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Training areas

CCG Training Area

This is the CCG 20th wards branch office

I have thought of adding a new training area, being the CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office. As dimension 2 will come out

(which will probably happen due to too much training areas){Dimention 2 is a completely different map with more advanced training areas, probably}.  it can also be a place where you'll be able to buy Quinques.

Gedo Statue

From Naruto, it has a cool design and it is huge. Available at 500 B Chakra.

Different path versions of Rinnegan

Deva path:

Almighty push/Shinra Tensei

When you press C, a whole radius around the size of made in heavens C move (not as much damage though) gets pushed away while dealing damage. Scales with chakra.

Universal Pull / Bansho Tenin

Press X, same radius as almighty push and you pull other people toward you.

Planetary devastation / Chibaku Tensei

Press Z, throw a sphere up with hand to sky, and it will start pulling people and mass that comes out of nowhere towards it whoever is caught in the gravitational pull will get trapped in the sphere and dealt damage to. After a while they get out of it because if they can't it will be too op. Also maybe it bursts open which deals additional dmg or something.

Spirit Bomb Buff

the spirit bomb can grow larger (until a certain size... maybe as big as the spawn map area?) as long as the user is holding their key down. However, the cooldown would also increase maybe 7 minutes. Furthermore, the higher the chakra, the higher the damage and speed of the growth of the spiritual bomb

Spirit bombhf. Jpg.jpg

inspired by endersgaming345's comment.

Spirit Bomb Splash Damage

Right now, the Spirit bomb is kinda bad, the reason being is because it is hard to hit someone with it.

It takes quite a long time to summon it so people can easily dodge it, but if splash damage is added, it is more likely to hit. The Spirit Bomb is already hated so if they add this people will like it more and use it more often.


Basically stuff like the Sharingan and Rinnegan, but they should be specials.

Not sure who the NPC who gives them to you should be, maybe Madara? He does possess quite a lot of them and people know him well. I would put the Rinne-Sharingan as one but not many people know about it. Here are the dojustus I think there should be in order of rarest (most common to rarest)

  • Byakugan
  • Sharingan
  • Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Tenseigan
  • Rinnegan

IDK what their powers should be as I am too lazy to make them up, but for Sharingan there should be one for copying moves, and maybe for the Byakugan a power that lets you see everyones total power- even if it is concealed. (And can see players through buildings and etc)

This is someone else, I think having the byakugan should be able to double attacks with fists and such for some time as in the show it makes the character able to see the chakra pathway system and as such are able to do a lot of damage.

Nen Abilities(from HunterXHunter)


z- picks up the enemy with his bungee gum by pointing mouse toward them and throwing them. x- using his bungee gum, he deflects abilities such as during the volleyball match he deflected razor's volleyball. The deflected ability should do a 180 and damage anyone regardless if you cast the ability or not. c- schwing-you get fired up because of the prospect of fighting a great opponent/an opponent with great potential. Increases your damage by a certain percentage for a certain amount of time.


z-jajanken rock-charges for a pretty long time and hits with his fist for a close-range high damaging attack. x-jajanken paper-charges for a medium amount of time and hit a fireball like projectile for a medium range. c-transformation-transforms to an adult form with a physical change and increases strength, cooldown time decrease and speed increase.


z-lightning palm-lighting comes out of your palm for around 5 seconds, you could move while this move is happening, when the opponent touches this lightning, they get stunned and hurt for a short while. x-thunderbolt-jump upwards, throws a bolt of lightning that stuns and deals damage. c-lightning mode-glow a little blue, you become super fast for a certain amount of time.


z-smokey jail-a a big radius of fog goes around you and when someone is in it, they lose some sight and also become slowed and cannot get out of the fog for a short while but could still move. x-deep purple-summons 2-4 construct beings from smoke (in anime would be 60 but that would be too much) and they start attacking people in a limited radius around them for a certain amount of time before disappearing each of their health would be a percentage of your own health, maybe 10%. would not have a c move.


z-dragon lance-using you're mouse/hand if your mobile, you control his dragon for a certain time. Basically like tracking but you could move it yourself. x-dragon dive-summon a dragon made out of your aura, then shatters it into many pieces to shower downwards on your opponents. c-dragon-you jump on your dragon and fly/move with it. Makes you faster by 1-2x (somewhere in between), and if you touch your opponent, inflict some damage and knockback. Not a lot because this is mostly a movement ability  

might add a few more ideas.

More Quest Moves


Scales with Chakra x100: Requirements 1QD Chakra 1B Speed. Get the quest from an NPC (should be Kakashi). The user charges up ball of electricity on users hands and can be thrusted at someone by clicking the screen. If you do not click the screen, the user can move around with the Chidori with additional speed boost for 10 seconds.


Sharingans should be a game pass that costs 4999R$ that allows players to copy any moves (in the other player's inventory) (press Z) from other players and uses it instantly on the other player. Once used, the copied move will be lost and will require to be copied again. Pressing X would allow the player to use the Kamui ability to teleport away (replica of soru but longer range). Pressing C would hypnotize the enemy by making them see illusions such as a duplicate of the opponent.

I like the idea of sharingans but not really the implementation. what do you mean by copying moves from other players inventory? cuz if its the powers then not worth that amount. Maybe it should just be a special that has Genjutsu and shows premonition of opponents movements.

PvP Arena

A place where everyone has the same stats, only powers matter, spacing, aim

Introduction of Zanpakuto/Shikai/Bankai

Zanpakuto is from bleach, and are the main weapons of the series. I have noticed there is not much bleach in-game, so I thought this would be a good idea. To earn a Zanpakuto, you would have to buy one from Rukia Kuchiki, who gave Ichigo his soul powers in the anime/manga. After that, you would have to talk to Kisuke, who would give you a quest for Shikai, which is the awakened form of the Zanpakuto. Kisuke Urahara is the one who trained Ichigo for Shikai. With Shikai, you gain an ability that you can use in battle. For example, Ichigo learned how to do Getsugatensho when he got Shikai. Next, to earn Bankai, you must have earned Shikai from Kisuke, and once you have done that, talk to Yoruichi Shihoin, who trained Ichigo for Bankai. With Bankai, you gain one extra ability of extreme power, or gain a weaker ability, but your old ability becomes stronger. Another thing that could be added is Hollowfication, which is basically already in the game, but as a not so great damage reduction power, and Hollowfication could boost your strength in battle when using Zanpakuto. As an example, a basic Zanpakuto could just be a simple katana, that z is a rush, and x is block. Shikai could be (I'm using Ichigo as an example) z is a rush of more power, x is a block, but c is a horizontal Getsugatensho (flying slash but horizontal) that scales off of chakra. Bankai, z, x are the same, but c is a black get sugar and v is a speed-up boost ( this was done when he fought Byakuya, he was able to move extremely fast). You would press 0 to activate it.

guy tensei: maybe also add a special with like Ichigo abilities, Quincy abilities, Rukia and Toshiro abilities where they could be swapped with like z or something, Byakuya roses etc idk.(unlockable after you get a no named zankpakuto from Bang)



Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo(50%)ee


Kamishini No Yari(35%)

Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame(30%)


Daiguren Hyōrinmaru(5%)

Shirafude Ichimonji(10%)



Sayafushi (.25%)

New Yoruichi questgiver

Quest one:Better handling

Get 100T strength

Reward: X2 Yen for a day(24 Hrs)(best to do it just when you almost finished doing a quest)

Quest two:Zankpakuto training

Get 100T Sword Skill

reward:10000 Chikara shards(if rank less than akuma)

reward1000 chikara shards(if rank is higher than (gorosei)

reward 100 chikara shards(if rank is at least hokage)

seduce ability

there should be a seduce ability that stuns foes for 3 seconds you need 1 trillion chakra


The Rinnegan appearance

This is a Dojutsu from Naruto that is exalted as the greatest venerable eye of God. When activating the Rinnegan, the user's avatar gains the eyes on their head, and are given some special abilities. Pressing Z activates Tsukiyomi, which makes whoever the mouse is pointed to have their screen blank for 20 seconds. Pressing X activates Edo Tensei which sucks in multiples players from a large radius and deals huge damage. Pressing C will activate the Gedo Statue, which automatically shoots purple soul dragons that track the nearest players, like FireFist. And finally, pressing V will activate the Limbo world, which turns the player completely invisible for 15 seconds.


Quinques are based on the anime Tokyo Ghoul, while ghouls have Kagunes (which already exist in-game), there is an organization named CCG which hunt down ghouls. There are using advanced weapons (which came from Kagunes) named Quinques, there are mostly handheld weapons. In-game Quinques will be activated pressing the key {0} the will be a special (quirks, grimoires, Kagunes etc.), the bladed Quinques will contain 2 forms a blade form and a defence form. The attacks will depend on the Quinque. With OWL being the strongest.


Permeation is Mirio Togata's previous Quirk from My Hero Academia. It'd be very cool if this is added. Whenever you press Z you can go through walls. Press X and you can disappear underground and uppercut a nearby player. Pressing C can make attacks and moves go right through you (so no damage to you whatsoever) for a certain amount of time.

Giga Impact power

I have thought of adding a Giga impact power. The player will start running at a high speed creating a field of energy around it, the farther the player will go then more damage will be inflicted.

Electivire is shown using Giga Impact on Empoleon

== Sticky Fingers (Zipper Man)

== Sticky fingers is yet another stand from JJBA, but a unique one. Its z would plant zippers on whoever it hit, and so would the x, and then c could be a teleport move, and v a long-range zipper stab

Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci is a bad guy in Jojo's and I think he should be the guy you ask for a different stand. Yes I get that you would have to change Giorno but you can have him as an NPC who gives quests and just put him on a different part of the map. I think that Enrico Pucci is a better choice because Giorno can only give life to objects while Pucci's Whitesnake uses discs to take a person's stand and memories out and give them to someone else or just keep them, that means that Enrico could give the player a stand or replace the old stand with a new one. True that Pucci gains more abilities like C Moon and Made in Heaven but Giorno had nothing to do with the giving or taking of stands. Pucci is just the better choice.

Quests and Questgivers


I think they should add Aizawa from my hero academia because he could give you quests to kill people with your quirk because the first one is free, that way it gives you more of an incentive to get one.  Also, when you finish all of his quests you can get an ability to make the opponents quirk not be useable for a short period of time by having the cursor over them and pressing the button, similar to his quirk in the show.


I think they should add Kakashi from Naruto because he could be infront of the boss battle thing and give you rewards for doing certain amounts of damage against it and/ or how many times you beat it.  This way more people fight in the boss fight.

Boss ideas

Dio Brando as a Boss

Add a DIO boss that can stop time and possibly gift 3 items: Dio's diary, Vampire Mask, or a Requiem Stand Arrow.

Dio has three abilities; Timestop (Za Warudo) that freezes all players and he can move around in frozen time for 5 seconds. WRYYY strike, which his stand deals a heavy barrage to a player and sends them flying back...and finally ROAD ROLLAAAAA, which he freezes time for 8 seconds and summons a massive Road Roller and launches it at players while he barrages them with kicks on top dealing HUGE damage.

New Ranks

The concepts for new ranks are from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. The concepts are Joestar and Brando, which is the last names of main characters of JJBA.


1Oc (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Strength

1Oc (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Durability

1Oc (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Chakra

Yen/Min: 1B (1,000,000,000)

Cost: 100B (1,000,000,000,000)

Icon: A star (just like the one on Tusk Act 4's knee because Johnny Joestar's stand is Tusk)


1N (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Strength

1N (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Durability

1N (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) Chakra

Yen/Min: 50B (50,000,000,000)

Cost: 50T (50,000,000,000,000)

Icon: The head of The World (the head of the stand "The World" because Dio Brando's stand is The World)

The Peterphile's Ideas

Yami's Grimoire

Yami's Grimoire

2.28% of obtaining this grimoire. In-game appearance should be a dark-purple grimoire.

Z - Lightless Slash: User coats whatever sword they have with darkness and swings it horizontally in front of them, releasing a crescent-shaped slash of darkness that flies towards the mouse. The slash can also negate other grimoire attacks mid-flight except for attacks from Asta's Grimoire, Noelle's Valkyrie Dress, and Yuno's Spirit Storm. Scales with sword and scaling is 60x. Cool down is 5 seconds.

X - Dark Blade: User coats their sword with darkness and extends its reach, allowing their sword to hit people further away from them. This effect stays on for 30 seconds before disappearing, and gives a 2.5x boost for sword-based attacks in the meantime. Cool down is 1 minute (technically 30 seconds since cool down starts when skill is used).

C - Dimension Slash: User coats their sword with darkness and swings it down vertically, instantly creating a gigantic veil of darkness that stretches towards the mouse cursor and deals damage to anyone in its path. Scales with sword and scaling is 120x. Cool down is 15 seconds.

(Thanks to Serpinstrix for scaling and boost suggestions)

Ultra Instinct

This is a durability thing what can obtained after doing a mission from Roshi

It make you faster and it will make a small radius where every move will be slower

This is OP ik but yeah this is my old Idea for this game so i posted it


Roshi Gives missions for OP/Pro players in huge details. He will be at king Kai's planet.

Ultra instinct quest:

100 qn durability

100 qn chakra

100 qn strength

100 qn speed

Rewards: [100 T Yen] [Ultra instinct]

Sword Techniques:

Full counter

Revenge counter

Clone creation(must have lostvayne)

Sword Crusher(when people use swords to attack you, you crush their sword with your fingers, making them unable to use their sword for 2 minutes)(in the seven deadly sins movie)

New swords:

Lostvayne(his real sacred treasure)(10000 multiplier)

New forms

Demon mode(endures 50%of the damage and has it's own attack move(press the punch icon and click on anything and there will be a dark slash)(Cannot have Sword on)

(please don't delete this AnimeFanMateka i know you did)

Strength Techniques:

Triple attack(also in the movie if you didn't watch it watch it on netflix)(i watched most anime on netflix)

You can obtain it from Meliodas it knocks back every move and you can only use it with swords

Also, after you have done all of Zoro's sword skill quests and bang's quests, do Meliodas's quests.

8 gates/8 gate moves:

Like morning peacock, daytime tiger, night-guy/Rock Lee, stat boosts and repercussions and all. Too lazy to add moves and wtvr rn.

Isn't the below moves from Demon Slayer???


(Please dont delete it again i worked hard with it .Thanks)


Beast Breathing

Z:first fang pierce

Y:first fang Pierce

It attacks head with huge damage

X:Seventh Form Spatial Awareness

It tracks peoples near to you and you can see them through walls

C:Eight fang Explosive rush

Rushing toward the enemies with huge damage

V:Fifth fang Crazy cutting

A Technique which slices every directions


Water Breathing

z:First form Water Surface slash

Creates a horizontal Water Blade in front of player

X:Second form Water Wheel

rush towards the enemies like A real wheel

C:Sixth form Whirlpool

Creates a Whirlpool around you (a water tornado)

V:Eleventh form dead calm

this move makes the player invulnerable and slays enemies that are close to you

Kekkei genkai's

Deidara's kekkei genkai

Z:Big clay dragon

The player summons a big clay dragon what explodes after you click the button in your keyboard again

(You can fly with the dragon like deidara did in the series/manga if you don't explode it immediately)

X:Clay birds

The player releases a team of little birds what tracks and explodes players

C: C4

The player makes a big copy of itself what explodes in a big radius (the copy is as tall as like the armored titan in game)


The player makes himself a great bomb what explodes the player and the other players (the only bad thing is that you explodes and die too and it isnt matter how many HP do you have you will die too)

AnimeFanMateka Please do not delete my stuff(zankpakuto and meliodas stuff)or i will report to CEO.


You can find cases all over the world (Like chikara shard cases) they spawn complete randomly and are (mostly) rare:

Common case: 5% spawnchance every minute

Uncommon case: 2,5%

Rare case: 1,55%

Very Rare case: 0,75%

Epic case: 0,32%

Legendary case: 0,1%

Mythical case 0,05%

Impossible case 0,001%

Every case can also have special variants:

Super (common-impossible) case: the mostyouwouldget-limit is increased by x1.5/ chance that a case is Super: 10%

Hyper case: x2 / 5%

Server case: x5 / 1%

Zephyr case x10 / 0,51%

Unlimited case: x100 / 0,054%

Now to the drops of cases:

But before that i need to introduce you to a new currency: Sements (self made name),you can trade sements in for shikara shards or yen,how much much you get for the same ammount of sements is based after your Rank

all following rewards for Sements are based for the Overlord rank,if you are lower in rank,you will get less,if higher,more

10 sements if overlord rank = 25k Shards / 450m yen

Common case: 1-5 sements

Rare case: 1-10 sements

Very Rare case: 5-20 sements

Epic case: 10-40 sements

Legendary case: 20-80 sements

Mythical case: 100 sements and

Unlimited case 500-800 sements


Training Locations

Training Locations from JJBA.

Dio's Mansion: 10qd Strength [Multiplier: x500k]

Green Dolphin Street Prison: 10qd Durability [Multiplier: x500k]

Ghost Girl's Alley: 10qd Chakra [Multiplier: x500k]

Wall Eyes: 1sx Strength [Multiplier: x100M]

Devil's Palm: 1sx Durability [Multiplier: x100M]

Joestar Mansion: 1sx Chakra [Multiplier: x100M]

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha can be a boss who drops perfect form Susanoo, Tengai Shinsei (a bigger Chibaku Tensei) and Fire release: Great Fire Annihilation

New Gamepasses

Name: Backpack

Description: Allows you to have 2 spaces for each special. A new backpack button on the bottom-left corner of the screen and you can click it to open the GUI and you can change your specials from a special to another. You can equip new specials without losing your old specials and when your backpack is full, you sell your specials for Chikara Shards.

  • Common: 50 Shard Refund
  • Uncommon: 100 Shard Refund
  • Rare: 250 Shard Refund
  • Epic: 500 Shard Refund
  • Legendary: 1000 Shard Refund

Cost: 99R$

Name: Starter Pack

Description: Gives a Anubis sword from JJBA (30x Sword Multiplier). 1.5x Boost for 24 Hours and 1k yen and 10k Chikara Shards (After your 1.5x Boost is over, you get a permanent 1.1x boost for Strength, Durability, Chakra, Sword, Speed and Agility and 1.65x during weekends and 1.65x if you buy another boost and 1.15x if you joined the Blockzone Group). You will also get a title under your power saying "Not A Starter" because you will get good after you buy it. If you have VIP, the "Not A Starter" will be under "Premium".

Cost: 249 R$


You can find them in the world everywhere. There are two type of the NPC's

Strong Npc and weak Npc

NPC list:(from the weakest to strongest)

Weak fighter

strong figther

Weak ghoul

strong Ghoul

Weak shinobi

Strong Shinobi

Weak Hero/Villain

Strong Hero/Villain

weak Demon

Strong demon

weak holy knight

Strong holy Knight

Weak saiyan

Strong Saiyan

Kurapika Nen

Z- casts a chain in a long-range attack that holds the target

X - a chain with a cross at the end that regenerates part of life

C - launches a chain with a dagger at the end that kills the target instantly if it uses any power for the next 30 seconds

tenseigan chakra mode

This is the mode that toneri achieved. Looks mad cool and has truth-seeking orbs. It could be based on the naruto RPG beyond the version. 30% damage reduction and 30% chakra increase.

Centipede Mask

In the anime/manga of Tokyo Ghoul, when Kaneki used centipede he gained a mask, and to be more accurate and

This is centipedes mask as seen in the anime

maybe make centipede look better, adding a mask to the kagune would be nice


Right now, for you to test your damage you would need to ask other people, so what I think a new feature should be is a new safe zone where there will be three dummies that take damage. When you use an power on one of them, it will tell you how much damage you have done.

I prefer the location be either near the beach (where the meteor is), on one of the cliffs near the temple, in/ near the spawn or in an entirely new area.

Reworking made in heaven

Made in heaven is the fastest stand so it should have a speed move like time acceleration from a bizarre day.

Kekkei Genkai

From Naruto its making a new special (0) and here are the lists from rarity Commonest


Z- Enhances your sight and lets you see people in a radius around you (Makes you rest for 1 second)

X- 8 Trigrams 64 Palms Like most stands punch rush but you can hold it and it makes the cooldown longer max hold down is 5 seconds

C- Eighty Gods Vacuum Palm- Like most stands heavy punch except it stuns them for 3 seconds (Scales damage with chakra)


Z- Amaterasu- Summons Black Flames around your mouse

Note: This wouldn't really work since Amaterasu is an actual power now.

X- Yasaka Beeds- Summons a Susanoo arm and throws a projectile causing an explosion

C- Susanoo- Summons Sasuke's Itachi's or Madara's Susanoo (random chance) Sasuke's shooting projectile's Itachi's smashing the ground with Otsuka blade and Madara's throwing projectile's as well

Sharingan eyes. (This is Sasuke sharingan.)


Z- Almighty Push- Pulls players towards you and then pushes them back causing damage

X- Universal Pull- Players around you get pushed a great distance causing great damage

C- Planetary Devastation- Summons an orb in the sky which gets chunks of the ground out and throws them towards your mouse

Rinnegan eyes.

Golden Experience Stand

Z- Normal Punch Rush

X- Normal Heavy Punch

C- Animal Shoot- Shoots a projectile like a star platinum c move

V- Seven Page Muda- Golden Experience teleports to a nearby player and starts punching them for 10 seconds and while it's punching you, you can't use abilities.

Secret For Gold Experience Users

Much like devil fruits around the map a requiem arrow can spawn and if you have the golden experience you can use it and get GER and your c becomes stronger and shoots more of them and your punches and seven-page Muda become stronger

Requiem arrows

You can use it on Requiem stands.

Counter Moves

Counter moves are certain moves that activate when an enemy or player hits you. For example, in A Bizarre Day, Star Platinum Over Heaven has a counter move that heals the user when you hit them. The drawback is the move is really short, so you have to time it right.

Full Counter: Reflects all damage taken back at the person who fired it * Idk add more xd

Revenge counter: stores up all the damage you got and you release them all out at once(upgraded Version of the full counter) BRUH TOO OP

Anime Skins

Skins customization like Project Blox where you have hair, outfits and colour of your skin customization. Would really bring out the anime feel to the game.

Lightning Release Chakra Mode

Lightning armour.png
The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra to increase their physical parameters, with more lightning causing greater increases. The lightning augments the strength of the user's physical moves, creating what is called in taijutsu. The lightning also defends the user from most attacks, deflecting them away on contact. This chakra cloak should give 35% defence from all moves, as well as a 25% speed boost in speed and agility while it's on. Not only that, but it would also give 1.5x extra damage to all strength-based moves too.

Shop keepers and sold objects

Chōji Akimichi

Chōji Akimichi would sell food pills.

One food pill would triple the damage of all attacks for one minute(5,000 yen). This would take away 33% health after the minute.

Another would multiply the damage of attacks by 10 for 30 seconds (for 20,000 yen).  Eating this food pill would take 50% of health after thirty seconds.

Another multiple all strength attacks by 100 (for 100,000 yen) for 15 seconds, but this takes 99% of health away after the 15 seconds.  The last would do the same as the last one, but for chakra instead.

Sennin Mode

Sennin Mode

Turns the player's eyes into the frog eye. When you are in Sennin Mode you'll passively get a fraction of your current chakra amount. It gives 0,01% of your current chakra amount. And It makes strong your powers which scales with chakra.

