almost immediately respawn somewhere else in the map. They also have red stars, just like the Dragon Balls, that vary from 1 star to 7 stars. If you cannot collect an orb when clicking on it, that means you either have already finished the quest or you don't have a Dragon Orbs daily quest.

One-Star Dragon Orb

Two-Star Dragon Orb

Three-Star Dragon Orb

Four-Star Dragon Orb

Five-Star Dragon Orb

Six-Star Dragon Orb

Seven-Star Dragon Orb

Locations (not all of them are listed)

Dimension 1

  • On the foot of the hill under the Temple (1.5M Chakra) and near Excalibur (1B Strength)
  • Near Urokodaki (Sword Style unlocker)
  • Near spawn, on top of the grey building that is facing towards Cell Arena (100M Strength) and Treadmills (100 Speed)
  • On the hill near the meteor (1M Strength) where a chikara crate usually spawns
  • On the hill on the left-hand side of the meteor and near the Ursus Shock (1M Durability)
  • Hill next to Saitama Gym (10K Strength)
  • On the hill next to Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (250M Chakra) and behind Death Note (15k Chakra)
  • Under the bridge of the hills in front of Death Note
  • On the island for Mount Akainu (10M Durability)
  • By the ladder of the Kurama Statue (15M Chakra)
  • On Giorno's left behind the building. (Stand Unlocker)
  • Next to the grimoire tower (Grimoire Unlocker)
  • Near the Chikara Crate on Aokiji Island (100k Durability)
  • In between a red building and a maroon building near Kaneki (Kagune Unlocker)

Dimension 2

  • On the pillar without a tree near Gravito Rock Zone (100T Durability)
  • On the pillar with a tree under Infinite Tsukuyomi (100qd Chakra)
  • Under a tree located on the bulge of land between spawn area and Ichigo NPC (100T Strength)
  • Near spawn area and Road Roller (1T Strength)
  • On a pillar near the portals and beside the Ichigo NPC pillar (100T Strength)
  • Behind Giorno (Stand Unlocker) and between two buildings (White and Green)
  • In a tree between Black Iron Palace (1qd Durability) and Executor (100qd Strength)
  • Next to a crevice next the Flames Of Cremation (100qd Durability)
  • Near a hill which is next to the dirt path between Black Iron Palace (1qd Durability) and Flames Of Cremation (100qd Durability)

Dimension 3

  • Next to a tree across from the Divine Tree (100Sx Chakra) and the Tataros Cube (100Qn Chakra)
  • Under a tree in the area of the big city next to Shino Academy (1Sp Durability)
  • On top of a tree next to the NPC who teleports you to The Gate (1Qn Chakra)
  • On three conjoined hills in-between two villages near spawn
  • Next to a tree directly behind Shino Academy
  • Behind three rocks in-between two villages near the spawn
  • Behind a hill to the left of Demon Skull (1Sx Strength)
  • Behind the clump of rocks next to the Holy Grail (1Sx Chakra)
  • Bottom right corner of the village to the right of the spawn

Dimension 4

  • On a mountain nearby the Hospital (Quirk Unlocker)
  • On top of a yellow building nearby Amasterasu (1oc Durability)
  • On a hill left to spawn in a corner of a few buildings
  • On top of a blue building near Amaterasu (1oc Durability)
  • On the balcony of a blue building nearby Guanyin Bodhisattva (100oc Chakra)

Dimension 5

  • On the fountain at Igneel (1de Durability)
  • On the highest tower of the castle (Spawn)