Map change ideas

 New Island: Las Noches

Hollow Night Palace.png
Firstly its not a training area. This is an island, just like land pieces with areas. It will be left side of 100b durability and 10m strength. There will be 1/10 sfx strength, 1/10 sfx durability, 1/10 sfx chakra, 100sfx chakra, and 10m speed and agility.

Training areas

New Training Area, Amons Dungeon (Magi)

Magi, In my opinion, is a very good anime, yet it is very underrated. I don't see it in many games so it would be cool if they added it in AFS, One good idea for a training area would be a dungeon, something prominent within the Magi world. It would make the most sense to have the area train chakra (Simply because of the way it works.) Within the dungeon, there would be lots of fire-based objects/monsters simply for aesthetic purposes, (Seeing how Amon is fire djinn). Pretty much it.


Boss ideas

Nomu, USJ

Nomu from my hero academia

Nomu would have three moves, one where it would grab a player within a certain distance, and slam them into the ground, as he did in the anime, causing huge damage.  The second move would make nomu use the super regeneration quirk and quickly regenerate some health, but in this process would become vulnerable for several seconds, allowing the player(s) to attack nomu.  The last move would be a strong punch that pushes back enemies quite a bit, as it did in the anime to all might.  

He would drop, super regeneration (it heals you up 99% health, but has a 2-minute cooldown for balancing.  It is in durability). The second drop would be absorption and release (this allows the user to absorb the next attack and repel it back to attacker just as strong, it has a 30-second cooldown.  It is in durability).  The last one would be muscle augmentation (This doubles strength and durability for 10 seconds, with a one-minute cooldown.  It is in strength)


Frieza would have three moves, the first where he would use the death beam, he would point at his target and after one second he would shot a long beam that would deal continuous damage for three seconds (the way to get away from this attack would be using soru, this would confuse him and leave him vulnerable for the remaining time).  The second attack would be nova strike, he covers himself in energy and slams into the farthest player, dealing one-third of that player's health.  The third would be d

Frieza from dragon ball

eath cannon, he would charge power for 5 seconds (leaving him vulnerable for some time) and then attacks the closest player, this causes huge damage and a big shock wave, which knocks players back.

He would drop the death beam (it follows your mouse and would deal damage for three seconds, having a cooldown of 15 seconds, it scales with chakra), death saucer (One disc that moves in the direction of the mouse, but if the button used to bring it out is pressed again it just moves in the direction it was moving in, it has a 10-second cooldown, scales with chakra), and the dual death saucer (Same as the death saucer, but two, scales with chakra, it has a 15-second cooldown)

Rimuru Tempest

Letöltés (20).jpeg
He is a boss from the Tensei shitara slime Datta ken

His boss drops:


It swallows all attack expect punch ones

Black flame:

It makes a big flame tornado in your hand and the player drop it to the enemies

Black Lighting:

The player creates a big Lighting and gives huge damage to the aimed enemies

Dark Naruto

He is a boss from Naruto who seen at the Falls of Truth. He can do anything naruto can do.

Boss Drops :

Transform to Kurama: It transforms player to Kurama and is reduces 60% of damage which the player takes. It has a 50-second cooldown duration.

Kurama's Speed: It doubles your speed for 10 seconds. Halves your speed when it finished. It has a 20-second cooldown duration.

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Quests and Questgivers


I think they should add Aizawa from my hero academia because he could give you quests to kill people with your quirk because the first one is free, that way it gives you more of an incentive to get one.  Also, when you finish all of his quests you can get an ability to make the opponents quirk not be useable for a short period of time by having the cursor over them and pressing the button, similar to his quirk in the show.


I think they should add Kakashi from Naruto because he could be in front of the boss battle thing and give you rewards for doing certain amounts of damage against it and/ or how many times you beat it.  This way more people fight in the boss fight.

Urahara Kisuke

I think they should add Urahara from Bleach because he helps Ichigo every time. Saving the Kuchiki Rukia, Saving Orihime Inoue, Killing Aizen and more. And he helps Ichigo to learn Shikai, Bankai , hollow mode and all of the things which Ichigo can do. He is the primary character of bleach. He must give using power quests and he must give permanent upgrades for powers.

Nichirin Swords

It should be a new latest sword. There is a rarity in ascending order of silver, blue, yellow, red, and black. Silver is most common and is just like a normal sword. Blue gives a small chakra based moves damage buff. Yellow gives a 25% speed boost. Red gives a 10% speed boost and a small buff to strength-based moves. Black halves all cooldowns in all moves and gives you a 10% training boost for durability.

New Kagune: Noro

Noro's kagune's photo from google idk is it real .

I don't know if there is this kagune in the anime but if there is it will be powerful. A snake-like kagune outs from your waist and it goes forward and deals damage. It scales with chakra and strength and scaling is 50x. It has a %6.53 chance to get.


Licht Grimoire

Has a 5 percent chance of being spun

Z move Light Blades of Judgement: Summons light blades behind the user and after a second they fly at the user's mouse

X move Light Healing particles: heals the user by 35-50% (depending on chakra)

C move Light Beam he Uses: Shoots massive light beam damage scaling on chakra

Zagred's Grimoire

Zagred's Grimoire

0.001% chance of obtaining this grimoire (incredibly rare for reasons you'll see soon) only for players above Sin class. In-game appearance should be a dark-blue grimoire with a black five-leaf clover on its front cover. Z - Devil's Trident: Summons a black trident in the user's hand and causes them to dash forward, dealing damage (similar to Valkyrie Dress). Scales with chakra and scaling is 50x.

Underworld Terrain (visual aid)

X - Underworld Terrain: Summons a field of dark purple matter from the Underworld around the user that damages anyone who stands in it. Does not restrain others or deal DoT (damage over time) in any way, only damages them if they remain on the field. Scales with chakra and damage scaling is 20x/hit. The field lasts about 10 seconds.

C - Underworld Monsters: User creates several portals behind them, each summoning a creature from the underworld that flies towards the mouse cursor at high speeds. If someone is hit by even one of these monsters, they get stuck and are subject to bombardment by the rest of the monsters following it. Scales with chakra and damage scaling is 10x/hit. 15 monsters are summoned each time, dealing a total of 150x damage of the user's chakra if all of them hit.

Passive: The greatest strength of Zagred's Grimoire is the ability to use several more skills through the chatbox (anyone who has played Magic Training might know what I'm getting at here). By saying certain phrases in the chat, the user can use the skill corresponding with that phrase. Of course, they must type it out correctly (case doesn't matter, but spacing does), and the word must be the only thing they typed out, therefore the skill cannot be used in the phrase is inside a sentence. If two phrases are put in one sentence, only the first phrase's move will happen. After saying any phrase, a 20-second cooldown is required for this ability to be available again, preventing people from spamming.

All skill-creating phrases

Return: Similar to Asta Grimoire's Third Sword, this skill allows the user to reflect the damage of any attack dealt with them back to the attacker. This effect lasts for only 1 second, so timing is crucial.

Vacuum Wall: Creates a wall of air in front of the user that blocks all wind-based projectile attacks. Including every attack from Yuno's Grimoire, Flying Slash, Purple Haze's Viral Mist, and Deku One For All's Kick Smash and Texas Smash. However, the wall can be walked through. Vacuum Wall lasts around 5 seconds.

Come here [insert player name]: By saying "Come here " followed by a certain player's name (proper case required), if said player is within a certain range, they will be instantly teleported in front of the user.

Iron Spear: Creates a large spear of iron above the user that is launched towards the mouse cursor, dealing damage to anyone hit by it. Scales with strength and scaling is 30x.

Heal Heals back 30% of the user's health.

Lightning Lance: The user fires a blast of yellow lightning at the mouse cursor, stunning and damaging anyone hit by it. Scales with chakra and scaling is 30x.

Earth Shield: Creates a wall of rock that blocks any projectile attack. Collapses after being hit once, but disappears after 5 seconds if nothing hits it.

A wave of Flame: Creates a wave of fire that "washes over" the area in front of the user and deals burn damage to anyone hit by it. Scales with chakra and scaling is 10x/tick, with a maximum of 5 ticks.

Storm of Blades: Creates a portal above the user that proceeds to launch a rain of swords at the mouse cursor, dealing damage to anyone hit by it. Scales with strength + chakra and scaling is 60x.

Luck's Grimoire

20% chance of rolling

z: Lightning God's Boots: The user dashes a short distance damaging anyone hit

x: Lightning God's Gloves: The user punches and stuns anyone hit

c: Lightning Barrage: The user fires Multiple Orbs of lightning which knock back anyone hit

New swords:

Liz's sword(Meliodas's sword in the last few episodes in season one of seven deadly sins)

Lostvayne(the real sacred treasure the king gave him)

Panda Bear Update

Panda Bear is an NPC who sells a new Special called Bugs. He also gives quests. Here are the Bugs:

Ladybug: 25% Common

Rhino Beetle: 25% Common

Mantis: 15% Uncommon

Scorpion: 15% Uncommon

Werewolf: 12% Rare

King Beetle: 8% Epic

Tunnel Bear: 5% Epic

Stump Snail: 3% Legendary

Coconut Crab: 2% Legendary

Here are his quests:

Slayer: Kill 5 Players

Rewards: 5k Yen + 50 Chikara Shards

Final Showdown: Kill 10 Players

Rewards: 10k Yen + 100 Chikara Shards

The Real Final Showdown: Kill 25 Players

Rewards: 25k Yen + 250 Chikara Shards

Colossal Combat: Kill 50 Players

Rewards: 50k Yen + 500 Chikara Shards

Royal Rumble: Kill 100 Players

Rewards: 100k Yen + 1000 Chikara Shards

Ultimate Annihilation: Kill 500 Players

Rewards: 500k Yen + 5000 Chikara Shards

Punching with Power: Kill 1000 Players using any move that scales with Strength

Rewards: 1M Yen + 10000 Chikara Shards + Punching Glove 

The Punching Glove is a move where your hand turns red and on the Punching Glove says POW in small letters and has a picture of a panda. For 10 Seconds, Strength scaled moves will do 10x more damage and the cooldown is 60 seconds.

Click here for more information about Panda Bear. This is from the game Bee Swarm Simulator.

Note to Admins and Editors: I worked hard on making this concept so please don’t delete it. I know it’s nothing to do with anime but it would be cool if Onett (Creator of Bee Swarm Simulator) made a collaboration with the creators of Anime Fighting Simulator and added this so this is why this page is here. 

Pokemon Special.

I think a good idea for a new special would be Pokemon, they would work like devil fruits in that you could rarely find them around the map.

Getting a Pokemon

You can get pokemon by purchasing a Pokeball from professor oak for 1000 chikara shards. The number of Pokeballs you have will show when you go onto specials and onto pokemon. When you find a pokemon, you can throw a Pokeball at it to capture it.

Using a Pokemon

To summon a pokemon you will press '0' on your keyboard. a box will appear on your screen asking which pokemon you would like to summon. (you can have 2 at a time) Every pokemon has 2 unique attacks that always scales with Durability. The attacks are activated with the 'z' and 'x' keys.

Mega Evolution

If you have 2 of the same pokemon and haven't used any another pokemon for a straight real-life day(it only counts time online, you can go offline and the timer won't be reset), you can go to this new area called the cave and get a mega stone, one of your pokemon will be removed as they are the same pokemon and your pokemon will be able to mega evolve (press v to activate). This will triple the damage of the evolved pokemon' normal attacks and will give it a super attack that does insane damage and is activated by pressing c. The mega evolution only lasts for 3 minutes and has a cooldown of 1.5 mins that starts when the mega evolution runs out. The cooldown can be skipped if you change/leave servers or die.

New Powers

Final Explosion

After Rochi's "Rock, Paper, Scissor" quest, you have a quest called Final Gambit in which you have to get 10k increments of strength, chakra and durability when you complete the quest you are rewarded with Final Explosion, a suicidal move (based of Dragon Ball, used by Vegeta in the Majin Boo fight). This move is chakra based and it also scales depending on how much health you have once you use it (the lesser health the better), it would have a minimum multiplier of 50x (when in full health) and a max multiplier of 100x (when with red health)t.

Naruto Run

After Bang's Spirit Bomb Quest, you have to gain 100B Speed and 100B Agility. After you complete this quest, you get to use this power and run 1.5x faster and if you bump into people, it does damage. Scales with Speed and the scaling is 5000x because it is hard to get Speed.


They should add Shikai, being acheived after 1T Sword.


They should remove Bankai as a sword, and instead make it a power. It can be acheived after 1Sp Sword.

Hōseki no Kuni Special

Gens (Hōseki) are a race made of gemstones you can summon like Stands. Each has a distinct hardness according to the Mohs Scale, however (just like real life Gemmology). Gems can be summoned by checking in the specials slot where you can find Yen, Shards, etc, where you click on an additional button, which grants you a holdable gemstone, that you can use to release the Gem you have in battle or in training.

Known Gems



[Z] Towering Voice: Shatters opponent Gems, and damages Stand. Hurts other players.

[X] Fragments: Shoots small shards that are hard to see, deals moderate damage to opponents.

[C] Sensei’s Anger: Causes a shockwave that deals great damage to opponents, and knocking them back to buildings around the area, causing further damage.

*Kongo wields a staff that can be (given to the player themself) used to attack players with swords.















*When you kill an opponent’s gem, they drop 1 gem shard, which you can use 3 to get an actual shard.

The Land (of the Lustrous

The Land is a new location with some training spots. It is found in the far right from spawn.
💎The School💎- Chakra [Req.1000 QN]

Multiplier: x400M (x400,000,000)

New Class


Being a Diamond gives the player 10B (10,000,000,000) Yen per minute.


They should add Quincy after Shinigami, because in Bleach, Quincies are stronger than normal Shinigami.


This should be a Class after Quincy.


This should be the highest class.

-CommanderX For Quincy, Sternritter and Captain

New Boss

Prince Aechmea (Leader of the Lunarians)

The Boss Can Drop One of these Powers:

  • Lunarian Shapeshifting- Allows the Player to switch between durability abilities by pressing 1 key of their choice. Good for keeping space within the controls.
  • Lunarian Beast Form- A new durability ability. Gives the player 60% resistance to attacks. Similar to Susanoo, it may be used to attack.
  • Lunarian Regeneration- Allows the Player to regenerate HP, while being surrounded in a mist-like powder aura.
  • Sunspot- An apparition that allows the player to teleport farther than it does for Teleportation. Opens an eclipse-like black hole in the sky. From these black holes, clouds come out, and the player can ride on them. Good for pvp escapes or boss fights.
  • Lunarian Raid: A very rare drop, and has a 1% chance of dropping. It allows the player to create an army of Lunarians that surround them when they move, and adds accessories to the player, now the central Lunarian‘s appearance. It lasts for 25 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown.


New Champion

The Amethyst Twins [6.14 %]

Rarity: Uncommon

One of the twins auto trains 20% of your agility every 4 seconds, and the other auto trains your sword skill by 20% every 4 seconds.

New Sword

Blade of Anthracite

Multiplier: 500,000,000

Requirements: Quest- [13] Zoro: Luck, 1 Sp


New Giorno and Zoro Quests

Il Vento D'oro [Quest 7]

Gain 1qd Strength, 1qd Durability, 1qd Chakra

Rewards: 1M Yen & 5k Chikara Shards

You are Unbreakable [Quest 8]

Gain 1Qn Strength, 1Qn Durability, 1Qn Chakra

Rewards: 100M Yen & 10k Chikara Shards

Stand Crys

The only stand cry right now is ORAORAORA from Star Platinum's Rapid Punch.

Killer Queen:

Rapid Punch: SHIBOBOBO

Star Platinum:

Rapid Punch: ORAORAORA

Bearing Shot: YARE YARE DAZE

The World:


Heavy Punch: WRYYY

Steam Roller: ROAD ROLLA

Za Warudo: ZA WARUDO

Tusk Act 4:

Rapid Punch: ORAORAORA

Heavy Punch: CHUMIMI IN

(Not Released) Silver Chariot:


(Not Released) Crazy Diamond:

Rapid Punch: DORARARA

(Not Released) Golden Experience:


Requiem Stands

Giorno will have a new questline for the requiem arrow

Here are the quests!

  1. Stand Master. Kill 100 players with a stand
  2. For the Requiem! Get 1T Chakra
  3. Requiem Arrow. Get 100T Chakra, Get 100T Durability, And get 100T physical strength Rewards: 1B Yen Requiem Arrow. Requiem Stands are activated by pressing B and have a whole unique moveset not only bound to Z X C V and there are 8 moves one for F and G and H and J and Z X C V and you can't use your powers during a requiem. Requiem is not permanent and they last for 120 seconds and they also have a new design.

Jojo Champions

The only Jojo Champion right now is Jotaro. I think there should be more:

Dio (2.50%) Epic

Trains 60% of your strength multiplier every 4 seconds, buffs Stand Damage by 25% and nerfs incoming Stand Damage by 30%

Giorno (0.81%) Legendary

Trains 45% of your Strength, Durability and Chakra multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Stand Damage by 100% and nerfs incoming stand damage by 80%

Enrico (0.01%) Legendary

Trains 200% of your Speed and Agility multiplier every 4 seconds and 55% of your Chakra multiplier every 4 seconds, buffs all damage by 800% and nerfs all incoming damage by 400%

Magic Power Special

Magic powers from Seven Deadly Sins become a special that can be activated by pressing [0]. They can be purchased from the Merlin NPC (no idea for location since there are no SDS training spots). Magic powers only have 1 skill bound to the Z key, and are mostly focused on granting the user passive abilities that can aid them in battle.

Magic Powers

  • Full Size (22.93%): Once activated, the user grows to giant sizes. While this magic power is activated, all damage taken by the user reduces by 25%, and gives them x3 fist damage (similar to Armored Titan). However, their speed will be reduced by 50%.
    • [Z] - Selfless Smash: The user jumps into the air, raises their arms, and slams them onto the ground after falling back down, creating a large shockwave that deals area damage (Hulk Smash). Scales with strength and scaling is x75.
  • Transparency (22.93%): Once activated, the user, including their sword, turns completely invisible. Their power will also be concealed, similar to the Conceal Power game pass. However, their powers are still visible, which other players can see and use to pinpoint their location. Being damaged even once while invisible will revert the user back to being visible, forcibly cancelling the special for 5 minutes before it can be used again.
    • [Z] - Invisible Powers: This skill turns the user's powers temporarily invisible as well, allowing the user to deal damage to others through powers without exposing their location. However, this skill only lasts 10 seconds, and the powers will become visible once the duration passes. Additionally, this skill does not remove sound.
  • Critical Over (18.34%): Once activated, the user's Chakra amount will be added to their Strength, while also clearing their Chakra entirely. This greatly enhances the user's strength attacks at the cost of their chakra. Strength attacks' damage on bosses will also be doubled while this is activated. When deactivated, the user's Strength and Chakra revert to normal, albeit with the added amount of Strength or Chakra they gained from punching and meditating while it was used.
    • [Z] - Bassari: The user grabs their sword and slashes it in front of them, unleashing a large horizontal blade of wind that flies towards their enemies. Scales with strength and scaling is x40.
  • Combo Star (16.05%): Once activated, the user's Strength will increase by 20% of their initial Strength amount for every punch they land. This attribute also extends to Strength-based powers (Gatling Punch is useful for once). However, if the user is unable to land another punch or Strength-based power on an enemy 30 seconds after their last successful hit, their Strength will revert back to their original amount, albeit with the added amount of Strength they gained from punching.
    • [Z] - Attack Chain: The user launches a series of punches at an enemy while locking them in place from a single hit, dealing a total of 20 hits if the first hit connects, before knocking back the enemy for a far distance. This skill is also affected by Combo Star, making it an effective way to stack up Strength. Scales with strength and scaling is x10.
  • Tornado (9.17%): Once activated, a medium-sized sphere of whirlwind surrounds the user, dealing continuous damage based on the user's Chakra to anyone who touches it. This also acts as a barrier that pushes back other players from getting close to the user, though players with high Durability and Speed can partially negate this effect by enduring the damage and continuously running towards the user.
    • [Z] - Super Cyclone: The user digs their hands into the ground, and forms a large cyclone of wind around them. The tornado deals constant area damage, pulls in nearby players and spins them around at fast speeds, before dissipating after 5 seconds and flinging them far away. Scales with Chakra and scaling is x30/tick, with a total of 5 ticks (1 tick per second).
  • Invasion (4.58%): Once activated, a dark but translucent sphere dome only visible to user will appear around them, with them acting as the center of this dome. Any player that is within the dome will have their speed and agility reduced by 90% and their visibility will be heavily reduced by having darkness surround their character. The dome will also alter its position in order to reflect the direction of the user’s movements, with the user always acting as its center no matter where they move.
    • [Z] - Kill Switch: The user temporarily disables all players inside the dome from using Chakra-based powers and activating specials, and cancels their already activated specials. This lasts for 1 minute.
  • Snatch (4.58%): Once activated, any strength-based or sword-based attack done to the user will in turn cause the enemy to weaken while strengthening the user. Punching/Slashing or using Strength/Sword-based powers on the user will inflict damage but also cause the enemy to lose Strength/Sword Skill while the user gains the amount of Strength/Sword Skill they lost. The rate being around 1% per hit, meaning after 100 hits of only strength/sword attacks, the attacker will lose all of their Strength/Sword Skill, though they can regain their stats if they reset, however the user will retain their gained stats until they die or deactivate the special.
    • [Z] - Hunter Fest: Every player within a certain radius to the user will instantly lose all of their Strength while the user gains all of the lost Strength for themselves. The limit of the amount of Strength the user can reach is x10 their original Strength, and once that limit is reached they cannot gain any more Strength. This buff lasts for 2 minutes before the user returns their gained Strength to the people they stole it from and has their Speed and Agility reduced by 99% for 10 seconds.

Infinity (0.91%): Once activated, any attack that has a fixed duration becomes infinite until the user chooses to dispel it. Examples include: Causing powers that do continuous damage to never end (Gatling Punch, Conqueror's Haki, Kamehameha, Meteor Shower, Amaterasu, Rapid Slash), and powers that cause status effects to never end (Ice Blast and its freezing effect, Flame Dragon Roar's burning damage, Chidori will never disappear after hitting enemies). For the sake of balancing, using any power while Infinity is activated prohibits the user from using other attacks until the user presses the power's respective button again and stops it (after you freeze someone with Ice Blast, you can't use other attacks until you press Ice Blast's button again and free the person).

    • [Z] - Infinite Exterminate Ray: The user fires a large purple disintegration beam at their mouse cursor, dealing colossal damage to anyone hit by it. Scales with Chakra and scaling is x100.
  • Sunshine (0.45%): Once activated, depending on the in-game time, all of the user's PVP skills (Strength, Durability, Chakra, Sword Skill) change. Having this special activated at night will not yield any buffs. Once the in-game Sun begins to rise, the user will experience a 5% increase in every skill for every passing second until "noon", when the Sun is in the middle of the sky, during which all of the user's accumulated skill stats scale up by x1000 for 1 minute. After the single minute, the x1000 increase is cancelled and the user's stats begin to decrease until they return to normal when the Sun sets.
    • [Z] - Cruel Sun: The user holds up their right hand and manifests a massive Sun-like ball of fire before throwing it at the enemy. Upon impact, the ball explodes and causes an enormous area of damage. The size of the explosion depends on the time of day, with it being at its smallest (around Fire Fist) at night and largest at noon (as large as Rock, Paper, Scissor). Scales with Chakra and scaling is x150.


PARKOUR So add an NPC called naruto and he has quests that trains speed and agility every quests will unlock parkour like triple jump dash jump up and roll and jump up roll and use sword it would be nice with the w a s d and mobile with have the skill unlock to make speed and agility so it page will be full up also ya could make a powerful one that drops from boss like wall running.

Boros Boss

new idea add a new boss called lord boros from one punch man he will be hard put him in his ultimate mode

Download (6).jpg
1st attack Meteoric Burst Boros fires an attack from his chest and damages the player 2nd attack quick attacks he will be quick and quickly punch a player 3rd final attack Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon he will grab energy like the energy burst attack but instead of exploding it he will shoot a giant cannon blast and we do high dmg boss drops 1 a durability called Meteroric burst you will be like Boros white mode 2nd energy spin 4 beams of energy will come and spin doing long dmg 3rd final drop multi spirt bomb we have 4 spirit bomb summon and fire at the location at the mouse.

Story Quests

We should have more story-oriented quests that act a bit like side quests or help noobs learn some of the moves. For instance, we can have cutscenes to teach noobs where the basic training areas are and such.

Fairy Tail x Anime Fighting Simulator


Mythic Ging 0.1% chance - Ging auto train 75% of Chakara and 50% Of Agility and Speed so you can buy some milk. To make up for his training When under 75% of health 50% Of all damage is Increased. When at 75% and above health all damage is reduced by 35%. GIng reduces all stun duration by 25% and Makes it so you take no damage from stun attacks.

Legendary Rengoku- Rengoku auto trains 85% sword and 45% chakara. He Buffs all sword and Chakra damage by 35% and Reduces all incoming damage by 25%. He also boosts Boss Damage by 45%.

Epic Zeintsu- Auto trains 65% sword and 25% Chakara. To make up for this Zeintsu buffs 25% sword style damage and when under 50% health does a extra 75% DAMAGE for 10 seconds.

Rare Chopper- Chopper auto trains 35% of all stats. When under 35% Health all damage is buffed by 20%. and all incoming damage is reduced by 45% for 10 seconds

Mythic Eri (Tournament Shop 15K) Eri auto trains 10% Chakara and 25% speed to make up for this she nullifies recoil damage from attacks. every 20 seconds she restores 35% Health. She boosts all quirk damage by 40% and nerfs incoming damage by 20%.


2 SPECIALS- 499R% allows you to have more than one of each special

2x xp-199R$ Double XP from daily quests

Luck Increase - will double the chance of getting a type of rarity of champion


Ace Dim 3 Whitebeards Ship-

Quest 1: 2.5K Increments of Chakara

Rewards: 1k chikara [Fire Fist Power]

Quest 2: Defeat 20 players

Rewards:2k chikara and Yen

Quest 3: 5k Increments of chakra and 5k Increments of Dura

Rewards: Fire Transformation

Jiriya Dim 4 valley of the end-

Quest 1: Train 1 oc Chakara

Rewards: 10k Chikara [Gundamma Rasengan]

Quest 2: Train 10k Increments of dura str and chakara

Rewards: 15k Chikara [Sage Mode transformation]


Gundamma Rasengan: Unleashes a Giant Rasengan that hits a massive aoe

At 75x Chakara. Cooldown 35 seconds

Fire Fist power: Covers your arm in fire and attacks the nearest player. 75x Strength cooldown 25 seconds.

Fire Transformation: Envelopes your body in fire reducing 50% of all damage cooldown 10 seconds.

Shadow Clone Jutsu: Creates a clone that buffs all chakara damage for 25 seconds.

Game Elements

Cell games: Once every week you can enter you are put against people in your current total power and fight for a 25k Tournament Points prize

Bountys: Players in servers gain a bounty by killing bosses and other players kill the player to recive a XP prize.

Login streaks: Daily Claimiable XP and Yen.


Nen: Not gonna go to deeply but the community Ideas has exactly what Im thinking of.


Ice make:

Z:Ice-Make: Gungnir: releases a gigantic lance out of ice which traps the opponent in it.

X:creates a huge tower of ice that encases/impales his opponent, damaging them greatly.

C:Ice-Make: Ice Bringer: In this spell, Gray creates two swords, one in each hand. He then rapidly attacks, moving both swords forward for an X-slash.


Z: Nakagami armor Equip the armor

C: Nakagami STARLIGHT: User Swings sword sending the Player flying 90x Sword

Cele magic:

Z: Summons Aquaris

X: Summons:Leo

C: Summons Celestial King

Fire Dragon slayer:

Z: Fire dragon iron fist

X: Fire Dragon King mode Boosts all attacks damage and Gives user a dark fire aura

C: Fire Dragon Brilliant flame

More stuff

Makarov npc that gives you magic

Boss Acnologia

Fairy law power simmilar too rock paper

Natsu Champion

Some suggestions

(1) More ways to gain exp (Such as bosses, quests to defeat npcs, etc.) (2) Add a Saitama champ, 85% strength, 65% dura, and 20% speed and agility. (3)  Make it so daily quests resfresh every 9-18 hours (4) Make more AOT powers or specials of any kind. (5) Maybe gift gamepasses in the future?! (6) Everytime we rank up, we get a reward of some type? (Yen, Chikara, CP, and MAYBE exp) (7) Maybe in the next pass we can gift the pass to people??? (8) Buff 100oc areas (9) Add a low res or high res option. (10) Add a afk option. (11) Add more fairytail specials or powers. (12) Add more Roshi Quests please it kinda gets boring without quests lol (13) More quests from npc's (Giorno, Kaneki, etc) (14) Maybe add NPC's we can defeat for yen and/or chikara (15) Add a new boss/more boss powers. (16) Maybe add Ultra Instinct that buffs defense and buffs dmg? Maybe like 60% defense buff and 40% dmg buff (17) Add save slots for like everytime we travel to a new dimension we can have our "loadout" equipped already. When u reach like 1000de of each power, you can reset your stats but with a training boost and every time, the limit is up by 10x but you keep your specials and champs or something like that


Shikamaru -  z - shadow possession jutsu can freeze people in place x - control someone for 10 secs c - ino-shika-cho combo

Light yagami - z - see what someones current power/ability is equipped x - writes someones name and they die from a natural cause example tsuname, volcano, tornado

Killua - z - lighting palm (like chidori) x - thunder bolt a huge lighting bolt that shocks people in its path c - god speed speed 2x, spikey hair, lighting effects 2x agility


Saiki k for last tier - z - astral projection able to go through buildings but health goes down x- invisibility can turn invisible on low health c - mind control someones actions

Either add a penalty for people who leave during matches in tournament, or make it so that you can still get CP after your opponent leaves


- New Boss: Kira

- Awards: Death note,Mode L and Champion Shinigami

- Death Note: Once used, will deal 95% of your opponents hp as damage to the enemy your cursor is nearest to 90 seconds after activation. Has a massive cooldown, does 200 damage to bosses.

- Mode L: Gain 1 attack dodge every 10 seconds, move 50% faster

- Champion Shinigami: Trains 70% Chakra, 50% Speed and Agility, when you drop below 10% HP stu nearby enemies  for 7 seconds

Ideas Part 2

New Dimension

- Train 1 N and 1 De

- Train 10 B

- More speed and agility zones


- Gain of 50 crowns instead of 5


- New Bijuu Avatars

- Shukaku,Matatabi,Isobu,Son Goku,Kokuou,Saiken,Choumei and Gyuuki


- 2.0x boost


- Dual wielding

- Other 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist blades

- God of Highschool swords(Mira's National Treasure)

- New skins


- Sasuke Rinnegan

- Tenseigan

- Sage Mode(Snake and Frog) make sure to include summons

- Eight Inner Gates


- Golden Experience Requiem

- Buff D4C


- All of them need a general buff


- Stop making the daily quests hard for no reason

Shifters(Attack on Titan)

- Beast, Warhammer, and Colossus

- NPC seller is Yimir

HxH Specials

- Godspeeed, Limitation Transformation, 100 Armed Guanyin Bodhisattva, Kurapika Chains, etc

- NPC seller would be Chrollo

Minibosses with npc minions in each dimension

- Ideas: Stain, Tatsumaki, Frieza, Uvogin, Obito, etc

Elements (Kind of specials)

Element roll costs 5,000 chikara shards. The Kind of elements at under.

  • fire element (35%, Common), Z: Fire shot (Throws fire ball to nearest player. x35 scaling by chakra.) X: Fire field (Make a fire field near you. x45 scaling by chakra.) C: Ultimate Fire Tornado (Makes fire tornado. x70 scaling by strength.)
  • Water element (30%, Uncommon), Z: Water ball (Make many water balls and throws near you. x20 scaling by chakra.) X: water dragon (Make water dragon and the water dragon go to nearest player and attack. x15 scaling by Chakra, x4 ticks.) C: Water Smash (Slash with a huge sword made of water. x80 scaling by sword.)
  • Thunder element (20%, Rare), Z: Thunder blade slash (Go through enemy with thunder blade sword. x50 scaling by sword skill.) X: Thunder (Makes thunder on a enemy, and slashing. x40 scaling by strength, x10 on 3 ticks.) C: Multiple thunderslash (Makes many thunders on a enemy, and slashing. x30 scaling by strength, x7.5 on 4 ticks.)
  • Dark and Light element (10%, Epic), Z: Black hole (Make a black hole on a mouse pointer. x10 scaling by chakra, have 5 ticks.) X: White hole (Teleports enemy in front of you, damaging when teleported. x40 scaling by chakra.) C: Black and white Ultimate combo (Use black hole first, then use next white hole. After enemy teleported in front of you, Then enemy get all of damage now. x100 scaling by chakra.)
  • Earth element (4%, Legendary), Z: Earth move (Going down ground, and teleport to enemy. Also stuns enemy for 3 second.) X: Earth spirit (Summon a earth spirit to attack enemy. x50 scaling per hit.) C: Earthquake (Make a earthquake to stun all enemies around you for 5 second, and dealing huge damage. x120 scaling by strength.)
  • God's element (1%, Legendary), Z: God's Blade-First (Swing a god's blade to attack near enemies. x50 scaling by sword skill.) X: God's Blade-Second (Multiple God's Blade and spin to attack enemies. x30 scaling by sword skill, each hit.) C: God's Blade-Ultimate (Make A god's Blade Huge, And Makes a fire beam where it swinged. x50 scaling by strength per hit, x10 scaling by chakra per tick of fire beam.)


VIP Perks

Buying both the VIP tag and a VIP server should grant a bit more perks. Maybe have chikara per minute be increasing by 5 every class. Start out with 5, then when you get fighter i goes to 10, etc. Maybe have more exclusive weapons/effects VIP can do. As for VIP servers, maybe summon people to you, instead of you going to them. Maybe have a kill log or have invincibility. Also allow quests to work in VIP servers.


We have classes right now, but maybe have actual classes. For instance, a long range user or short range. Having certain specials or powers in your moveset will allow you to be a different class that show people what you are.


- Fix soru reset and rps reset.

- Allow people to votekick

- Actually implement MONTHLY sword skins

- Buff D4C or lower his cost

- When buying Light fruit, add it to an inventory

Ideas (Unknown4268)

Ultra Instinct:

Roshi gives a quest called Untouchable that you have to get 25k increments of durability, 5k of agility, and 5k of speed.

Ultra instinct itself gives a 35% damage reduction and 10% strength based damage increase, but it's ability is that on activation you can dodge all attacks for 5 seconds. The power has a cooldown of 40 seconds so you cant dodge for the entire time with sharingan and king crimson.


New Way for XP:

All bosses have a 5% chance to drop some xp. Tier 1 gives 1 xp, tier 2 gives 2, tier 3 gives 3, tier 4 gives 4, and tier 5 gives 5.


Yen Crates:

Yen crates give 6x the amount of your yen per minute.

Broly Champion

Broly: Mythic (0.23%). Gives 75% of durability and strength and 30% of chakra. He only reduces incoming damage by 40%. When under 15% health, he changes into his legendary super saiyan form and outgoing damage is increased by 65%.


There shold be a better tutorial. Maybe add more NPCs, arrows, and dialouge to guide noobs. Maybe even have cutscenes to help noobs learn the moves and specials. Also, maybe include zones or climte, such as a sand, ice, and ocean. I know we already have these, but like major sections, so when you transition, it's very distinct.

Noob Luck

Prevent noobs from getting high tier stuff. They will have higher chances of getting everything else, but will not allow them to get champions. Having it as is makes it unfair for pros and discourages alt creation.

More Chikara for more powerful players

Only getting 5 chikara per minute is boring so how bout more chikara gained / min for a higher class

Fighter = 5 / min

Shinobi = 10 / min

Pirate = 15/min

ghoul = 20/min etc ( 5 more shards/class )

I am Hokage so i get 70 / min

Battle arena

Basically it will be an arena where multiple people fight and can chose up to 3 moves from their whole kit. if you choose a special, that is all 3 moves. Basically like boss where stats don't matter. If you win, you get 200-500 chakra shards.

by guytensei or fallovervortex

PVP and 1V1 Ideas

AFK And 1V1 Settings

a lot of people are using a autoclicker when the are away, but a lot of times when people are not at their computer while using a autoclicker the are getting killed. a idea for this is to have a PVP setting in your settings menu, if you switch PVP off, then you can't hurt other players but other player can't hurt you either. you can only turn the PVP setting off once per 30 seconds, to prevent players from using the PVP off function for being invincible while battling.

another idea is a 1V1 setting. a setting where you can challenge players to a 1V1. if the person accepts, then the will get a box around them that damage can not go through, so people can watch in safety. the first 5 seconds after the person accepts you can look at your stats and the opponents stats in 2 tables next to each other, another part of the 1v1 setting is that you get a pop-up that (Player) and (Player) are having a 1V1 and a button under the pop-up to teleport to the battle

by Robbejanson

New Specials Ideas

Soul Fruit

Z - Zeus: The user manifests a black thundercloud with a sleepy face on it in their left hand and throws it at their mouse cursor. Upon hit, the thundercloud will disappear as a huge pillar of purple electricity fires down to the position it hit, dealing huge damage. Scales by chakra and scaling is 40x.

X - Prometheus: The user manifests a ball of fire with a smiley face on it in their right hand and throws it at their mouse cursor. Upon impact, the fire ball explodes and causes a huge area of damage, and also deals burn damage to anyone hit by it. Scales by chakra and scaling is 35x for explosion, and 5x/tick for burn damage with a total of 5 ticks.

C - Mighty Nation: The user manifests a large longsword with a bicorne hat as its guard and spin-slashes around themselves in an instant, creating a large area of damage around them as their sword slashes spread out. Scales by strength and scaling is 70x.


Grenadier Bracers

Explosion Quirk (3.65%): Bakugo's Grenadier Bracers appear on the user's arms as they constantly generate explosions under their hands while this Quirk is active.

Z - AP Shot: The user stretches out their right hand and uses their left hand to make a pin-pulling animation on their right arm's Grenadier Bracer, creating a concentrated explosion beam that shoots towards the mouse cursor, dealing damage to anyone hit by it. Scales by chakra and scaling is 35x.

X - Stun Grenade: The user stretches out both of their hands and creates a small ball of light between them, which quickly expands in size and causes an explosion around the user, dealing an area of damage. Players hit by this move will be unable to see for 3 seconds, with their screen turning bright white during this time. Scales by chakra and scaling is 20x.

C - Howitzer Impact: The user spins themselves around in mid-air while flying towards the mouse cursor, building up momentum as a tornado forms around them. After 5 seconds or if the user hits something, the user ignites the tornado, causing a massive explosion that deals damage over a huge area. Scales by chakra and scaling is 80x.

Patolli's Grimoire

Patolli grimoire.png
Patolli's Grimoire (10.27%): In-game appearance would be a bright yellow grimoire. All moves scale by chakra.

Z - Light Swords of Conviction: The user manifests multiple shards of light around them and then fires them at their mouse cursor, dealing damage to players hit by them. Each shard deals 4x damage of the user's chakra, with a total of 10 hits if all shards land, dealing a total of 40x.

X - Ray of Divine Punishment: The user creates a ball of light around themselves, and after a brief moment of charging up as indicated by the light's increasing intensity, the user fires a large ray of light that instantly travels over a long distance. This attack's scaling is 70x.

C - Arrows of Judgment: Basically Meteor Shower with a faster animation. A large circle of light appears above the user, and from the circle rains down countless light swords that deal constant damage to players within an area. Deals 20 ticks of damage with each tick dealing 5x of your chakra, with a total of 100x.

by The Peterphile

Amaterasu Arrow

New Power Idea:

Amaterasu Arrow

Summon a bow and arrow for your Susanoo.

Fires a black arrow towards your mouse cursor, engulfing the character in black flames. Scales with chakra and scaling is 500x. (You need to have a Susanoo to use this power.)

Specials/gameplay ideas

Requiem Arrows

Requiem Arrows (or Stand Arrows, whatever you like to call them). A Requiem Arrow would generally spawn around the map (all dimensions) similar to a Devil Fruit, except they are harder to find. A Requiem Arrow can be used to power up your Stand, greatly increasing damage, range and attack duration. A Requiem Arrow can be applied on a stand through the “Specials” page, you can also get multiple arrows and store them within the same page (maximum storage is 4 Requiem Arrows). When the Requiem Arrow is used on a stand, it grants it a special prism-white glow, or an effect similar to enchanted minecraft armour. This glow does not affect anything gameplay wise but will signify that your stand is powered up. A Requiem Arrow power-up can last for 150-200 hours before the Stand reverts back to its base form (well, almost) (see below on pros and cons). You can only apply an arrow once per day, and if your Stand is using said item when you buy a new Stand, you will lose it as well as the current Stand you have. And before you apply a Requiem Arrow, there will be a warning saying: “Are you sure you want to apply a Requiem Arrow?” for safety reasons as well as second thoughts for players.


- Increases Stand attack damage (All attacks) (x4.5 added damage)

- Increases Stand attack range (All attacks) (Increases by 4 or 5 studs) (Attacks like Za Warudo or Universe Reset will have a range similar to or a little larger than the spawn building in dimension 1)

- Increases Stand attack duration (All attacks) (Increases duration by 3.5 seconds)

A Requiem Arrow in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga


- Longer resting time (9 or 12 second resting time)

- Will reduce Stand base form stats by 20% for 20 hours

Stand Move Revamps

Each stand has a “Rapid Punch” attack, this attack actually doesn’t last for very long and its duration is 2 or 3 seconds. The devs could change the rapid punch attack’s functionality into a more realistic way by holding on “Z” instead of pressing “Z”. The longer you hold on the “Z” key, the longer your rapid punch duration. This system is very similar to the mechanics used for Stands in another Roblox game called “A Bizarre Day”. The maximum time limit your Stand can rapid punch is 8 or 10 seconds (while holding “Z” key). The only drawback of extending your punch time is the increase in resting time (i.e.: Player holds on key for 10 seconds, gets 5 second cooldown).

Weather (Map Behavior Change)

I don't know if this is a popular concept that people have asked for but the map is kinda dull most of the time. It's just alternating from Day to Night. The whole idea is simply to add weather boosts like rain, thunder, fog, storms, and maybe even a occasional eclipse just to make gameplay more interesting. But these types of weather can actually affect players, a list of weather effects can be seen on the list below:

- Lightning

Getting struck by lightning will give you a nerf in chakra training and chakra based attacks (it is quite uncommon to get struck by lightning and if you do, your form will change and you'll have electricity bolts zapping across your body). The nerf you will be getting will be a 1.5x training nerf (only chakra) and a 5.5% - 8.9% chakra based attack damage decrease. This lightning has a 90/100 chance of getting struck by. All abilities last for a day.

- Red Lightning

Red lightning is a very rare weather to find in the game and is also much harder to get struck by. When struck by red lightning, you will have a 1.5x boost in chakra and strength (only those two) as well as a boost in flight speed (x20 flight speed) plus better durability (increases by 25%) (is stackable with other durability modes: Bijuu Mode, Gear Fourth, etc.). You will also have similar lightning bolts zapping across your body except they are colored in a hellish red. This lightning has a 3.5/100 chance of getting struck by. All abilities last for a day.

- Purple Lightning

Purple lightning is EXTREMELY hard to get struck by and to appear on the map. Purple lightning gives you a 1.5x boost on all stats (for training) and increases champion auto training stats by 10%. You also will have a increased damage output on all specials (increased by 10% damage). Again, you will have lightning bolts surrounding you but in a purple aura that leaves a trail behind. This lightning has a 0.98/100 chance of getting struck. This type of weather is disabled in VIP servers (maybe). All abilities last for a day.

(P.S.: You cannot be struck by lightning if you have under 1B total power)

(P.P.S.: Anyone with under 1B total power if struck by lightning will either insta die or loose a lot of health) (Idk about it though cuz it seems kinda unfair that you would die while afk training.) (May be changed)

(P.P.P.S.: If struck by all lightning strikes (normal lightning, red lightning, purple lighting) in a single play session, you will be supercharged to 10x stats and 2x flight speed (duration lasts for 2 hours) (you will then be using purple lightning for the rest of the day). You will also gain a power which lasts for 90 seconds allowing you to auto train up to 3 selected abilities with a 7.5x multiplier. However you can only use this 7 times per day. Cooldown is 4 minutes.)

- Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is a relatively hard to find weather because of it's advantage to an entire server. Aurora Borealis ONLY appears at night, and has a 2.5/100 chance of being seen. Why? Because if it appears, your entire server gets a 2.5x boost on only chakra. This effect lasts for 15 hours in a public server. This weather can appear in VIP servers and will have the same boost but lasts longer (18 hours). A pretty hard-to get weather but with great results.

- Rain

Very common weather. 54.6/100 chance of appearing. Gives 0.5x boost on chakra. Boost lasts 1 hour.

- Fog

Uncommon weather. 31/100 chance of appearing. Gives 0.8x boost on chakra and sword. Boost lasts 1 hour.

- Sandstorm

Rare weather. 20.5/100 chance of appearing. Gives 1.5x boost on durability and strength. Boost lasts for 2 hours.

- Hurricane

Similar to Aurora Borealis, only difference is that hurricane gives a 2.5x boost on durability and strength.

- Crusader's Nebula

A LEGENDARY weather. Based off the famous Tarantula Nebula that can be seen in Dorado Constellation, this weather is almost impossible to come by. The Crusader's Nebula will appear as a giant multicolored void of stardust, and can only be seen at night. The boosts that will be given if this weather occurs are a:

- 20.5x training multiplier for all skills

- 2x Chikara Shards for 1 hour and 30 minutes (for boss and Chikara boxes)

- All Stands in the server are buffed by 30% and immediately go into Requiem status (only lasts for 2 hours)

- There will be a 0.3% chance you will see gigantic ゴゴゴゴ menacing signs being spelt by the nebula. If it does, all Champion auto training stats will be buffed by 12%.

There is a 0.21/100 chance this weather will occur. (Kinda controversial weather tbh, any improvements y'all wanna suggest?)

(more weather ideas going to be posted later...)


Tools are in-game items that can be crafted or bought with yen/chikara by a dealer. Tools can be equipped and used for unique gameplay. You can unlock different tools by searching the map for scrap crates which will guarantee at least one full set of part for a specific item. Tools have no rarity therefore is only used for more efficient ways to play the game. None of the items will deal damage or unleash any attack. It only boosts specials, powers, stats, etc. Here is a list of tools you can get:

- Omni-directional mobility gear (Attack on Titan)

This tool pretty much explains for itself. You can launch you self across the map for faster mobility. You can use specials and swords while you equip this tool. The distance you travel with this tool scales with speed (maybe agility too). At max speed, you can travel from the red bridge to saitama gym in a single swing. This'll also help people dodge attacks and get to training areas faster.

- Full Gauntlet (My Hero Academia)

Full Gauntlet is a special device that is worn by Izuku Midoriya in the movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. This is translated in-game as a red metal bandage that will wrap around a person's right arm. Full Gauntlet improves punch damage, all strength powers, and gives a 0.85x boost to your strength training. This, however, doesn't improve quirks and only is used to improve powers and stats.

- Menacing (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Mostly seems like a meme tool, but actually quite effective. Menacing has six parts you need to collect to be able to craft this item (all six menacing symbols). When activated, menacing appears as 6 hovering ゴゴゴゴ generating from the left shoulder. Menacing increases player health (by 20%), Stand damage by 20% and decreases power cooldowns by 10-15%.

- Kunai Holster (Naruto)

The kunai holster is a tool that can be used to pin players down, slowing their movement by 80% no matter what unit of speed they have. When equipped, it is displayed as a pouch attached halfway down the right leg of a player's avatar. You cannot spam this tool, as it will be annoying for players. Instead, you can only use this on players who are in a 10 stud radius. You can only escape by using soru or using the omni-directional mobility gear. Another way of unsticking yourself is by killing the player who unleashed the kunai tool on you. Cooldown is 20 seconds.

NOTE: You cannot equip more than one tool at once (like swords and specials)

By Xternalprototype002

Yu-Gi-Oh Update Concept

I think there should be yugioh stuff in the next update.

New Special: Millennuim Items

Millennuim Item Rarities

Millennuim Scale: 25% Common

Millennuim Key: 25% Common

Millennuim Necklace: 15% Rare

Millennuim Ring: Epic 10%

Millennuim Eye: Epic 10%

Millennuim Rod: Epic 10%

Millennuim Puzzle: Legendary 5%

You will get these at the game shop owned by yugis grandpa Yugi will also be there more on him later

I think a new boss should be zorc he should be the boss In a new dimension.

New Boss: Zorc

Zorcs Drops:

Head Of The Forbidden One

Right Arm Of The Forbidden One

Left Arm Of The Forbidden One

Right Leg Of The Forbidden One

Left Leg Of The Forbidden One

Once you get all the forbidden one parts you can become Exodia. Exodia will block 55% of damage.

Zorc will have 950 health at tier 1

New Questgiver: Yugi Muto

Inside the game shop where you get millennuim items Yugi will be there talk to him and he will give you quests.

Yugi Quest Ideas

Duel Monsters: Get 10 kills with a Millennuim item

Its Time To Duel!: Get a Epic Millennuim item or better

New Rank: King of Games

I think a new rank should be king of games it will be the best rank it will require 1 Oc of everything.

New Champion: Atem

I think a new champion should be Atem he should be a epic champion with a 3.5 percent chance to get he will auto train 40% of chakra every few seconds and 10% Durability every few seconds

New Sword: Dark Magicians Wand

Dark Magicians Wand Will have a 500 Million Multiplier

New Power: White Lighting

I think a new power should be white lightning it will be like Kamehameha except it will do more damage.

New Training Areas:

Duelist Kingdom: Duelist Kingdom Will Require 1 Sp Durability

Shadow Realm: Yami Marik will be somewhere on the map (like Ichigo) talk to him and he will take you to the shadow realm it will require 100 sp durability

Battle City: This will be a training area that requires 1 Sp strength

New Music: Yugioh Duel Monsters Op 1

New Champions

Sasuke (Common): Trains 15% of your Sword and Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and heals 2% of your health every 5 seconds

Jonathon (Common): Trains 10% of your Strength, Durability, Chakra and Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Stand damage by 15% and nerfs incoming Stand damage by 15%

Bulma (Common): Trains 30% of your Speed and Agility Multiplier every 4 seconds and boosts your Walk Speed and Jump Power by 15%

Krillin (Common): Trains 20% of your Strength multiplier every 4 seconds

Tien (Uncommon): Trains 10% of your Strength multiplier and 15% of your Durability multiplier and nerfs all incoming damage by 10% and buffs all damage by 10%

Kurapika (Uncommon): Trains 30% of your Strength Multiplier every 4 seconds and nerfs all incoming damage by 20%

Goku (Rare): Trains 20% of your Strength, Durability and Chakra multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs all Chakra damage by 35%

Gon (Rare): Trains 40% of your Strength Multiplier and 45% of your Agility Multiplier every 4 seconds

Ichigo (Rare): Trains 40% of your Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Sword damage by 50% and nerfs all incoming damage by 30%

Kira (Rare): Trains 30% of your Strength and Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs 30% Stand damage and nerfs 30% incoming Stand damage

Eto (Rare): Trains 35% of your Strength and Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs 40% Kagune damage and 25% Kagune damage

Hisoka (Epic): Trains 40% of your Chakra and Strength Multiplier every 4 seconds and heals 5% of your health every 5 seconds

Meliodas (Epic): Trains 35% of your Sword and Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs 50% Sword damage and nerfs incoming Sword damage by 50%

Asta (Epic): Trains 60% of your Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Grimiore and Sword damage by 45% and nerfs incoming Grimiore and Sword damage by 45%

Itachi (Epic): Trains 30% of your Strength and Chakra and buffs damage by 60% and nerfs incoming damage by 30%

Beerus (Epic): Trains 45% of your Strength Multiplier and 30% of your Durability Multiplier and 15% of your Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs damage by 55% and nerfs damage by 45%

Mikasa (Epic): Trains 55% of your Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs damage to boss damage by 20% and nerfs incoming boss damage by 15%

Saiki (Epic): Trains 60% of your Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs all Chakra damage by 50% and nerfs all incoming Chakra damage by 40%

Dio (Epic): Trains 60% of your strength multiplier every 4 seconds, buffs Stand Damage by 25% and nerfs incoming Stand Damage by 30%

Shoto (Epic): Trains 40% of your Durability and Chakra Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Quirk damage by 60% and nerfs incoming Quirk damage by 30%

For Legendary Champions, Multipliers that block damage doesn't stack. Example: Using Enrico and Hollow Mode at the same time will still only reduce 90% damage but buffs Sword damage by 850%

Saitama (Legendary) (0.5%): Trains 100% of your Strength Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs punch damage by 75% and nerfs incoming punch damage by 40%

Giorno (Legendary) (1%): Trains 45% of your Strength, Durability and Chakra multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Stand Damage by 100% and nerfs incoming stand damage by 80%

Escanor (Legendary) (0.8%): Trains 75% of your Strength and Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs punch and Sword damage by 75% and nerfs incoming punch and Sword damage by 60%

Whitebeard (Legendary) (0.5%): Trains 55% of your Strength, Durability and Sword Multiplier every 4 seconds and buffs Fruit damage by 40% and nerfs incoming Fruit damage by 35%

Enrico (Legendary) (0.01%): Trains 200% of your Speed and Agility multiplier every 4 seconds and 55% of your Chakra multiplier every 4 seconds, buffs all damage by 800% and nerfs all incoming damage by 90%


I think they should add levels. You need XP to get levels. I think the leveling in this game should be similar to Loomian Legacy, where you complete quests to get XP. Levels also give rewards. The level will show up above the player's head unless they concealed power. You get 5 quests every day, 10 if you have VIP.

Here can be example of quests:

Get 50 kills with Eto

Train 100qd Chakra

Defeat 10 bosses

Deal 1Qn damage

Train for 1 hour

Here are some of the rewards for leveling up:

Lvl 1: Nothing

Lvl 2: 80 Yen

Lvl 3: 100 Chikara Shards

Lvl 4: 100 Yen

Lvl 5: 150 Chikara Shards

Lvl 10: 1 day 1.5x Boost

Lvl 25: 1k Yen

Lvl 50: 1 week 1.5x Boost

Lvl 100: Death Note Power (Exclusive to Leveling up)

Lvl 500: 10k Chikara Shards

Lvl 1000: Requiem Stand Arrow (I think a requiem Stand Arrow should be a Stand Box but better because Requiem Stands will be too OP. 30% Star Platinum, 30% The World, 25% Tusk Act 4, 15% Made in Heaven)

Lvl 5000: 1B Yen

Lvl 10000: 1 month 1.5x Boost, 100B Yen & 1M Chikara Shards

Here are the levels recommended for total powers: (Lvl 10k is the max level for now)

0-1k = Lvl 1- 10

1k - 1M = Lvl 11 - 20

1M - 1B = Lvl 21 - 50

1B - 1T = Lvl 51 - 120

1T - 1qd = Lvl 121 - 250

1qd - 1Qn = Lvl 251 - 750

1Qn - 1sx = Lvl 751 - 2000

1sx - 1Sp = Lvl 2001 - 6000

1Sp - 1oc+ = Lvl 6001 - 10000

Hunter x Hunter Update Concept

It’s about time they make Nen a thing it will be a special you obtain at heavens arena from wing costing 1000 Chikara each

Nen Rarity’s:

Zushis Nen: 25% Common

Pakanodas Nen: 25% Common

Kurapikas Nen: 1.5% Rare

Killuas Nen: 1.0% Epic

Gons Nen: 1.0% Epic

Hisokas Nen: 1.0% Epic

Chrolos Nen: Legendary 0.5%

New Powers:

Scarlet Eyes: Makes your Nen way better

Zoldyck Claws: Powerful short ranged power

New Training Areas:

Whale Island: Requires 100 Sp Strength

Zoldyck House: 100 Sp Durability

New Questgiver: Bisky

Bisky Quest Ideas:

Departure!: Get 10 kills with a Nen ability

True Hunter: Get a Epic or better nen

New Rank: Hunter

Requires: 10 Oc Of Strength Durability and Chakra

New Champion: Gon

They have a killua champion why not have a gon one he will be a rare champion with a 5% chance of getting

New Sword: Gons fishing rod

New Music: HxH Ed 2 hunting for your dream

HxH Op 1 Departure!

Power Transfer

Power Transfer is a power available when you have a full slot of champions. It can be used to boost character training or afk with skills that require clicking/pressing. There are two methods of Power Transfer: Player to Champion or Champion to player.

Champion to Player

Whatever the skill the champion trains with, you get the champion's power along with a boost. This means that you no longer auto train with champion but it is more efficient as you gain more ticks that champion. Anything else that the champion possesses other than auto training (Eg Boosts chakra attacks by x%) will not be boosted. When used the champion will still follow you but it will be purely cosmetic until you disable champion to player power transfer. You also gain the champions animations. Other players can tell if you have power transferred from the champions by the flame(s) on your shoulder. The list of boosts and flame colors are below.

Sanji: Boosts agility per click by x1.44. Black flame

Levi: Boosts sword per click by x1.33. Grey flame

Killua: Boosts speed per click by x1.495. White flame

Sakura: Boosts chakara per click by x1.22. Pink flame

Piccolo: Boosts strength and durability per click by x1.22. Green and purple flame

All Might: Boosts strength and durability per click by x1.385. Red and Blue flame

Kaneki: Boosts strength per click by x1.33. Black and white flame

Luffy: Boosts agility per click by x1.44 and boosts strength per click by x1.385. Yellow, Blue and Red flame

Yami: Boosts sword per click by x1.495. Grey, white and black flame

Deku: Boosts strength per click by x1.44. Green, red and black flame

Jotaro: Boosts durability per click by x1.495. Orange, grey and white flame

Jiraiya: Boosts chakra per click by x1.55. White, black, red and shirt color(I don't know what color that is) flame

Naruto: Boosts chakra per click by x1.605. Orange, Yellow, Black and Grey flame

Tanjiro: Boosts sword per click by x1.77. Green, Brown, Black and White flame

Vegeta: Boosts strength per click by x1.55. Blue, yellow, white and black flame

Boros: Boosts strength and durability per click by x1.55. Boosts chakra per click by x1.33. Blue, Red, White, Turquoise and Yellow flame

Ichigo: Boosts strength per click by x1.33, sword per click by x1.825 and durability per click by x1.55. Red, orange, yellow, black and white flame

Player to Champion

When transferring power to champion, your champions trains the skill it specializes except it trains your stats per click. Sadly the cost of auto training with champion lowers your stats per click by 10%, but when you disable power transfer you get your original stats back. During this kind of power transfer you can not train by yourself but can still attack. During this process your champion gains an aura with its primary color. This is very useful for afk without an auto clicker, however I advise not to Power transfer to champions that grind only chakra or only durability, as you can already grind with them when you get to a training place without an auto clicker.

by OOFmasterNUB

More Roshi Quests

Here is my idea for more quests from Master Roshi

Quest 6: Proper Chakra Manipulation

Gain 30,000 increments of chakra and durability

Reward: 500M yen, Shadow Clone

Shadow clone is an attack where you spawn 9 copies of you in two rows. Champions disappear when using this attack. The Clones copy everything you do, including attacks or training, but they can't boost skill power or deal damage. Shadow clones have infinite health but only lasts for 5 seconds. Cooldown time is 20 seconds. This attack does not work on bosses but does work on attack which require homing attacks such as fire fist

Quest 7: True Destruction

Gain 35,000 increments of chakra, strength and speed

Reward: 1B yen, Hakai

When used instantly teleports to the nearest player and puts hand onto the players head. The targeted player cannot move in this state unless it is a shadow clone. Then it generates a purple ball around the player, the player still immobilized, and attacks 4 times before it disappears. Damage scaling is x50 chakra per tick. Boss damage 50 damage per tick. Lasts for 4 seconds and cooldown is 20 seconds

by OOFmasterNUB


Zenkai is a new feature that can be used to multiply power for a short time. Zenkai, like devil fruits, randomly appears around the map but is much easier to find and is most commonly found in training places related to Dragon Ball (eg. King Kai's Planet). Its appearance is a sphere with a rainbow outline on the outside and a white light in the inside. You can store as many zenkai as you want. Each zenkai used multiplies player power and depends on how many zenkai used (eg. 1 zenkai gives x2 power and 2 zenkai gives x3 power and so on). You can only use 9 zenkai at once (max cap boost at x10) and it lasts for 30 seconds, no matter how much zenkai you use. People currently using zenkai will have the zenkai boost inside a lightning bolt beside the player total power.

by OOFmasterNUB

Lobby upgrades

To join boss battles instead of pressing on sign to join add the cube which Whis uses to transport warriors to planets (Dragon Ball Super). The cube can be seen below and to join just step inside. There is also a viewing platform placed at the edge of the boss arena where people can spectate. To enter it talk to Whis who is beside the cube.

I think we should create an elevator system because running down the stairs is not easy when you are super fast. We should also put an update log with different weapons sprouting from the sides and Sakura flowers to make it decorative. Also put 3 dummies so players can see how much damage they can do but make sure it doesn't look similar to the first strength training place. Also make sure that Bang has like something to make him look important, same with the other quest givers. Goku will have animations to make him look cooler so players know that he has a big purpose because of the eye catching animations. Also you can view where players are on the map and there will be a navigation system where you double tap to where you want to go and it will lead you to your desired destination. Other players cannot see where you put your pointer so they cannot troll you.

by OOFmasterNUB

Box opening animations

When opening a kagune/stand/grimore/quirk/champion, when you open it it only shows the name of what you got. My idea to improve that is to include the name of the object you got plus the color of its rarity, along with a picture of what it looks like. For rare things that are either the best of its kind or super rare, I think we should add a sound and some confetti to show that the player has something of great value. That way players will know a little bit more about what they got.

by OOFmasterNUB


Ok, so the PVP in this game is pretty bad. People with over leveled stats just punch someone and the other person dies. Although this is fine, people who want to 1v1 aren't having much fun(and trust me there are a lot of people). I think that the should add a PVP sort of thing so that if a SX player wants to fight let's say a Billion player they could actually stand a chance. Plus, this adds a lot more strategy to the game and adds a skill factor. Plus the game is mostly AFK but so are other simulators so it would be a pretty unique concept.


I think they should add a Johnny Joestar NPC and make a quest that unlocks a Cherry Lick Power from JJBA. This is Kakyoin licking a cherry and heals you by 5% every second.

Cherry [Johnny Joestar] [6]

Get 500 kills with a Chakra Move

Rewards: 150B Yen & Cherry Power

AFS pass update Concept

I think they should add something called the afs pass or “fighting pass” it will be like a battle pass

You will do some quests that will get you up tiers the quests will be some the same as we seen some totally different there are 100 tiers with many cool prizes

Free and Paid Pass:

Everyone will have a free pass but you will need to pay 500 robux for the paid pass the paid pass will have better stuff.

You can get skins such as: Blue Bijuu Mode and a black triple bladed sythe

Regarding the paid pass you can get exclusive fruits stands kagunes etc. you can also get Chikara Nen and sometimes even boosts.

The pass will change once in a while which means new prizes if you bought a previous pass u can still progress on that pass


I think they should add a title-like concept, similar to achievements.

Like, you do certain things and you get a title for it which will be displayed above your avatar.

For example:

Kill 1000 Bosses - Boss Slayer

Get All The Rarest Specials - Collector

Reach 1sp - God

They could also add buffs if you have a certain title on, like maybe do 5% more boss damage if you have the 'Boss Slayer' Title on. Things like that

Power Boxes and Trading.

You can have like power boxes and get different powers and then you can trade them to other people for other powers..

Idk if it would EVER happen but sure, its a pretty decent idea!

Or you can take ideas from fan ideas pages and then trade those if u get what i mean.

Clans Update Concept:

I think they should add clans in the next update and you get perks based on which clan you choose


Kurta Clan

Uchiha Clan

Uzumaki Clan

Joestar Clan (maybe)

You can choose one of these clans and you don't have anything to do with the other clans unless u pay some chikara to Change clans.

Clan Questgivers:

Kurta Clan = Kurapika

Uchiha Clan = Sasuke

Uzumaki Clan = Naruto

Joestar Clan = Jonathan

You will find these guys at their clan secret base the quests they give you will give you stuff that has to do with their clan for the most part for example kurapika gives you scarlet eyes.

Other Clan Perks:

Uzumaki Clan = More Run Speed

Uchiha Clan = Higher Jump

Kurta Clan = More Sword Damage

Joestar Clan = More Power Damage

Clan Specials:

Uchiha Clan: Sharingan Special

Uzumaki Clan: Sage Mode

Joestar Clan: Hamon Techniques

Kurta Clan: Nen Techniques

Saiyan Transformations.

You upgrade the Super Saiyan transformation as you level up your Chakra. For example, at 100-1M chakra, you have Super Saiyan, form 1M to 1B, you have Super Saiyan 2, 1B to 100B you have Super Saiyan 3, 100B to 1T Super Saiyan 4, 1T to 100T Super Saiyan God, 100T to 100Qd Super Saiyan Blue and 100Qd onwards Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken working it up in the levels, and eventually Ultra Blue.

Halloween Event

Death Thirteen

For Halloween, AFS should add a new boss called Death Thirteen from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure that gives limited edition Boss Drops for Halloween 2020. Here are the boss drops and prizes:


Description: Morphs you into Death Thirteen for 60 seconds, which nerfs incoming damage by 60% and buffs all damage by 60%.

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Stand Control

Description: Blocks all incoming Stand damage and reflects all incoming Stand damage back to your opponent for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 80 seconds

Death Thirteen Scythe (Sword Skin)

Death Thirteen is the same size as Broly or All for One. His speed is the same as AFO. He has 2000 HP at Tier 1. Each tier will add 250 HP to the boss. Here are his attacks:

Scythe Slash

Death Thirteen slashes his scythe at you.

Damage: 15% of your total HP

Cooldown: 2 seconds


Death Thirteen will generate purple smoke around him and you will be stunned for 3 seconds. If you get stunned by the smoke you will take damage every second.

Damage: 10% of your total HP every second

Cooldown: 20 seconds


Death Thirteen will stand in the middle of the Boss Arena and he will heal 500 HP.

Damage: 0

Cooldown: 45 seconds


Extra Even More Roshi Quests (OOFmasterNUB)

Jumpstart (12)

Gain 25k increments of durability and strength and gain 50k increments of speed

Reward- 500B yen, Energy Mines

Energy Mines- Tiny balls of light spray out of the player's hand and surround the area. There is about 100 of them. When stepped on it explodes. If not activated despawns after 25 seconds. Scaling- x4 Durability per tick. Cooldown 60 seconds

Clockwork (13)

Gain 30k increments of chakra and agility, and 10k increments of strength

Reward- 1T yen, Infinity Disk

Infinity Disk- Summons two energy disks and puts the edges of both disks together, making an eight sign. Spins forward and clockwise like a boomerang, and comes back to the user. Scaling x15 per tick Chakra. Cooldown 8 seconds.

Power Sharpen (14)

Gain 75k increments of Sword and 1k increments of speed

Reward- 5T yen, Ningu Field

Ningu Field- Different weapons (Shuriken, Sai, Naginata, Kunai and the like) will appear after a white light beside you, and will shoot towards where you are facing. Kinda like Energy Barrage except you can change direction of where they shoot, the energy balls are replaced with ninja weapons and they appear at your side. Shoots about 50 projectiles. Damage scaling x5 per tick Sword. Cooldown 15 seconds.

Fireworks (15)

Gain 30k increments of everything

Reward- 50T yen, Chroma Prober

Chroma Prober- Sends a rainbow sphere above you, and the sphere moves forward. Every second shoots a coloured beam down below. The beam colours are in the order of the rainbow. After it shoots seven rays, it disappears. Damage scaling 20x per tick chakra. Cooldown 20 seconds

New Bloodlines



Z - Full Body Lightning

X - Thunder Blood

C -

Hakaishin Powers

You can add a Angel Trainer that give some quests and that quests give some hakaishin skill

ideas of hakaishin powers:

Hakai-in the game the power not need to have hit kill in everyone this can just have a insanely amount of damage(First quest)

Hakai Ball-a weaker version of hakai but has more range.(Second quest)

Sphere of Destruction-a huge sphere that destroy everithing in the range(Third quest)

Hakaishin Form-this power buff all Hakaishin powers.(Fourth quest)

Made by Elle_LawlietBR

Ultra Instinct powers

You can add Goku Trainer or Merus Trainer to learn this powers

Ultra Instinct-thats the power thats let you use the other powers and give 50% of chance to dodge of a attack (the chance can be nerfed or buffed if you want)(First Quest)

Ultra Instinct Barrage-A super powerfull barrage very fast(Second Quest)

Ultra Kamehameha-A Stronger version of common kamehameha(Third Quest)

Ultra Instinct Shield-A shield of punches that give you immunity for as long as you want but as compensation you cannot attack while it is activated.(Fourth Quest)

Mastered Ultra Instinct-gives the user new skill and stronger version of the old skills and give you 90% of chance to dodge any attack (the chance can be nerfed or buffed if you want)(Fifth quest)

Ultimate Barrage-A stronger version of Ultra Instinct Barrage, is a barrage that you need to aim at a target and then activate the skill it will make the MUI user appear behind the target and then exit several target lights and will take several invisible punches.(Sixth Quest)

Ultimate Kamehame-is just a stronger version of Ultra Kamehameha but i think this power can have a cool design like the ultimate kamehameha have a mix of rainbow color and white color to look cooler.(Seventh quest)

Ultimage Dodge-a stronger version of Ultra Instinct Shield that give you 100% of dodge chance of 10 seconds(you can buff or nerf the time the skill lasts) and you can attack while this is active.(Eighth Quest)

Light Punch-Your hand ill get a yellow light and you can do a punch (or a ki blast) thats gives a very hight damage(This is a reference to that final blow that Goku MUI would have given Jiren at that time if his MUI time had not ended)(Ninth Quest)

Anulation Blast-A blast that can anulate any move based on chakra but have long cooldown.(Tenth quest)

Air Bullet Punch-Throws several long-distance punches that make small blasts of air that inflict damage ah whoever gets hit by those blasts of air(Eleventh Quest)

Made by Elle_LawlietBR

Senzu Beans

They are rare and you can buy or find them around the map and they give damage boosts and heal you up to 70% health

Saitama (npc/quest giver)

He has the same quests as Bang, but he teaches you to use more power and to have more range. You have to complete Roshi's last quest before you can become more powerful.

Dragonball update


Dragon Fist- the user fly's at the opponent quickly while in a flying punch position and has a yellow dragon forming around there fist.



(moves damage is also increased when in a Sayain transformation)

Special Beam Cannon- The user puts there hand on the forehead then launches a swirling beam forward.



(This would be a more early move and would also be slightly challenging to aim, this and its long charge make it a low tier move)

Final Flash-The user spreads there hands out then puts them together to fire a power full attack where there cursor is



(a decent move learned in the mid tier level. It does considerable damage but has a very long cooldown, this attack would be very large and would be easy to land.)

Hakai-The user would put there hand to the target and releases a burst of energy.


Damage- Very Incredible

(this would be a very late game move, doing insane damage but having a decent cooldown. This would also do more damage the closer you are to it. Not very good for boss battles.)

Training areas: (correct me if some of these are already in the game i have trouble remembering)

Beerus's planet-Chakra

Martrial arts tournament-Strength


Snake way-Agility


MUI Goku-5th dimension boss

Boss moves:

He would be able to use Kamehameha wave, which would direct towards the closest opponent and fire. If it hits it will do big damage but leave him vulnerable from an attack from behind.

Instant Transmission-This would simply transmit him to wherever he wants, most likely near an opponent.

Glare- he would glare at the opponent and release energy blades out of thin air. uses to get people away from him

Boss transformation:

When at 35% health he will transform into MUI instead of simply UI. The will increase his damage and speed tremendously.

(also has simple melee attacks)

Boss drops: MUI transformation

MUI transformation-when transformed you do 50% more damage and have a 1/10% chance of dogging attacks. (this transformation runs out after 100 seconds.)

Dmg buffs

with every yen upgrade on attacks the dmg multiplier rises by 20%. This doesn't apply to specials. The price to upgrade also rises by every upgrade. If you want to upgrade the specials it takes 500 chikara shards.

Boss Drops

every boss you defeat will up the chances by 2% and there are 6 tiers

Sword Skills (Doctorlivingston)

Instead of swords being there to swing, they should have skills or modes based off of how they were in the anime. EX. Triple Bladed Scythe gives Jashin, the Murakumogiri giving quake powers, Divine Axe giving sun powers. Sword of Nunoboko giving you six paths powers. Each sword should only have 2 or 1 abilities. Anyone can edit this to keep adding more swords that give powers.

Dimension 5

There can be new training areas (I have not thought of any yet) that you can train at that go from 1N, then to 10N, and finally 100N. There will be a total of 9 chikara crate locations, the dimension will also be a Naruto theme (similar to Dimension 1, but in a Shippuden style). The boss will be Perfect Susanoo. (will be detailed in another section)

Perfect Susanoo Boss

Boss Moves/Difficulty Level:

Boss Difficulty Level- 9/10 (Hard)

Boss Moves:

Double Sword- It takes it's two swords and slashes them low to the ground aiming at players

Lightning Arrow- It electrifies an arrow and shoots it at a player

Stomp- Attempts to stomp on a player

Boss Drops:

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu (Chakra)- Create a large fire ball and launch it at a player.

Takemikazuchi-no-Kami (Chakra)- Be able to use a giant Chidori that triples the damage of a regular Chidori (only lasts in hand for 5 seconds)

Chidori Katana (Sword)- Use Chidori on your sword electrifying it for 8 seconds. (you have to hit them with your sword to do damage)

Phoenix Chidori (Chakra)- Create a ball of fire and lightning into the palm of your hand that lasts for 5 seconds until you hit someone.

New Champions

New champions that should be added into the game:

Minato Namikaze (Legendary)- Trains Chakra

Kakashi Hatake (Epic)- Trains Durability and Chakra
Saitama (Mythic)- Trains Strength

Obito Uchiha (Mythic)- Trains Strength, Durability, and Chakra

Orochimaru (Legendary)- Trains Chakra

Hinata Hyuga (Rare)- Trains Durability

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (Mythic)- Trains Strength, Durability, and Chakra

Champion Update

Duplicate champions will now have a new use of being used to buff another champion of the same type/character. Every rarity will be buffed differently and different rarity levels will have different duplicate caps. Boosts from duplicates will only affect training multipliers and not special abilities that increase or reduce damage. The boost will affect all training stats if the champion trains more than 1 stat. You have to have 1T total power to access the duplicate feature, otherwise any duplicates will be useless until you reach 1T total power.


Common- 10 duplicates max- 1% boost per duplicate

Uncommon- 5 duplicates max- 2% boost per duplicate

Rare- 5 duplicates max- 3% boost per duplicate

Epic- 3 duplicates max- 5% boost per duplicate

Legendary- 2 duplicates max- 10% boost per duplicate

Mythic- 2 duplicates max- 15% boost per duplicate


When trading champions with duplicates invested into them they will show up with a star on their icon for every duplicate they have. If you trade a 2 star all might to someone they will receive the all might with 2 stars. To trade champions you must have already bought one champion previously. There will also be a change on what class you have to be to trade certain champions. The new version will be:

Sanji- Fighter+

Levi- Fighter+

Killua- Shinobi+

Sakura- Shinobi+

Piccolo- Pirate+

All Might- Pirate+

Kaneki- Ghoul+

Luffy- Ghoul+

Yami- Hero+

Deku- Hero+

Jotaro- Reaper+

Jiraya- Reaper+

Naruto- Saiyan+

Tanjiro- Saiyan+

Vegeta- Sin+

Genos- Sin+

Boros- Magi+

Ichigo- Magi+

Sasuke- Akuma+

Goku- Akuma+

Itachi- Yonko+

Shanks- Yonko+

Madara- Gorosei+

Endeavor- Gorosei+

Asta- Overlord+

If the champion that is being traded has any amount of stars the required rank will be one higher, if the champion has max stars then the required rank will be 2 higher.


When selling champions with stars they will have their base value added onto their base value for every star they have. For example if a champion sells for 2000 with no stars, they will sell for 8000 at 3 stars. There will be a new feature called auction where people can sell their champions. When selling champions it will have to be sold at 10000 per rarity, so a common has a minimum price of 10000, a uncommon has a minimum price of 20000 etc. To buy a champion that is mythic from the auction you must have owned the champion before. This is to make mythics hard to get otherwise the boost from mythic duplicates would be too overpowered.


Pillar Men Boss Concept

I think the boss for Dimension 5 should be Pillar Men. Pillar Men should be a special boss that has a different Pillar Man every Tier.

Tier 1: Santana 1250 HP + 50 HP every person (Speed: 110)

Tier 2: Wamuu 1500 HP + 100 HP every person (Speed: 120)

Tier 3: Esidisi 1750 HP + 150 HP every person (Speed: 130)

Tier 4: Kars 2000 HP + 200 HP every person (Speed: 140)

Tier 5: Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars (you fight Wamuu but when Wamuu reaches 625 HP or half HP, he awakens Esidisi and Kars)

Here are the boss drops:


Description: Summons a horn on top of your head, allowing you to stab players.

Scaling: 30x Strength

Cooldown: 10 seconds (5 seconds with half cooldown)

Range: Same range as Asta's Grimoire X move

This boss drop is exclusive to Tier 1 (Santana). You can't get this boss drop while fighting Wamuu, Esidisi, Kars, or Tier 5.


Description: Awakens Esidisi and Kars to destroy your enemies with immense strength.

Scaling: 10x Strength per punch from Esidisi and 15x Strength per punch from Kars

Cooldown: 120 seconds (60 seconds with half cooldown)

Range: Kars and Esidisi has the same speed as a D4C clone but does more damage

This boss drop is exclusive to Wamuu and Tier 5. Kars and Esidisi despawn after 30 seconds. When you awaken Esidisi and Kars, you will do the Wamuu pose and say "Wamuu".

Blaze Cartwheel

Description: Use your sword to generate a wheel of fire that slashes through enemies.

Scaling: 85x Chakra + 8x Chakra per tick (4 ticks total)

Range: Same range as Water Wheel from Water Style

This boss drop is exclusive to Esidisi and Tier 5.

Ultimate Life Form

Description: Transforms you into the Ultimate Life Form, which will nerf 60% of all damage and buffs all damage by 80%.

Scaling: N/A

Range: N/A

This will make you hair turn into Kars' hair and nerf all damage by 60% and buff all damage by 80%.

Here are all of the boss attacks:


Pillar Men punches players in the boss arena.

Damage: 5% every punch for Santana, 6% every punch for Wamuu, 7% every punch for Esidisi and 8% every punch for Kars

Frequency: All Pillar Men does it once per second


A horn comes out of Pillar Men's head that stabs players.

Damage: 15% of your HP

Frequency: Kars does it every 4 seconds, Esidisi does it every 6 seconds, Wamuu does it every 8 seconds and Santana does it every 10 seconds.


Awakens Esidisi and Kars,

Damage: N/A

Frequency: Only Tier 5 Wamuu can do this. He does it when he reaches half HP and he only does it once every Tier 5 boss fight.

Flame Mode

Esidisi summons a red Kaioken aura around him that allows him to use Flame Cartwheel.

Damage: 20% of your HP + 5% HP every tick

Frequency: The Kaioken on Esidisi lasts until he dies but he uses Flame Cartwheel every 12 seconds.

Arm Link

Kars links the arms of everyone in the boss arena together, which stuns them for 5 seconds.

Damage: N/A

Frequency: Kars does this every 20 seconds.

The boss arena is different from the other boss arenas. The boss arena in Dimension 5 has stone pillars and lights. The boss arena is a bigger version of where the Pillar Men awakened.


IDEA: Recovery

Can be turned off in settings for shift lock

Recoveries can only happen when you are hit with a knockback attack such as United States of Smash.

Shift + W = Dash forward with a punch (0.5 multiplier)

Shift + S = Propel yourself backward with either your feet, or Fire Flight if you have it. (Using fire flight makes you propel backward 3x longer)

Mobs that lurk around in Anime fighting simulator.

You know how sometimes when you go to a VIP server and you have no one using flashy attacks, no one wanting to just fight and grind? Yeah, you might feel bored. Might not happen to you, but happens to me a other people. So, how about programmed Npc's looking for a fight? This is my fan idea of what lurking Npcs, good or bad, should be added. This can be turned on and off in servers. You can use your true damage too, so a 30k noob serious punching a boss will not do the same damage as a 3qd using serious punch.

The evil Npcs (And perhaps, bosses)


Vampires will be Npcs that come out at night.They come in hordes and have a leader all the time. Can you guess who the leader it is? Dio, the blonde we all know about. Evil Npc's cannot go to the safe zone and attack you there. As a result, you can't attack them either.

A vampire will start out in the first night of the server when that server has begun existing. These vampires will have 1000 hp in the first night, improving by 1 digit upwards. Vampires will have mainly close range moves and come at you with punches similar to gatling punch. What will be interesting, however is that there will be a bloodsuck that deals 5000 damage and heals them to 70% health, the bloodsuck dealing 5 times more damage than that of the gatling punch when it all hits. The bloodsuck will stun you for about 3 seconds. The vampires cannot fly, but they will have 180 jump power. and they can pile on top of each other if the opponent is too high. Vampires only have 2 moves. They have a 60% chance that it will be vampires, among others that will spawn at night. If the player dies from the vampire horde, the vampires will ignore you and allow you to train safely, unless you get killed. if all players die, then it will simply be day time for double the time it was previously, that does not stack.


Dio is famously known around in the popular anime "Jojo's bizarre adventures" for being a key antagonist and sparking the joestar lineage to stand up and fight with powers that are ridiculous to today's standards. Anyway, lets start going to the real description of Dio.

Dio will have 10x hp over the individual minions. He will use almost the same moves as his minions, and will deal 10x more than the damage of a lone vampire. Dio will have the same look as Dio normally had during Phantom Blood. He can use some extra moves too, which I will list.


Vaporization freezing technique

Dio will use his famous move to freeze players with a base of 50000 damage the first night. He grabs the player, freezes them, dealing damage, and when he smashes you to bits, he will deal 70000 damage in base the first night, multiplying by 10 for every night you succeed in.

Hinjaku Hinjaku!

Dio will use this when he is under 30% boosting his speed and damage by 40%

I came back, Jojo!

Dio, no matter how much damage you do (a million player one shotting him) will need to use 2 blows to fully annihilate Dio. As such, it is recommended to use


The rewards will be that you have a good chance of getting a stone mask (depending on the difficulty) and with this mask you can use it at day but it will drain 10% of your health during the day every 4 seconds, making you only survive during day, even at safe zone for only 40 seconds. However, any move that you use on someone will regain 5% of what damage you did. A glass cannon can take advantage of this and use their sheer power to regenerate. You will lose the ability to fly however, but jump power will double, and speed will get a 50% increase. There is a 4 second cooldown for it however, which means you can't cheat the system and use it on small bursts where the weakness can be negated. You will also get vaporization freezing technique, a technique that has the same shape as ice blast but a bit bigger and freezes a half second longer.

Frieza soldiers

If you watched the movie "Resurrection f" then you know that Frieza, a well known enemy in the Dragon Ball franchise, brought 1000 soldiers when he got revived. Lets notch it down a bit, and make it a bit lower. Frieza soldiers are part of the popular series "Dragon Ball Super" There will be a 10% chance of it happening at the second half of the time in daylight. The sky will turn foggy, and a Frieza spaceship will descend, about half the size of the sky island containing the entrance to the hyperbolic chamber, where Frieza minions will jump from the spaceship and land on the ground to terrorize those around them. The minions will have 10000 hp at the begining of the fight. (Wip)

Combo Hotkeys

You can go into settings and make hotkeys for combos, like say you wanted Rasenshuriken, Multibomb Rasenshuriken, and Tailed Beast Bomb as a combo but you don't like pressing multiple buttons at the same time, just go to settings, click "Hotkeys", then select how many moves you want, put them in the order you want, then select a hotkey for your combo. That way when you want to use a combo, just click one letter and all your moves will be launched just the way you want it!

Last Roshi quest

Train 100000000000000000 increment of chakra, Durablity

Reword- 1 tril coins, 1bil shards and Speed Disc

Speed disc-

Create two disc that spins in a circle making a portal that teleports you to a random place

Cooldown- 38 sec

Art of the sword

Have you always been bored of the way the sword swings? Well you won't any more becuase of Art of the sword!

Cost- 3000 k shards

12.00-wind blade

buffs swords attacks by 2% and nerfs sword attacks by 1% and pushes players away when hit

11.00-Black Blade

Allows players to go invisible for 10 secs.

10.00- Haki's Sword

Makes your sword invisible and deal 13 more tick then normal slash

7.00- Soul blade

Renders players abily to use powers for 10 sec

00.01-Future blade

Allows players to go into the future to see what they are gonna do.

Buffs sword attacks and spell by 45% and nerfs sword attacks and spell by 45%

(P.S Future blade is kinda op)

Boss pass

This can be bought for 1200 shards how it works is by killing the boss


Energy soul- Render all players in range and steal 20 of their hp.

Zaudo ( Champion)- Trains 20 of sword, 50 or Durablity

sit-up Durablity animation

Rest is chakra and yen

new npc's(by coughciugh alt)


he is an a npc that buffs specials

for example, taking quests from him can buff your specials till the point you can merge them with your own powers.

you need to have completed bangs quests to talk to luffy

quest 1: pirates starter!

get 5 kills with a fruit.


500,000 yen, 3% buff to fruits.

and on and on and on

New Bloodlines (Ideas from the moves in Shinobi Life 2)


(Z) Blood Burst- Aim your cursor at a player covering them with blood resulting in an explosion of blood.

(X) Genjutsu- Aim your cursor at a player making them unable to move or use powers for 8 seconds.

(C) Bloodnado- (Custom Bloodline move)- Create a huge tornado of blood around you sucking nearby players in causing damage.

Crystal Release

(Z) Crystal Needles- Create a bunch of needles made form crystals and aim them at a player.

(X) Crystal Armour- Cover your body with a sheet of crystals decreasing incoming damage by 20%. Only lasts for 7 seconds.

(C) Crystal Trap (Custom Bloodline move)- Surround a player with crystals trapping them for 5 seconds, giving the caster an opportunity to attack.

Namikaze Clan

(Z) Storm Prison- Chakra is molded to form a cage of storm lightning around the target, damaging the victim.

(X) Laser Beam- The user points their palm at there intended target and a beam shoots out towards the intended target.

(C) Massive Rasengan (Custom Bloodline move)- Form a giant Rasengan in your hand that explodes when you hit someone Only lasts for 5 seconds.

Selling Specials

You should be able to sell specials just like you can sell champions. You can sell specials depending on the specials' rarity (exp: Overhaul quirk: 700 chikara, Flame Style: 1500 chikara)

Coughciugh's idea

Madara boss.

(All stats t5)

Health: 2400

Size: broly

Moves: PERFECT SUSANOO, an attack that summons the perfect susanoo (infused with biju) to smack the ground dealing 40 damage.

INFINITE TSUKYOMI : An attack that stuns everyone for 3 seconds.

TEN TAILS RAGE: summons tentails behind madara, Turning him into the ten tails jinchuriki, seriously buffing his damage and health. he uses this on half hp.

DROPS: (stuff you get)

6 PATHS: Nerfs all damage you take by 50%, allowing you to use truth seeker, that buff your damage.


a bloodline that has the asura path and the preta path too.


Pull out madara's hair, giving an aura of death, stunning and slowly ticking down on players health for 3 seconds.


This move has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Summon all the tailed beasts in a circle doing insane damage and stunning the person in their range.-Coughciugh alt (talk) 13:30, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

Yourdum's Ideas

Maybe new boss powers for Kurama boss

Sage mode(increases defense by 10% and chakra attacks by 5% lasts for 5 seconds, also it can stack with other defense moves.)

Giant Rasengan (increase movement speed with a huge chakra ball to attack your enemies 30x chakra)

Gamakichi Sword Barrage ( summon a giant frog to slash your enemies 25x sword per hit, 5 hits per total.) -by Yourdum


Randomizer Special Battle 3v3

Your randomized team will be teleported to fight another team your will get a randomized special, each team will have a will have the same special but different stuff like for example grimores you will have yuno's another person will have noelle's and another person will have asta's, that goes for every group, you are also allowed to use any power you got. I think this will be very fun because when it is the special is stands you could get made in heaven you can try it out for once, because there are some specials that i want to try out, this goes for everyone for example not everyone has rinnegan and some want to try it, all you got to do is vote the game mode, and most of all it is FREE so you do not have to waste chikara. -by Yourdum.

Also, maybe an update setting for the perfect susanno power where you can change the color like green it can change it can walk differently by flying with the susanno wings and sword it will still be the same but a different depending on the susanno color you picked so you be more uchiha like shisui. There will be sasuke's, madara's, shisui's, itachi's, and kakashi's. (Idk if i said all of them , pls tell me if i missed one) I chose this idea because i like ninja storm 4 knowing that there is a lot of cool susanno. Also, instead of a running sussano maybe we can have a flying one, knowing that most sussanoś have wings, and different swords depnding on the sussano.

Dimesion 6: 1 N Strength: Alter of the Sun from pokemon 1 N durability: ichiraku ramen 1 N chakra: Lake of the Moone

Pokemon Pets: They cost 2000 chikara and they follow you around with moves when they see an enemy/boss they automaticly attack each neutral attack does 5x strength, when their move bar is charged up they use a special. 75% Pikachu, Charged Special: Thunderbolt (shoot a thunder bolt against an enemy with huge range 25 times chakra 4 ticks 5 times chakra for each tick.) 35% Greninja, Charged Special: Water Shuriekn ( throws a barrage of shurikens following the enemy 10 shurikens each one scales by 15x chakra. 12% Charizard Charged Special: Flamethrower, then Flare Blizts ( Throws out a huge flame to attackk enemies 15 ticks 10 times chakra per tick, once the enemy gets hit the pokemon uses flare blizts 30x strength and gives out a huge knockback.

2% Mewtwo Charged Special: Psyblast (Shoots a barrage of beams ¨15 beams¨ each one hits for about 20x chakra, after the attacks it shoots a huge dark ball to blow up the enemy 50x chakra. These pets can can be active when champions are on and specials.


When ever you are at a training area you can toggle this setting on which makes you invinceable the whole time until you get out of the training area or you disconnect this will only toggle when you are at a training area because if your invincable everytime it will be unfair.

DinoDied's Ideas

More Boosts; you can buy a 2 boost, a 3 boost, all the way to 10.

Kakashi champion, 0.05%, auto trains 80% of strength, 85% of chakra, 75% of durabilitiy, 70% of sword, 6% of health, and when you are lower than 20% if health, redirects all damage for 30 seconds.Buffs all damage by 50% and nerfs all damage by 30%.

Dimension 7: Training Areas 1unD(1000de)-1qdD(1000unD)

Chakra - 1unD Hell Garden - 75unD Hell Planet - 250unD Hell Forest - 1qdD Hell Valley

Durability - 1unD Flame House - 10unD Infinite Flame Valley - 100unD Ice Bunker - 1qdD Undefeated Statue

Strength - 1unD - 10unD - 100unD - 1qdD



I was think that you can increase how much of the stat you can get per minute so when you are grinding chakra instead of getting 25 increments you can get 50 then 100 and it doubles each time you upgrade and it starts a 1k yen

Asuna Champion (Merpaderp142)

Trains 70% sword (like Kirito), 25% durability, 15% strength. Heals 5% health every 5 seconds. Nerfs all incoming damage by 20% and buffs damage by 30%. At 10% health, you instantly regain 20% HP.

Saitama Champion (addicted to wof)

Saitama trains 90% of strength nerfs dmg by 50% and buffs dmg by 40%. if health below 50% damage is doubled. every player kill damage gets buffed by 10%

Different Cooldown

Instead of using one move and having the whole special cooling, only that move will be in cooldown. For example, when I use Flame Style X, I can use Flame Style Z right after that because only X is cooling.

Specific Special Boosting Champions (The Peterphile)

To add more diversity to people's Champion Inventory (since the meta now is literally just Meliodas, Asuna, Madara, and Endeavor), I think it would be a cool idea to make Champions (or modify existing Champions) that specifically buff a certain Special, either by boosting their damage or changing their moveset.


  • Jotaro: Buffs Star Platinum's Rapid Punch to 6x/hit, Heavy Punch to 30x, Barring Shot to 60x, Time Stop extended to 5 seconds from 2.
  • Dio (Mythic): Trains 70% Strength and 50% Durability every 4 seconds and heals 10% of total health every 5 seconds. Buffs The World's Rapid Punch to 8x/hit, Heavy Punch to 40x, Steamroller to 80x, Time Stop extended to 10 seconds from 5.


  • Kaneki: Buffs Kaneki's Burst to 30x and Rapid Stab to 10x/hit. Buffs Centipede's Rampage to 15x/hit and Charge to 65x.
  • Eto (Legendary): Trains 60% Chakra and 40% Durability every 4 seconds. Buffs Shards to 8x/hit and Slam to 70x. Adds a new move called Beam for the C key.
    • Beam (C): The user fires a purple laser beam composed of Rc Cells in front of them, dealing damage and knocking players back. Scales by 75x Chakra.


  • Luffy: Buffs Rubber Fruit's Pistol to 12x/hit, Bazooka to 16x/hit, and Gear Third to 20x/hit. Buffs Snakeman Fruit's Jet Culverin to 45x, Black Mamba to 30x/hit, and King Cobra to 60x.
  • Blackbeard (Rare): Trains 50% Chakra, 10% Strength and 20% Durability every 4 seconds. Buffs Dark Fruit's Black Spiral to 15x/tick, Black Hole to 20x/tick, and Dark Matter to 80x.
  • Kaido (Mythic): Trains 95% Strength and 90% Durability every 4 seconds. Changes King Fruit moveset if equipped.
    • Lightning Strike (Z):
    • Blast Breath (X):
    • Air Blade Roar (C):


  • Shoto (Rare):
  • Deku:
  • Endeavor:


  • Noelle (Uncommon):
  • Yuno (Rare):
  • Asta:

Sword Styles

  • Tanjiro:



Special Sort Of BloodLine (Jeffydude500)

So one time at my school my friend was talking about someone like diying in the Naruto show. Apparently someone from the crew did something bad? I don't know, but when he said something about like eyes I asked if it was bloodlines apparently it was not but that got me thing, since I don't watch the show and my friend explained what bloodlines are for, I thought of a cool idea for the bloodline feature in AFS.

So once you upgrade a rank (Like Magi) you will get a certain type of blood line. You buy it with chikara, and once you get to the best rank you will get one of the best bloodline in the show. I don't watch Naruto but my friend explained to me that bloodlines are from the veins or something. But once you upgrade your rank you get a better bloodline.

Koro-Sensei Champion (Mlpluverrr)

Automatically trains 70% of speed and 45% of durability every 3 seconds. Once the players health reaches 15%, all damage is halved and the other half is redirected back to the enemy, until the player’s health gets above 40%. Nerfs damage by 55% and buffs damage by 60%.

This would be a legendary champion, with a 0.53% chance of dropping.

Sword Skin Perks

Sword skins should have perks or buffs to certain moves. For instance, Samehada hits could take +3 health, Blue Rose/Olive Sword should buff their respective Armaments, and Nozarashi can do bleeding damage.

Tournament Fix

Devs should rebuff the tournament damage, for powers and champions. This should help make tournament goes faster and will be more fun.

Prestige Ranks

When you reach Otsutsuki rank, the game will ask you if you want to prestige. When you prestige, you will stay as Otsutsuki but there will be way more better ranks, like Jinchuriki, Avatar, and Bender. There will also be the same specials like stands, kagunes, etc., but different ones in each special. Champions also go by this rule. There will also be a new leaderboard for the people on your prestige level. There will also be better boss tiers like tier 6, tier 8, tier 10, etc. There is 5 Prestige levels. When you prestige, it shows under you tp, 'Prestige #' # being whichever prestige you are on. I forgot to mention that there will also be new powers given from quest givers, and the number of any basic training skills to train in a training area will rise depending on your prestige. There will also be new swords for your prestige.

New devil fruits

Noro - Noro no Mi used by Foxy (ability to slow down people's speed and attack speed)

Mera - Mera no MI used by Portgas D. Ace

Hie - Hie no Mi used by Admiral Aokiji (ability to freeze players and make the water around you freeze for a certain time giving new players the ability to walk on water which is ice)

Yomi - Yomi no Mi used by Brook (ability to awaken yourself in tournaments or boss fights so you have 2 chances)

Bara - Bara no Mi used by Buggy (ability to send diffrent body parts to kill people nearest to you)

- Akasra

Blackbeard Power

A game pass for R$499. It lets you to equip and use 2 devil fruits at once

How it works :

Z is the 1st power, X is the 2nd power, C is the 3rd power, V is used to switch devil fruits.

- Akasra

x2 gamepass

A game pass to let you do x2 boss damage and to have 2 specials equipped at the same time

by thereal_pinkpandaYT (roblox name)

PvP Map

There should be a PvP map which to enter it you would need to click on something ( the dev's choice ) just like boss. When you enter it, there would be a grassland with some hills and trees where everyone has 100 health. It would be the PvP map. Powers and specials would do their multiplier as damage. Each kill you do will give 50 chikara shards. Since Rasenshuriken's multiplier is 20 it would do 20 damage. Legendary super saiyan and other damage reduction powers will work. Also if you get a killstreak it will give an extra five chikara shards per kill which can stack. So my first kill will give me 50 chikara shards, second will give me 55, third will give me 60, and so on. But if I die it will restart at 50 per kill. There should also be a PvP questgiver which would be like Kaneki except the kills are supposed to be in the arena. The questgiver would be located on a mountain.


Champion Fusion

To fix duplicate champions the devs should add a new feature which is if you get a duplicate you can fuse it with the other one. Each duplicate will add a bonus depending on the champion's rarity. Common will add up by 10%, uncommon by 15%, rare by 20%, epic by 25%, and legendary by 30%. Also for each one you fuse the selling price will add up too. Any damage, resistance, or healing bonus will remain the same though. For example, if I have Levi and I get another one and I fuse both of them Levi will give me 40% percent of my sword than the original 30% and I could sell him for 1000 chikara shards instead of the original 500 chikara shards.


Army (Kinda like pets)

Now when I say pets I don't say things which fight normal players. I say things that help fight bosses. There's five different pets but you have to find them like fruit. You can have 1 equipped (2 for a gamepass) but after you beat him they go in your inventory. You can have up to four or buy the +4 gamepass like the champions. You can also upgrade these to get stronger and faster and the rarest one will give you a x2 chance of power drop or x1.5 multiplier. Once you fight a amount of boss battles (depends on what pet you have) they get tired and can't fight. The most common can do 2 battles before it gets tired and it takes 1 hour to wake up (or get a gamepass to halve the timer), You could also upgrade the pets so they get better stats: attack damage (maximum of 70), speed (maximum of 60, Cooldown (look the the power definitions) and chance of power drop (maximum of 5 percent) but only the rarest has the abilty to get the x1.5 multiplier, You can also unlock abilities like Stomp and Fire breath. You can also equip one of your powers on them but the power you put on the pet you can't use until you take it off, there's like 5 different types like, Combat, Water, Wind, Fire and ice, The Ice is the rarest and Combat is the most common, they all only have 2 powers and you can equip one so that makes 3 powers at best (no gamepass for more powers)


Combat                    Water                      Wind                      Fire                     Ice 

Stomp                     Waterwhirl             Wind Spear.            Flame Breath         Ice Sword 

Bite                          Waterball              Wind Push                Fireball          Ice Spikes

Stomp (5-15 damage- 3 second cooldown). Stomps the boss

Bite (10-25 damage- 5 second cooldown). Bites the boss

Waterwhirl (10-30 damage- 5 second cooldown). Creates a tornado of water

Waterwall (5-10 damage-1 second cooldown). Throws a water ball at boss

Wind Spear (10-15 damage-2 second cooldown). Similar to the gale attack from yuno's grimoire

Wind Push (0-0 damage-4 second cooldown). Pushes the boss and paralyzes it for 5 seconds. This can upgraded into 10

Flame Breath (20-25 damage- 5 second cooldown). Burns the boss and does 4 ticks for 10 seconds

Fireball (20-30 damage- 15-10 second cooldown). Similar to Sasuke using fire release: great fireball technique

Ice sword (50-65 damage- 15-12 second cooldown). Summons a ice sword like the blue rose sword from SAO and slices the boss up

Ice spikes (50-70 damage- 20-15 second cooldown). Similar to Overhaul's rolling spikes

There will be a guy who gives you the powers after you do quests like Bang and Roshi's quests to get you moves.

The first (beat 10 bosses), second (beat the beast king boss) and third (to beat all bosses) give tokens that can boost your pet.

You can get a gamepass to halve the timers like the half cooldown gamepass which is already in the game.

They're not like animals they look like people, Kinda like the champions, The pets are called army. The armies doesn't have a health bar but they can be paralyzed for 20-5 seconds (depends on the upgrades) 

you can get a gamepass to x2 the tokens for 499 like the x2 yen and x2 chikara

There I'm done now

I hope you add them. 

by thereal_pinkpandaYT (roblox name)

Chikara for killing

Every kill you get chikara depending on your class




Every class gets 5 more than the one before (too lazy to write it).

by thereal_pinkpandaYT (roblox name)

New Swords

I would really like to see new swords in AFS. There could be swords from Sword Art Online like the Night Sky Sword from the Underworld Saga, The Blue Rose sword also from the Underworld Saga, Kirito's Long Sword from Alfhiem Online, The Black Iron Great Sword also from the the Alfheim Online saga, Kirito's Elucidator from the SAO saga, and Kirito's Dark Repulser also from the SAO saga. I would also like to see Asuna's rapier in this game. Another sword I would like is Excalibur from SAO.

New Sword Skills

So far, all my ideas have been based off SAO. That is because I haven't seen anything from SAO in AFS. I woud also like to see new sword skills like Kirito's Dual Wielding skill, Vertical Square, Sonic Leap, Horizantal, and Vertical. Also some other skills would be Flashing Penetrator, and also Mother's Rosario, a eleven- hit combo. There could also be a new sword style, something you buy with the other sword styles, I was thinking something like beast blade sword style

If You devs are reading, pls add this to the game I really want to see these in this game.

Test Dummies

Not to be confused with the strength training dummies, These dummies will be placed in the spawn, or at another safe zone. Instead of asking other players to consent so that you can test damage, these dummies will do the job. They will be placed on tracks and given the ability to move so that you can freeze them in place with the world/ ice-based attacks if that is part of the combo. They will have the same damage indicators that players see if they damage another player.

Clans + Kekkei Genkai

I think that adding these would be a good idea. How it would work is your current stats would be used for evolution of what Naruto Universe clan you would be placed into. The criterion is not based upon how much power you have, but the proportion of your powers in comparison to your other ones. For example, someone with chakra that is significantly higher than their other stats like strength/ durability would be placed in the Uzumaki clan. You will not be able to choose which clan you are put in, but you will get abilities (Kekkei Genkai) depending on which one you are placed in. (For example, an Uchiha clan member would have Sharingan as their ability). These abilities are able to be upgraded, and they get stronger the more you use them (like the tomoe progression system the naruto universe has for Sharingan). - DrapalDragon

PS: If the devs are reading this and decide to implement it, pls put me in Kakashi's clan k thanks byee.

EDIT: I just saw another user's post on the clans concept, and I have two things to say:

  1. I did not copy their idea
  2. If another user thinks it is a good idea too, it should definitely be implemented into the game.

Flame-Flame Fruit

I think AFS should add the Flame-Flame fruit from One Piece into the game. It's first skill should be Heat Haze which launches a big stream of fire at your opponent with lingering damage. The second skill should be Fire Gun which shoots flame bullets at your enemy (the bullets should have fire damage that ticks 3 times). The third skill could be Fire Pillar which summons a pillar of flames that does splash damage. -oLeoXIV

4th Dimension

If you have noticed, Dimension 2's color is green and Dimension 3's color is blue. That means if there were to be a 4th dimension, the color would be red. Now what boss would fit PERFECTLY for a red dimension. A titan boss. Feel free to edit what you think we should add to the 4th dimension (Don't delete what I put.) boss should be big boi titan and have his steam attack

Black Clover boss

Drops: Hell Beam: Powerful Beam With immense heat, Causing a Huge explosion, Dealing incredible damage - 55x Chakra Scaling

Devils Fly: Summons Huge Wings that Dash you Foward (Similar to Noelles C Grimoire Ability) - 50x Chakra Scaling

Devils Trident - Summons a dark trident in the user's hand and Shoots it Foward Impaling them and dealing overtime damage - 4x Ticks all 30x Sword Scaling

Demon Powers: Summons a dark aura around User and reduces 50% of all player damage taken

by gregin10

Chikara/Minute Update Concept

Okay I think you should get more chikara per minute when you rank up like yen.

Fighter-Pirate: 5 Chikara/Min

Pirate-Hero: 10 Chikara/Min

Hero-Saiyan: 15 Chikara/Min

Saiyan-Magi: 20 Chikara/Min

Magi-Yonko: 25 Chikara/Min

Yonko-Overlord: 30 Chikara/Min

Overlord-Kaioshin: 35 Chikara/Min

Kaioshin-Espada: 40 Chikara/Min

Espada-Hashira: 45 Chikara/Min

Hakaishin-Otsutsuki: 50 Chikara/Min

Saiyan Transformations (again)

This is the fairer version of the one in Fan Ideas 3:

100-100,000 SS, 100,000-1M SS2, 1M-100M SS3,100M-1B SS4, 1B-100B SSG, 100B-1T, SSGSS, 1T-100T, SSGSS KKX5, 100T-1QD SSGSS KKX10 and 1QD-100QD UI. All of these would increase the Chakra multiplier by a certain amount, which I don't know yet.

New Stands In Game (not non-canon)

  • Crazy Diamond {Normal 1st and 2nd move } 3rd move:Restoration mode, it can heal other people in boss fights (it will heal 3% of their max health) 4th move:Creates an enormous spherical wall around itself making it immune for about 5 seconds damaging anyone hit also repels the person hitting it even with its moves (this also works in boss fights).
  • Gold Experience {Normal 1st and 2nd move} 3rd move:Path of trees, releases a wave of trees in front of the user for a good amount of range damaging anyone in its path. 4th move:Life heal, Gold Experience heals the user 20%(in boss fights only heals the user 10%

1 new Power

Shaori Punch(from Baki): User tremendously punches the ground creating large purple shock waves damaging anyone hit. 50 trillion strength.

Specials/Gameplay Ideas (Part 2)

Titan Field

Based off many "Attack on Titan" games on Roblox, the Titan Field is a area that is open to anyone (even a noob with 0 tp). When you arrive, there is a rack that holds the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (swords included), as well as a uniform rack (is optional to use uniform) (Omni-Directional Mobility Gear is compulsory). To enter the field, press "E" at any area and your Mobility Gear will drag you in your desired direction. To kill Titans, whip out your swords by pressing "Q". Once your swords are equipped, launch yourself at a titan (make sure to aim for the neck to deal critical damage), and left-click to attack. You can upgrade your sword's power by killing more titans. Every time you kill a titan, you will be granted a amount of tokens depending on the titan's type.

- Pure (15 tokens) (60 - 78 Chikara shards)

- Abnormal (25 tokens) (68 - 96 Chikara shards)

- 9 Titans (Subclass):

• Armored Titan (48 Tokens) (167 Chikara shards)

• Attack Titan (35 Tokens) (TBA)

• Beast Titan (35 Tokens) (TBA)

• Cart Titan (30 Tokens) (TBA)

• Colossus Titan (65 tokens) (Is present all the time) (250 Chikara Shards)

• Female Titan (Legendary Spawn 1.2% chance) (55 Tokens) (TBA)

• Founding Titan (80 Tokens) (Can be found as a surprise boss after defeating Colossus Titan 5.67% chance of spawning) (478 Chikara Shards)

• Jaw Titan (50 Tokens) (TBA)

• War Hammer Titan (45 Tokens) (TBA)

Killing titans can also grant a person limited-time durability buffs, strength enhancers, and Yen and Chikara shards. Upgrading a sword will increase your token, Yen, Chikara shard income. This is a way to quickly get Chikara as the new update has made Champions much harder to get.  

PVP/New Mobility Mechanics

Since this is an "Anime FIghting Simulator", there should be newer ways of movement and PVP that makes the game somewhat more competitive. New ways of movement can help spice up the battle, add a sort of fun to it, cuz most PVP battles in this game are just up to your stats and not actual fighting skills (say like Arsenal: Everyone has the same chance of beating the other player as long they practice enhancing their skills). I would also say... Being too OP makes the game boring, so fighting people with pure skill can make this game a bit more fun instead of one-shotting every player you see on sight. There are multiple ways of PVP, some of which are very unique.


Tournaments are a form of competitive PVP against other players. All powers you have will deal the same damage as they do in boss. Your health bar is 1300 HP, you can get special drops around the map that can replenish a part of your HP during battle. There are multiple different maps in Tournaments, but all of them are suited for close quarters combat. Winning battles grants you Trophies, leaving will cause you to lose Trophies. Trophies are like XP, the more battles you win, the more Trophies you earn. Earning Trophies is vital to passing through the stages which require a specific amount of Trophies. There is also a daily PVP login reward which also gives you some extra Trophies. Every time you complete a stage while playing in a map, you will unlock rewards like Chikara (guaranteed), Yen (guaranteed), short-term training boosts (though it's very rare to get one), Requiem Arrows (also rare drop), long-term training boosts (extremely rare drop), powers (guaranteed but only one power per 2 stages) (there are 6 stages per map), etc. Tournaments have 3 options: Duels, 2v2, 5v5 (squads). The Tournament system is simple, it searches for servers all over the world for people who want to join Tournaments, configure the power levels so that you're paired up with a person that has similar stats as you, then you'll join another server that hosts the arena. Overall, the battle physics are quite simple, you can get crazy combos (i.e.: 5+ Hit combo: Good, 8+ Hit combo: Interesting, 12+ Hit combo: Noice, 16+ Hit combo: Exciting, 21+ Hit combo: AMAZING, 27+ Hit combo: Epic, 32+ Hit combo: LEGENDARY, 45+ Hit combo: Ultra Instinct Mode). The Ultra Instinct Mode is just a temporary buff in your fighting skills, it increases your speed, agility, power, etc. But after you've done a 45+ Hit combo your opponent is either extremely low on HP or they're already dead.

Tournament mobility mechanics:

Dash: Press "Q" to dash, you can spam this ability in mid-air or on ground, the cooldown after dashing once is 1 second allowing for some heated combat.

Triple Jump: Spam the spacebar 3 times

Roll: Press left shift to roll

Melee Showdown:

A group of 15 players join an extremely close quarters arena that forces you to only use swords. You have to get the most sword kills during 2 minutes, the person with the most kills earns Chikara shards, and a stronger sword damage next round (but only lasts for that specific round and they cannot get another damage boost for the next 2 rounds) (the maximum damage you can cause is 17 damage). Each person has 20 health, your base sword does 12 damage. It uses the same sword that you have equipped and everyone is granted 50 agility and a walkspeed of 65 (no matter if you're a noob or not). You might break your sword after hitting players too much, but it’ll regenerate in 3 seconds. During the 3 seconds you are vulnerable, people can still kill you. This opts for more strategic fighting. In the intermission map, you can go to a NPC called Lisbeth (she is a character from Sword art Online and is a blacksmith so I thought it would fit), she sells different sword abilities and effects, as well as sword perk/development tree that can enhance your sword. These are listed below:

Sword Perks/Development Tree:

Sharpness I (increases sword damage to 13)

Sharpness II (increases sword damage to 14)

Sharpness III (increases sword damage to 14.5)

Sharpness IV (increases sword damage to 15)

Luck I (increases amount of rewards you get by 10%)

Luck II (increases amount of rewards you get by 15%)

Luck III (increases amount of rewards you get by 22%)

Luck IV (increases amount of rewards you get by 35%)

Haste I (increases movement speed by 5%)

Haste II (increases sword swing speed by 5%)

Haste III (increases movement speed by 10%)

Haste IV (increases sword swing by 10% and speed by 3%)

Durability I (increases sword durability by 10%)

Durability II (increases sword durability by 17%)

Durability III (increases sword durability by 20%)

Durability IV (increases sword durability by 25%)

Sword Effects/Abilities:

Flames (does no change on base sword damage but engulfs part of a player's body in flame dealing 0.5 damage per tick) (5 - 6 ticks in total) (costs 1k Chikara Shards)

Frost (freezes player in place dealing no damage but allows the frost user to go for a second strike that deals a another 1 tick of damage per swing each time) (only works on the frozen person) (costs 1k Chikara Shards)

Energy (increases sword range and power, increases sword damage to 14 or 15 and range to 2 more studs.) (costs 1k Chikara Shards)

Amaterasu (your blade is surrounded by a dark cloud of energy. This effect increases your HP to 25 health and deals a devastating 2 damage per tick.) (4 ticks) (Costs 6k Chikara Shards)

Golden Wind (your sword turns into gold and is giving off a prism glow. This kill effect can insta-clap anyone in Melee Showdown. When killed by this sword, you are turned into gold and is flung across the map) (You can only obtain this effect by completing Lisbeth's final quest: Fighting Gold which is to rack up 150 kills in Melee Showdown and obtain 2,200 increments of both a Sword training Champion and your own sword.)

Neglection Strike (not necessarily an effect but more of an ability. Very useful in this gamemode. Every strike of your sword gives back 2.5 ticks of your HP and reflects the damage that a enemy dealt to you back onto them if you hit them. That means if there's a person using Golden Wind or Amaterasu, a well timed-strike can be their enemy’s greatest woe.) (Costs 10.5k Chikara Shards)

Way of Dragon (summons a massive dragon that swarms towards a crowd of enemies dealing 1 damage per tick) (speeds up sword swing for 7 seconds) (longer sword range by 1 stud) (increases speed 71 for 7 seconds) (Can only be obtained gaining 100 sword kills in Melee Showdown)

Menacing (increases HP to 30 health and buffs sword damage to 17 but has a downside of slower sword swing) (can be obtained by finishing 10 matches dealing damage without losing health) (has menacing effect on sword)

Piercing Swipe (increases sword range and allows you to fire off a blue energy slash at people who are 7-15 studs away from you) (deals 7 damage per slash) (costs 2k yen)

The sword development tree doesn't cost Yen or Chikara shards. They cost a different currency called skill points, you can unlock perks by spending the skill points. The Melee Showdown mode is just for Chikara Shard and Yen grinding, but simply just there for fun.  

Melee Showdown Mobility Mechanics:  

Dashing Strike: Similar to the dashing technique in Tournaments (you also press "Q" to use this ability), but with the added ability of slashing you sword when hitting a target. Deals 2 more ticks of damage compared to a normal slash. To aim, simply go in front of a player and press "Q". This ability cannot be spammed and has a 3 second cooldown.  

Slide: Press "E" key to slide. Sliding is a watered dosn version of dash that cannot be used in mid-air to propel yourself upwards. If used in mid-air, you will dash to the ground at surprising speeds. This can be used to (A) Quickly avoid an attack. (B) Used as a surprise attack from above (double jump behind a player, aim, press "E" key and strike your sword at the right moment). Or (C) To cancel a dashing strike, or jump. Sliding can be spammed.  

Sprint: Hold on shift to sprint. There is no stamina bar or whatsoever so you can sprint without interruption.  

Demon Horde:  

You and a group of 25 people take on a infinite horde of demons from the Demon Slayer Universe. Surviving each wave (each wave is 2 minutes) will grant you extra rewards after your death. There will be multiple demons types, when killed by a demon, you will become infected and are part of the horde. Simple gameplay, nothing really special.   

Demon Horde Mobility Mechanics:   

Dash: Same key and animation as the dash from tournaments. Can be spammed.   

Slide: Same key and animation as the slide from Melee Showdown. Can be spammed   

Sprint: Hold shift to sprint.   

Roll: press "Z" to roll (cannot be spammed) (5 second cooldown)   


== == You can have like power boxes and get different powers and then you can trade them to other people for other powers..

Idk if it would EVER happen but sure, its a pretty decent idea!

Or you can take ideas from fan ideas pages and then trade those if u get what i mean.

Clans Update Concept

I think they should add clans in the next update and you get perks based on which clan you choose


Kurta Clan

Uchiha Clan

Uzumaki Clan

Joestar Clan (maybe)

You can choose one of these clans and you dont have anything to do with the other clans unless u pay some chikara to Change clans.

Clan Questgivers:

Kurta Clan = Kurapika

Uchiha Clan = Sasuke

Uzumaki Clan = Naruto

Joestar Clan = Jonathan

You will find these guys at their clan secret base the quests they give you will give you stuff that has to do with their clan for the most part for example kurapika gives you scarlet eyes.

Other Clan Perks:

Uzumaki Clan = More Run Speed

Uchiha Clan = Higher Jump

Kurta Clan = More Sword Damage

Joestar Clan = More Power Damage

Clan Specials:

Uchiha Clan: Sharingan Special

Uzumaki Clan: Sage Mode

Joestar Clan: Hamon Techniques

Kurta Clan: Nen Techniques  

Secret Specials

I think there should be specials with 0.01% rarity that doesn't show up on the rarity chart. It will be like Secret pets from Bubble Gum Simulator. Here are some secret specials:

Gold Experience Requiem

Giorno (Kagune that transforms you into a Giorno titan)

Giorno One for All

Giorno's Grimiore

Golden Wind Style

Greed Island Cards Update Concept

I think they should add the 99 restricted greed island cards from hunter x hunter to AFS!

How to get cards:

The cards will be hidden around the map kind of like fruits when you find them it’s added to your collection

Binder: You can access your binder to see your collection

Rewards: When you get all the cards you get the powers: Godspeed and Bungee Gum


Golden Experience Epic rarity

Organ creation: Gives Health back. This ability is dependent on your durability and chakra. If your chakra is 1.5 times your durability you can fully heal from any amount of health. If your chakra is 75% of your durability you will heal 25% of your max health. If it is half you will heal 1/8 of your total health etc.. This will have a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Life shot: (I don't know if this is possible but whatever) The range of this ability would be smaller than time stop. This ability will cause an out of body state. The person that the ability would be used could use abilities while in the out of body state but it would only be a visual effect. This state lasts for 10 seconds.

Silver chariot: Rare rarity

Illusion: Scales speed. Silver chariot goes fast enough that there appear to be multiple images. If you are at max speed there will be 9 images of silver chariot with 1 being the real one. the damage you deal with silver chariot is multiplied by 1.25. You can use the second ability while this is active. 5 second cooldown

Power slash: scales strength x90 one powerful slash that has a 15 second cooldown.

Sharingan ability

maybe this game can add sharingan but you need to train more like 1oc in all stats except sword speed and agility.

Requiem arrows

Can be bought from giorno at 25k chikara shards.

increases all damage on stand by 150%.

Teams Concepts (by OOFmasterNUB)

Think we should add more things to groups for better control

Team Name: I think team names are good as it differentiates different groups and it gives diversity. You can also choose a colour for the group name

Team Chat: Give secret conversations to the team for plans.

PvP with team: When you are in a team you can still kill each other so make a setting not allowing PvP with teammates. To prevent trolling you can only turn off not allowing PvP with teammates 30 seconds after you turn it on

Teleport to leader: Spawns the team to leader for plans/chats/stuff. Also to prevent trolling can only teleport teammates to you once every 2 minutes. Does not work when doing boss battles.

More teammates: Currently you are only allowed 5 per group make that 15 each group max.

Group titling: Instead of saying 'Group member of (group leader player name)' It will say 'Member of (Group name)'. Also the member/leader will have a banner on their shoulder showing the leader of the group with the group name under it and if the person is a leader their banner will include more stuff so yeah. You can disable this effect to make it private.

Ranks: For your group you can give different ranks to people like Sorcerer or something and you can give them a new rank once every minute. You can make ranks yourself and it is entirely custom.

Boss battling: The group can be teleported to the arena by their leader but cannot be teleported during the fight to prevent trolling and to make it fair for people not in groups who are in boss battle.

Blocking mechanism and block breakers

I think that there should be a sort of block sort of feature inplemented in the game. If you block there is a 5 percent chance to completely negate the damage. The more durability you have, the more bigger chance there is to fully take out all the damage, capping out at 20 percent. This might be a bit too op but it's for fights to have more life and sort of put your skill to the test. You would block by holding ctrl. If you are flying, then you would sort of stop moving and not be able to go on the offensive side, just like most games out there.

The block breakers would be only if the opponent was blocking. you would hold ctrl while attacking a blocked person to deal 5 percent more damage than normal, going up and capping at 50%, along with knockback. If you attempt to attack someone using block breaker when they aren't using it, they would take 30 perent less damage. This would take a charge time for block breaking too, with a maximum of 2 seconds.

Third in-game currency and team upgrades

This currency would be called gold. Gold would be 2 times as rare as chikara. This currency would be used to buy team upgrades as stated above. Team upgrades would be used for things that would benifit your team for a brief time such as exp gain. Other things for team upgrades would also be permanent additions such as being able to be revived by your teamates, but only once. Gold would be gained from bosses and playing time, 2 gold per minute. Team upgrades would be used to increase this, capping at 3000. Gold would be used to buy team levels, making your team more better. Team upgrades would be able to make a lot more benifits, such as when you are closer to your team, the more exp gain you would get, for a maximum of 4 times as much exp as normal. This would influence teaming more for the betterment of stat gain and being able to fight more longer. One team upgrade for teams would be summoning a monster that fights for you or defends you. These monsters could include, kurama, noumu, broly, and the beast king, along with many more. This is an idea that is for more team manuverability.

Idk what to name this.

What about 10 tails, or sage of six path's, or one of the Otsutsuki clan[Idk how to spell it]

or even a raid filled with the hokages that will give their most powerful move, maybe instead of an un organized boss system, they can pick which anime, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Demon slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, etc..

just like boku no roblox and Ro-ghoul, instead of making a team though, make a clan to invite and ban players

maybe bloodlines from naruto, you can be a member of the Uchiha clan, or Senju, Or Namikaze, or Uzumaki, Otsutsuki clan.

Staged boss battles can be added too 


It can be from 1 tail to 10 tailed beasts, or fight the akatsuki or the current Kages in the present naruto timline, or fight the previous hokages like Hashirama, Minato, Tobirama, Sandaime Hokage...

We can probably be able to have Free for all matches in different Anime maps we can vote for,

More speed and agility training areas,

also they could add something better than a new rank, not like a rebirth but something that can boost their training multiplyers higher, they can put up an update poll so the community can pick which should they add the next update's so they can cut their update making times by atleast half so they dont have to think for more features, they could add event's like you search for different items for a power, they could add a poll where the community can pick which skill or mode they need to buff or nerf, they could have summoning jutsu's, they could have a mode where they can pick if they wanna do regular anime fighting simulator or have a story mode from any anime.

Somebody credit me when they wanna put it on fans idea's, its been a while since I was thinking so hard that I wanted to share it with the community.Byee

Chikara shard update

I think the Blockzone team should add new ways of getting chikara shards, I think it is quite hard to get them ( only 4 ways, which can get very annoying, as one is based on time, and the other only happens for some time, and then you can't get it again (chikara per minute and then quests), leaving only boss fights (which does not give much) and then boxes (same reason). These are my ideas.

Fighting: redmon48

I think that they should add NPCs that you can fight, if you defeat them, they drop shards, this way you won't have to wait as much, or maybe do the same but instead of NPCs, players, this way fighting is not useless, and so where people can't grind weak players, PVP can be disabled, though it would have a cooldown (so say you were in the middle of a fight, it would have to be 1 minute since you last attacked, or were attacked, that it could be disabled).

Jobs: redmon48

Jobs would be similar to quests but would be repeatable.  They would give yen, chikara shards, boosts, items, and more.  They would be very hard, like kill 200 players, beat Broly 10 times on tier 3 or above, kill 20 (insert NPC name here), and so on.  You could only have 1 job at a time, and you could get a new one from them every 10 minutes so they are not spamable.

Trading: redmon48

You could trade yen and chikara in trades, along with champions.  Yeah, not much else that I could think of, put your ideas below this with your name beside it.

Kekkei Genkai/Classes

I think they should add a whole Kekkei Genkai section into the game. This would add a lot more variety to it, because I'm not thinking of it like a special. Imagine a sort of class like from destiny 2. You can choose Uchiha, Hyuga, Senju, Uzumaki. And each class would have separate quests to unlock certain abilities. And this might be pushing it but inside the class, there could a sub-special section. For example, if someone beats the Mangekyou Sharingan quest, they could unlock a sub-special and roll for which MS they could use and possibly even an EMS. And after completing another quest they might be able to upgrade their special like in this case to a Rinnegan.

Dodge function and others

Press a movement key twice to dodge

More devils fruits, add phoenix, fire or something else.

A third ability for kagunes, self explanatory just add a third ability that fits the kagune

Buffed Kagunes - Kenny294Pro5

The common ranked kagunes like Kaneki, Jason and Centipede all have a short radius of attack, and it would be better if they buffed these common kagunes so people would use it more.

Psychic Stat Update

Psychic should be a Main Stat in the game, as it references Espeon from different Anime. Psychic should also acts as an add-on Stat, rather than a no-choice Stat, similar to Zoro’s Quests. Psychic can also give you different abilities starting with the common- invisibility, but also energy aura, telekinesis, as well as Psychic Flight.

Training Areas for Psychic

Psychic Tree (0 Psychic Req.)- a tree similar to the Chakra Tree, but its purple is replaced with green and a trail of dots around it instead. It is located in the second floor of the dojo.

Champion Skins (OOFmasterNUB)

Each champion will now have 3 skins: Default, one when you get 500 increments with champion and one when you get 2000 increments with champion. When opening champions, when pressed view, a box on the side will show all the skins, with the quests if you haven't got the required increments with champion. Please note that these skins are purely cosmetic. For the 500 increment skins they will be marked as A. For the 2000 increment skins they will be marked with an 1. The skins include:

Sanji: A- Ice Hunter Sanji I- Raid Outfit

Levi: A- Full green cloak I- Suit attire

Killua: A- Heaven's Arena outfit I- Nen Killua

Sakura: A- Post 4th Shinobi War I- Flak Jacket

Piccolo: A- Full Power (Turban and Cape off) I- White aura (Piccolo doesn't have any other outfits in the anime so I can only do this)

All Might: A- True Form (May not be added). I- Young Age

Kaneki: A- Kagune I- Kakuja Mask

Luffy: A- Gear 2 I- Gear 5

Yami: A- Teenage Yami I-Magic Knight

Deku: A- Uniform I- Rescue Training Costume

Jotaro: A- 1999 Jotaro I- 2014 Jotaro

Jiraiya: A- Young Jiraiya I- Sage Mode

Naruto: A- Hokage Attire I- Tailed Beast Sage Mode (Bijuu Mode)

Tanjiro: A- Demon Slayer Mark I- Water Style

Vegeta: A- Super Saiyan I- Super Saiyan Blue

Boros: A- Meteoric Burst Form I- Final Form

Ichigo: A- Shinigami Attire I- Tensa Zangetsu

New Increment Animations (OOFmasterNUB)

There will be extra animations for training strength, durability, chakra, sword, speed and agility. These are the extra animations below.

Strength- Kicking animation

Durability- Sit-up animation

Chakra- Hands together and floating up and down (What I call manipulator animation)

Sword Skill- Back hand slash animation

Speed- Changed to Naruto Run

Agility- Occasionally does a backflip

Death animation will be face flat like in the original updates, but the flight animation will stay the same.


As zenkai would be easier to find, instead on one zenkai for boost, each boost costs 10 zenkai, so the max cap for boost would use 90 zenkai. For full details on zenkai please visit fan ideas 3

Some ideas (The Peterphile)

Dark Shadow Quirk

Black Ankh

0.43% chance of unlocking this Quirk when purchased. When activated, your character wears a suit of armor made of shadows, resembling Black Ankh. At night (when the moon comes out in-game), all Dark Shadow attacks have their damage doubled, and return to normal when the sun comes out. Additionally, the user can access a fourth attack when it is nighttime, which will also be lost when it's daytime.

Z - Black Fallen Angel: The shadow coating the user's body wraps its arms around the user's waist, carrying them through the air. This move is faster than no-gamepass Flame Flight, but the user cannot use any Dark Shadow attacks while flying.

X - Dusk Claw: The user does a punching animation and extends their right arm, launching the shadows around the arm towards the mouse cursor with a claw at the end. Aside from dealing damage to anyone hit by this attack, the attack also grabs the damaged person and pulls them towards the user. Scales by Strength and scaling is 40x.

C - Sabbath: The shadows around the user's hands transform into large claws as the user quickly dashes forward while spinning around, dealing an area of damage. Scales by Strength and scaling is 60x.


V - Ragnarök (Night only): The shadows surrounding the user disappear as they summon the head of a massive shadowy monster that shoots towards their mouse, dealing huge damage to any player caught in its path. Scales by Chakra and scaling is 90x.

Rubber Fruit Revamp

So, I'm sure we all know how crap Rubber Fruit is in this game. Here's my idea of a revamp on this fruit that could make it actually good.

Gear Fourth Moves

As the name says, these moves are the enhanced version of Rubber's original moves when Gear Fourth is used. By activating Rubber Fruit and having Gear Fourth on, you will be able to perform these moves. Otherwise, you have to stick with the normal attacks until you get Gear Fourth. Deactivating Gear Fourth also reverts Rubber's moves back to normal.

Serpent Cannon

Z - Serpent Cannon: The user extends their arm out and launches a punch. Similar to Fire Fist, this attack homes in on the nearest player, following them until the fist either hits or 10 seconds have passed. While the punch is tracking down the enemy, the user can still move around. Scales by Strength and scaling is 30x.

X - Lion Bazooka: The user pulls their arms back for a brief second before extending them forward, hitting their enemy with a double open-palm strike, dealing huge damage and knock back. Scales by Strength and scaling is 40x.

C - Monkey King Gun: The user enlarges their left fist, dashes forward and unleashes a punch, dealing massive amounts of damage and knock back to the players hit by it. Scales by Strength and scaling is 60x.

Reshan05 ideas 

Reshan05 ideas

Sao floors where you can get certain swords skin drops and bosses like gleam eyes

Durability Drop Idea

-Coat of Midnight

Sword Skin drops

- night sky sword(from sao war of the under world)

-Guilty Thorn

Sword Skills

-Starburst Stream

-Vorpal Strike

Kirito using the dual wield skill named star burst stream

-Vertical Squire

-Parry (Blocking an attack with a sword)

Effect- 10% chance to not take dmg from an attack from either a player or boss

Unique sword skilos (Special sword skills in sao that you needed a requirement to fulfill in order to unlock one of these skills)

-Dual Wield (The ability to use 2 swords at the same time)

Effect- You are able to use 2 sword skins instead of 1 meaning getting 2x swords stats for each swing increasing your sword skills and swing dmg by x 1.0

User of this skill in sao: Kirito

-Holy sword

Effect- You take 80% less dmg from other players sword attacks and your attack speed is increased by x 1.5

User of this skill in sao: Heathcliff

Fun fact: only 2 people own unique sword skills while stuck in the nerve gears game : Sword art online

Black Clover ideas

Dungeons with magic traps that deal medium damage and a powerful boss at end defending the treasure which you collect after beating the boss, the treasure should be 100k yen or 5k chakra shards( this idea is from black clover

New Magic




New Grimoires

Legendary 5 leaf grimoire, 0.2 % of chance to obtain this. This is special because this grimoire is special because it has 5 clovers on it instead of the normal 3 clover gromoires.

Adult Sasuke NPC

Getting between dimensions is really annoying sometimes, that's why I brainstormed an idea to make dimension travel much faster, you add an NPC! The Adult Sasuke NPC is an NPC that allows you to travel between dimensions just by clicking on him, and when you do, a tab opens that shows you what different dimensions you want to go to, there could even be a gamepass for info on the dimensions like, Bosses, Training Areas, their locations, NPC locations, the map, etc. so this'd be great.


Tournament Update 2.0 Ideas By KingLasagnaZero

Server Match

So if you have like 1T total power or something like that u will be matched with people near your total power for example if u have 500 qd u will be matched with people 490-590 qd.

New modes

Stand battle.

  • You can only use your stand, everyone has the same speed and there is no cooldown, idk what the map could be so u can edit it in.

Team Showdown

  • There is two teams, and the map is a very bigger version of the cell games arena.

Boss rush: Everyone is in one team, and they have to beat very buffed versions of the bosses, they are even more stronger than Tier 5, the map is the same but with very red lava.

New items in the shop

Explosion quirk:

  • Z attack: Explosion Fire. A explosion happens in your hand.
  • X attack: AP Shot: You shoot a small orangeish beam from your right hand. 
  • C attack: Howitzer Impact:

-Might be edited later.

Upgrading specials. (WIP)

When you spend time with a special and use it to increase your total power, it increases by 1 level. This could mean a new skill gets upgraded. (Stands, kagunes, fruits, sword styles, grimories, and future specials can get this feature too. You will be able to switch between levels too if you do not like your upgrade or if you want to pretend that your weak. Remember that this is something that would probably be stupid to add, so you can say that I'm going too far.


Deku one for all when it gets leveled up (lvl 1 to 6)

In the case of quirks (eg. Deku one for all) You get to use full cowling 8 percent. Level it up more, and you'll be able to use new moves along with 15 percent full cowling. Level it up again, and you'll be able to use 20 percent full cowl. That unlocks a new move (Delaware smash air force) which has a very low cooldown, pushes players( 32x strength) , and the Delaware smash is aimed at your cursor. Make it 45% full cowling, and you'll be able to use st. louis smash air force. Get to 100% full cowling, and you'll unlock a new moveset entirely. Your double jumps gets upgraded to 10 double jumps per jump that you make off the ground. Your z move will be a move that teleports behind the opponent and punches them, causing insane damage (140x strength multiplier) and flinging them a decent distance in front of you. You can aim your cursor at the enemy while pressing z. If it doesnt hit the opponent, you teleport there. Your X move will be a 100% kick that has a huge wave of air coming out and dealing incredible damage (185x multiplier Strength) knocking back the opponent a great distance and you backwards a little. The X move can be aimed by your cursor. The C move will be the rapid punch that was seen being used agianst overhaul, dealing a lot of damage and sending huge, orange fists their way. (45x per tick 100 times strength) and stunning the enemy for the length of the barrage. The V move (yes I'm getting a little too carried away lol) will be a move that buffs your damage and plays a quote "If I cant save this little girl in front of me, then how will I become a hero?" This will increase mobility by double and double damage for all moves.

Half hot half cold when you level it up.

Half hot and half cold will also have a level up system where it turns from standard to overpowered along with all the other specials.

Z moves

The Z move will be a standard damage attack (same as if you had the quirk and pressed Z) Level 2 will increase the size of the ice path as well as the damage (level 1 is 40x chakra, level 2 is 80x chakra, level 3 is 130x chakra, level 4 is 160x chakra, level 5 is 195x chakra, and level 6 is 230x chakra). Stun will also increase by 0.5 seconds per level. The max level of this move will send out a large path of ice about 25 studs across and about 50 studs vertically along with the range of 5 kamehameha's. If this hit players within its range, then it will deal 8 seconds of stun. But, the opponent will be immune to stun for 5 seconds afterward to prevent infinite stun from occuring (level 6 only)

X moves

The X moves of half hot half cold are fire attacks. The standard one is just really a normal fire blast, nothing special. So, I'll just have to turn up the heat a little bit. Sorry for that joke, but lets get into it anyway.

The fire moves of half hot half cold are known to deal more damage than the ice abilities, so its going to stay that way, The first level of X will deal 13 damage per tick. The second level will deal 24 damage per tick. The third level will deal 48 damage per tick. The fourth level will deal 96 damage per tick. The fifth will deal 130 damage per tick. The sixth level will deal 145 damage per tick, if you hold x, then you stay still but keep the fire move lasting longer, like a flamethrower, and get bigger and bigger over time for 8 seconds, going from 15 studs across from each side to 50 studs across from each side and going 75 studs vertically., with the range increasing as you hold. If you use it briefly, then it will make a fire beam that allows you to move when using it.

C moves

The c move of half and half already deals good damage, but I'm going to recommend some revamping ideas.

Level 1 c move is going to deal 75 times chakra in total with the freeze damage and tick damage (which I'm pretty sure is what it actually does right now). The level 2 c move will have a bigger radius and be 75 studs in terms of π, dealing 150 damage chakra in total. Level 3 will be a bit bigger 155 studs in terms of pi, and deal 435 times chakra, and 150 times chakra with the explosion as a result of rapidly cooling and heating, as shown during the sport festival arc. Level four will make the pool stay the same size and same damage for the ice and ticks of fire, but produce a bigger explosion with a chakra of 225 times chakra. Level 5 will make a bigger pool with more damage (635x damage) in total for the fire tick damage and the freezing damage, and 450 damage for the explosion that follows, which will be about the size of a nine tail kurama arm bomb throw. Level 6, is going to be broken. This pool of ice and then fire will cause a huge radius of ice (385 times for ice) and then the fire will deal 805 damage per tick for 5 ticks. After that, there will be a huge explosion (about the same size as energy absorb) and deal 600 damage, flinging the player a far distance compared to other moves.) However, this explosion will have a 3 second delay before detonation, meaning that anyone with at least 2 braincells can dodge this move by simply running away from the original location.

Navel laser

Now this is a quirk that doesn't get a lot of love, since it has possibly the worst multipliers in game. You can simply throw a rasenshuriken and deal more damage that the quirk. So, if all these quirks are getting overpowered, then why not buff navel laser just a little bit?

Z moves

The z move of navel laser is a move that you have a hard time hitting. The first level will be 10x chakra with nothing changing. The second will be a homing navel laser that is almost like broly's green beam, almost impossible to avoid and hits the nearest opponent with a 15x chakra multiplier. (WIP)

Coughciugh alt's Idea

Saitama boss idea (by coughciugh alt)

It has 2000 hp, has half health more on tier 5

It can make screen shaky even with screen shake off

It can also use gura gura kashin


Air barrage: a barrage of wind

Ultra Regen: regenerate super fast in exchange for doing 50% less damage

Ultra Serious Punch: a longer, more damage dealing serious punch

Fitness Test: Increases speed and jump to max, do 1n damage a punch, and be immune to all damage but take 10 ticks of damage a second. 5 second cooldown.

UseRobloxUSEIT's Idea


I am very disappointed about the Naruto powers. So after watching the anime... I decided to add more Naruto powers:

First of all change the trash multi ball rasenshuriken. I mean this power is useless! Maybe they should add a explosion of a rasenshuriken and tailed beast ball for this power. I mean cmon!

Next remake the Kurama boss. It would be so much cooler if you changed it to a Naruto Boss. Maybe in dimension 5 they could add Sasuke or Madara!

So here’s the Naruto boss:

Original Kurama drops (includes revamped multi ball rasenshuriken)

6 paths bijuu sage mode (can’t say it properly): Reduces 60% damage and adds space time kunai and orbs of truth which increase damage, speed, and soru range. While equipped this move will remove the current special you are using for the mode. You will be able to use this mode like a special and there are 4 moves: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken, Orbs of truth blast, Space-time kunai teleport, and Kurama transformation.

Powers of this mode:

Ultra big ball rasenshuriken: Sends out two light and dark massive rasenshuriken and create the biggest explosion in the game! Cooldown: 4 seconds. Use V to use this move. Chakra: 100x

Orbs of truth blast: User sends out his six path orbs of truth to home in on enemy then rain in the sky. Then they will explode all together to create a GIANT blast that deals mucho damage. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Use C to use this move. Chakra: 20 per tick.

Space time kunai teleport: User creates a kunai that they can teleport to. Umlimited amount of kunai knives and the 1st one you make, you will teleport you. The kunai can hit an opponent damaging them 30x sword and you can teleport to them. Use X to use this move.

Kurama Transformation: User transforms into a Kurama that destroys everything in its path. All naruto abilities will be revamped when using this transformation. For example: When user uses rasengan in the mode, kurama will increase the scaling and charge to the enemy and swipe with rasengan.

Note: Feel free to add to these ideas if you want.

Mode drop: More rare than server boost.

Lava big ball rasenshuiken: User coats a massive rasenshuriken in lava to burn the area on impact. Chakra scaling: 50x than 3 ticks that do 10 damage. Cooldown: 5 seconds

Another Note: I know it feels kind of wrong, but Naruto should be harder than broly :/.

Big ball rasenshuriken: A bigger rasenshuriken with more impact and more damage. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Chakra: 45x.

That is it AND should I make a Madara boss or a Sasuke boss? It would be cool :3.

Also if you get 6 paths mode then your naruto champion will be mythic and where a sick coat!

You’ll get 100% chakra, and 100% speed and agility. You will also get 100% of every stat and the more you use naruto powers, your damage will be multiplied by that amount. Naruto will also farm yen and Chikara for you too. You can use up naruto’s orbs to make you invincible for 10 seconds. Once you’ve used all of them, they will grow back in 60 seconds. But it will also make you get damaged by the amount someone hit you. So if you got killed and you had the mode, if you use it all up, you will die.

The boss will have 2000 health when alone and have 150 speed. It will also where 6 paths age mode at 50 percent and use the moves simultaneously.

This post was made by UseRobloxUSEIT.

New Animations (Picstoil)

Durability: Sit-up

Strength: Kick, Upper-Cut

Chakra: None

Sword: Reverse Grip

Chronoversesensei's Ideas

New Moves

Killua's Godspeed: You become lightning itself. Your speed is raised two stages, and if its maxed, it is raised four stages. This mode multiply's your speed and chakra by 1.5.

Thunder Sword Style Revamp + New Style

Thunder Style: Thunderflash Godspeed - A very powerful move. The user becomes faster than the speed of sound for a second. Can only be used twice consecutively. If tried to be used again after two consecutive tries, the user will be frozen in place for 5 seconds. Power: 300(for Boss battle), 110(for Tournament)

New Sword Style: Dance of the Fire God or Sun Breathing (Mythic) -

Moves: Raging Sun: A two hit horizontal move. Can either be used to block a hit or hit a player or boss. Power: 30/tick(Boss), 35/tick(Tournament)

Burning Bones, Summer Sun: A frontal attack. Basically a Water Wheel with fire and more damage. Power: 85(Boss), 90(Tournament)

Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance: This move resembles a dragon. The user spins in circles in an all-out attack. Power: 14/tick[280 after 20 ticks](Boss) 12/tick[ 240 after 20 ticks](Tournament)

Scaling: 4x Chakra

SargebatrexYT's Ideas

AFK mode

This mode allows you to be invincible but if you wanna damage them you must have a kill quest if not no dmg and cannot be pushed but if you have a kill quest you can damage them and push but not allowed to kill 10x stronger player or above your power meaning if you have kill quest and you have 1B tp you cant push 100B or above. This would be useful for some people but if you have kill quest or pushed it has to be someone who is in genuinely doing a quest not kill for fun so whenever you get killed you know there just doing there quest not bullying people.

Meruem Boss + Boss Powers

112 - Meruem invites his opponents.png
He will do 3 attacks and he has super speed meaning you have to do long range and get fast because he will dodge them and try hit you with his tail and when his hp is at 10% he will fly around to dodge you. If you defeat him you will get his nen ability. I don't know what should I name it but 1st power is you can detect all player in the server even in hiding spots and glitch spots it has a cooldown of 30 sec and another power makes you have more speed by 10x and increase speed by 10x and decrease dmg by 80% but has a cooldown off 90 sec and only active for 40 sec and turns off

Isaac Netero champion

He will be a mythic and be 0.1% chance. He will train 95% chakra. He can increase damage by 80% and decrease damage by 80% and when you're at 1% health you will invincible and do 10x more dmg and will heal 10% of your health every sec and you will slow down everything 10x larger than za warudo skill and you will have 10x more speed and jump

Ging Freecs Champion

Ging - 140.png
He will be legendary unlocked in fighting pass Tier 65. He will train 90% chakra and increase damage by 60% and decrease damage by 20% and when equipped at low health like 15% or lower will make you invisible ( like hiding and no one found him so yeah invisible) and invincible for 5 sec. and at 40% will spawn Gon to use his abilty to become an adult and use ROCK,PAPER,SCISSOR. At 1% Ging will use ROCK PAPER SCISSOR

Dio as champion

Dio is a mythic and the stat increase is 85% strength, 45% durability and 65% chakra and it also doubles the damage. If you use him you get 10% chance to stun resistance for 5 sec.

Eraser quirk

The eraser quirk is a mythic. Eraser quirk just erases something. Z is for erase touch so no one can touch somdone or they die, X is for Teleport Grab. It grabs someone and makes it stun for 30 secs, and C, Illusion Erase, it disable any special from a random player for 20 sec and the design of the quirk is like the guy with the erase quirk

New Things in the Fighting Pass

Tier 25: Barrage Strength Animation

Tier 30: Pluck and Luck Sword Skin

Tier 35: Situp Durability Animation

Tier 40: Crazy Diamond Stand

Tier 45: 10k chikara

Tier 50: D4C love train

Tier 55: Gon fishing rod sword skin

Tier 60: Kites sword sword skin

Tier 65: Ging Freccs champion

Tier 70: Eraser quirk

Sword Skin Powers (The Peterphile)

As I and Jaknifed discussed, letting sword skins have certain perks or abilities would be a great idea, considering their relative uselessness other than aesthetics that is not worth the price. Giving each rare sword skin a unique ability would make buying the skins worth it, people would actually train sword more, and it would be a good way of adding another feature to the game without assigning another key-bind number. All of the following abilities can be used by holding the left mouse button for a few seconds when sword is equipped.

  • Enhance Armament (Rose Sword): The user thrusts their sword into the ground (like Asta's Grimoire C move), creating a field of ice that freezes players in place (like Half-Hot Half-Cold's C move) for 8 seconds, dealing damage 40x the user's Sword Skill.
  • Ryodan (Nozarashi): The user grabs their sword by the handle with both of their hands and slashes it down, releasing an enormous yellow energy slash that quickly travels forward and deals damage to players hit by it. Damage scales by 50x of the user's Sword Skill.
  • Honoikazuchi Nokami (Thunder Blade): Similar to Dragon's Wrath, the user charges towards their enemy while enveloped by a yellow dragon-like creature, dealing damage while leaving a trail of fire and electricity. Damage scales by 30x Sword Skill.
  • Chakra Eater (Samehada): The user fuses with Samehada for 1 minute, giving them a shark-like appearance during the time. While fused with Samehada, the user nerfs 50% of Chakra damage dealt to them while buffing their overall damage by 20% for 5 seconds every time they are hit with a Chakra-based attack.
  • Hajo Kuri (Sumitsuki Shikai): The user strikes their sword into the ground, creating a purple wall that blocks projectile attacks and absorbs their damage. After a few seconds, the wall disappears and the user fires a green beam of energy at the direction of their mouse, dealing damage equivalent to the amount accumulated from the incoming attacks.

Titan Special Idea

So I’ve been thinking: No one on this wiki has thought about titan specials, so I thought that we should add it!

First of all people with the transformation will get 6-10 times more health depending on the transformation.

The titan can be destroyed by specials that use elements really fast and the key bind will be Shift+5 key.

Armored Titan (Uncommon)

Z move: CHARGE!: Titan rams forward really fast at a large distance and can send a shockwave. Scales on durability and multiplier is 40x.

X move: Kick Or Stomp: User either produces a stomp or a kick. The stomp does damage to a large area and scales on 50x strength. Press X to times to create a flying kick that scales on durability that moves you forward, then follows up with a dunk kick.

C move: A massive call: Titan roars loud that stuns enemy for 6 seconds and deals 60x strength.

V move: Hardened Heart: Titan gets the same stats as closest player and has those stats for 35 seconds. After that they cannot use titan transformation for 10 seconds.

You will get 10 times more health when you use this transformation.

Colosal Titan (Epic Probably)

Z move: Intimidation: Titan intimidates enemy, capturing their gaze, then all of a sudden spurt out toxic giant steam stuff. Scales on Durability 50x

X move: Colosal Hand: Titan Swings their hands to create a massive impact, even bigger then that of the biggest move in the game. Scales on strength 80x

C move: Meteor Shower: Titan summon multiple rocks with large AoE capability, dealing severe damage to the surrounding area. Scales on durability 25 times per tick

V move: Viral Steam: Titan exerts a massive amount of steam (can use ability while running) longer than purple haze’s viral rage everywhere. Has a massive AoE impact and deals 50 durability damage per tick. When you use this move, you will revert back to a normal person and you will not be able to use titan transformation for 10 seconds.

Note: All V moves will revert you to your normal form.

Attack Titan (legendary)

Z move: Attack Titan Stance: Titan makes a stance, and will be able to use a variety of punches and kicks. You can combo these punches and kicks too.

X move: Destructive Boulder: Titan throws a massive boulder with a gigantic impact. Scales on strength 80x.

C move: Armor: Titan creates a field of ice that goes over a large area, and pins enemies to the ground, with a scaling of 100x durability. If you press c 2 times, you will unleash a raging, growing spike that skewers and freezes enemy. 35 chakra per tick. 

V move: Victory Roar: Titan roars, calling a ton of titans and titan slayers alike, to annihilate enemy. After 7 seconds, or when the enemy is dead, you revert back to normal form, and cannot use titan transformation for 12 seconds. However the NPC’s you summon will still live until they die. The humans have 7 times your sword power, and the titans have 7 times your strength.  

Beast Titan (legendary)    

Z move: Home Run: Titan throws a giant rock that’s as fast as a bullet and does twice more impact and 1.5x damage than Attack Titans X. Does 120x strength damage.    

X move: Multi-Home Run: Titan throws a giant rocks that splits into a bunch of rocks that do a bunch of damage. Does 2x more damage than Colosal Titan C. 50 ticks of durability.    

C move: Spammer Home Run: Titan uses multiple X moves and Z moves at enemy for 4 seconds. Does unknown damage.    

V move: Beast Calling: Titan calls on a bunch of beast titans (yes there are hamsters VoltTheWobDuck) to kill enemy. All the beast titans attacks are 10x more your strength.         

Starter Pack

In many games, there is a starter pack gamepass. Anime Fighting Simulator could add a Starter Pack for 99 Robux for new players to get a head start.


  • Gives you a 1.5x Boost for 3 days
  • Gives 10k Chikara Shards
  • Gives 50k Yen
  • Gives 1k Tournament Points
  • Gives Ragnell Sword Skin

JJBA related ideas


The developers of Anime Fighting Simulator should add the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive ability to train for in Dimension 2 as the 6th Quest for Roshi. It will be trained by increments and will be 15k Chakra and 7.5k Strength.

Boss Drops

There should be a 5th Dimension based of the world of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. and the boss for it will be Kars. The Ultimate Lifeform.

The Boss Drops for this boss will be

  1. Divine Sandstorm

The user of this ability will be able to send a huge tornado blowing players away.

2. Ultimate Lifeform

This ability will grant a 45% - 50% multiplier for durability


We can team up in groups of up to 8.

After beating, we get special loot.

Food Concept

I think AFS should add a Ramen shop from Naruto (Ramen Ichiraku) to every dimension that sells food that gives a temporary training boost or damage boost. A Teuchi NPC will sell food. The boosts from food do not activate when you are outside of the game. The boosts only activate when you are inside the game. When you buy a food, the food will go inside your Food Inventory and you can eat it by clicking on the Food Inventory Circle. Here are all of the foods:

Name Price Perks Anime
Ramen 2,000 Chikara +20% Chakra Boost and heals your HP 15% faster for 20 minutes. Naruto
Black Spaghetti 5,000 Chikara +15% Strength and Durability Boost and nerfs Stand damage by 15% and buffs Stand damage by 20% for 30 minutes. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Tomato and Mozzarella 5,000 Chikara +20% Durability and Strength Boost for 25 minutes. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Name Price Perks Anime
Spaghetti 1,000 Chikara Buffs all damage by 100% and nerfs all damage by 20% for 15 minutes. (Only buffs damage in PVP. Does not work in Bosses or Tournaments.) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Coffee Jelly 7,500 Chikara +35% Chakra Boost and nerfs all Chakra damage by 15% and buffs all Chakra damage by 40% for 30 minutes. The Disasterous Life of Saiki K
Candied Apples 2,000 Chikara +20% Speed and Agility Boost and nerfs all Quirk damage by 10% and buffs all Quirk damage by 15% for 45 minutes. My Hero Academia

Name Price Perks Anime
Cherry 1,000 Chikara +5% Strength and Chakra Boost and heals your HP 10% faster for 20 minutes. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
French Fries 10,000 Chikara +50% Strength and +35% Durability Boost and nerfs all damage by 20% and buffs all damage by 40% for 60 minutes. One Punch Man
Katsudon 5,000 Chikara +45% Durability Boost and makes you immune to all Durability attacks (Fallen Down and Energy Burst) for 2 minutes after you eat this food. Durability Boost lasts for 45 minutes. Yuri on Ice

Name Price Perks Anime
Apple Pie 10,000 +45% Strength and Sword Boost and nerfs all Sword Slash damage by 15% and buffs all Sword Slash Damage by 30% for 60 minutes. Seven Deadly Sins
Rainbow Terrine 10,000 +60% Chakra Boost and buffs all Chakra damage by 30% and nerfs all Chakra damage by 20% for 90 minutes. Food Wars
Gotcha Pork Roast 2,500 +30% Strength and Durability Boost and increases Walk Speed and Jump Power by 30% for 30 minutes Food Wars


Damage Immunity Game pass

a game pass that makes you able to be immune to damage when you train. it is toggled on and off in the settings. this is not applied to boss and tournaments. it is purchasable for 499 Robux and 249 Robux in a 50% off sale

New Ideas

So how about you can buy for example a grimore from the tournament shop just the same price as light fruit


Kagune : Ayato`s kagune

Quirk : Explosion

Grimoire : Litch Grimoire / Patry's Grimoire

Sword Style : Sound Breath

Anybody with me?


Anime Characters Battle Arena

This would be an arena where people would choose an anime. Each anime would have four powers which could be used by pressing the Z, X, C, and V keys  on PC or pressing buttons on mobile. Each anime would also have three characters but they don't do anything to the powers you have. There would be different modes like TDM, FFA, and others. If you have suggestions then tell me in the comments.


6 New Specials

I was thinking that "man, all the specials are now full. What would we do if we're bored of our specials? What keys should we use?" Then I thought "we could use a keybind." Then I got an idea. We could do Tab + [ insert any of these: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 ] for PC and add more buttons for mobile. We can have SIX more specials now! It's a good idea if the devs want to add more specials for bored players.


Soru Range Setting

Soru is almost useless if you have a high walk speed, and speed and agility is not rewarding to grind after you have max walk speed and jump power. That is why I want a setting of which you can increase the range of how much you would teleport with Soru. It would work like increasing your walk speed and jump power except it would require both speed and agillity. It would also have a limit.


New Gamepass

I don't have a lot to say just can their be a mode like for 1999 robux for being unable to hit like if you want to take no damage when your training and stuff you can get that.

Just love dragon ball

New Training Spots

Reverse mountain.png
Reverse Mountain (From One Piece) - 100 Sp Durability
USJ ( From my hero) - 100 Sp Strength
Zeno's Palace.png
Zeno's Palace (From Dragon Ball) - 100 Sp Chakra


New Fighting Pass Rewards and Tournament Shop Items (OOFmasterNUB)

Dying animation- Yamcha

Sword Design- Trunk's Sword 20k Crowns

Sword animation- Backhand swish

Jump animation- Backflip

Critical Hits (OOFmasterNUB)

Critical hits are increments of damage or training that have extra damage or extra power. These can be unlocked by upgrading boosts in the armoury.

Armoury Concept (OOFmasterNUB)

The armoury will be a little building near the lobby which have boosts. Each boost upgrades a certain thing. There are 14 boosts to get, each with different boost graphs. Each boost will have a letter beside it, please reference it to the graphs immediately below the boosts. When you max out a boost, you gain a reward, though some may not. Note that the rewards are purely cosmetic.

Brute Force

Gain x2 physical strength occasionally (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - Brass Knuckles, though they can be turned off

Indestructable Body

Gain x2 durability occasionally (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - Particles that circle round you in a way like atoms. This can be turned off in settings.

Advanced Chakra Extertion

Gain x2 chakra occasionally (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - You can choose the colour of the following powers - Energy Burst, Energy Barrage, Kamehameha, Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, Rock Paper Scissors, Fallen Down, Spirit Bomb, Barrier, Dragon's Wrath and Hollow Mode.

Sharpened Blades

Gain x3 Sword occasionally (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - Blades are now dual wield. Can be turned off.

Friction Resistance

Gain +5 Speed for 1 second (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - Lightning trail for boots. Can be turned off

Airburst Bounces

Gain +10 Jump Power for 1 second (Chart A)

Lv 10 Reward - A small crack forms in the ground after you jump 3 times. Can be turned off

Brawl Specialist

Special attacks occasionally do x2 attack (Chart A)

No Reward

Loot Luck

Gain extra loot from bosses every three times. However this does not make spells more common. (Chart B)

Lv 10 Reward - Boss results page looks more deluxe and your boss leaderboard profile looks better

Bulging Crates

Gain extra chikara shards from crates every 3 times (Chart B)

Lv 10 Reward - Crates turn into altars with a giant chikara shard on top. Can be turned off.

Economy Booster

Gain extra yen per minute every three times. Does not apply to quests (Chart B)

Lv 10 Reward - Yen Sword Holder

Zenkai Cloning

Earn more zenkai for each orb (Chart B)

Lv 10 Reward - Animation upon obtaining zenkai

Fast Reflexes

Increases tick per minute (Chart C)

Lv 10 Reward - Increment animation change

Spell Barrage

Power cooldown is decreased (Chart D)

Lv 10 Reward - Label powers for whatever use you want to and if you are on mobile, you can order spells

Flight Speed

Speed for flying is increased (Chart C)

Lv 10 Reward - Replaces flying for riding on a flying nimbus. when actívate flame flight the flying nimbus has a lightning bolt trail. This can be turned off.

Chart A

Lv 1- Once every 50 increments Cost- 5 zenkai

Lv 2- Once every 42 increments Cost- 10 zenkai

Lv 3- Once every 36 increments Cost- 15 zenkai

Lv 4- Once every 33 increments Cost- 20 zenkai

Lv 5- Once every 30 increments Cost- 25 zenkai

Lv 6- Once every 27 increments Cost- 30 zenkai

Lv 7- Once every 24 increments Cost- 45 zenkai

Lv 8- Once every 20 increments Cost- 60 zenkai

Lv 9- Once every 15 increments Cost- 80 zenkai

Lv 10- Once every 8 increments Cost- 100 zenkai

Chart B

Lv 1- x1.5 every three times Cost- 10 zenkai

Lv 2- x2 every three times Cost- 20 zenkai

Lv 3- x2.5 every three times Cost- 30 zenkai

Lv 4- x3 every three times Cost- 40 zenkai

Lv 5- x3.5 every three times Cost- 50 zenkai

Lv 6- x4 every three times Cost- 75 zenkai

Lv 7- x5 every three times Cost- 100 zenkai

Lv 8- x6.5 every three times Cost- 250 zenkai

Lv 9- x8 every three times Cost- 400 zenkai

Lv 10- x10 every three times Cost- 500 zenkai

Chart C

Everything Increases By:

Lv 1- x1.1 Cost- 20 zenkai

Lv 2- x1.2 Cost- 40 zenkai

Lv 3- x1.3 Cost- 60 zenkai

Lv 4- x1.4 Cost- 80 zenkai

Lv 5- x1.5 Cost- 100 zenkai

Lv 6- x1.6 Cost- 150 zenkai

Lv 7- x1.7 Cost- 200 zenkai

Lv 8- x1.8 Cost- 300 zenkai

Lv 9- x1.9 Cost- 550 zenkai

Lv 10- x2 Cost- 850 zenkai

Chart D

As a percentage with 100% as the full time, everything decreases by:

Lv 1- 5% Cost- 20 zenkai

Lv 2- 10% Cost- 40 zenkai

Lv 3- 15% Cost- 60 zenkai

Lv 4- 20% Cost- 80 zenkai

Lv 5- 25% Cost- 100 zenkai

Lv 6- 30% Cost- 150 zenkai

Lv 7- 35% Cost- 200 zenkai

Lv 8- 40% Cost- 300 zenkai

Lv 9- 45% Cost- 550 zenkai

Lv 10- 50% Cost- 850 zenkai

Sword Holders (OOFmasterNUB)

Sword Holders are items that holds swords from behind. The sword holder crate is in the armoury and can be bought by 1 sword pass. Sword Passes have a 1/15 chance of getting from Chikara crates, zenkai or boss battle, but the first roll is free (like quirks). You can also give sword passes to other people by pressing the gift button near the trade button. You can gift only three at most. The sword holder can be accesible like champions and can be sold and equipped, plus you can carry as many sword holders as you like, unlike specials. However sword holders do not boost anything an are purely cosmetic.

List of Sword Holders

Glass Cover (35.6% Common) Sells for 500 Chikara shards

Sword and Shield (26.2% Common) Sells for 750 Chikara shards

Sensei Hat (14.9% Uncommon) Sells for 1000 Chikara shards

Skull and CrossSwords (12.8% Uncommon) Sells for 1250 Chikara shards

Hermit's Tortoise Shell (7.4% Rare) Sells for 1750 Chikara shards

Target Practise Board (2.1% Epic) Sells for 2000 Chikara shards

Neo God Excelsior Sword Holder (0.9% Legendary) Sells for 4000 Chikara shards

OOFERATOR: NOOB POWER Blade Protecc (0.1% Legendary) Sells for 7500 Chikara shards

Yen Sword Holder (Obtained by having a Lv 10 Economy Booster from the armoury) Cannot Sell

Time Breaker Blade Holder (Obtain method coming soon) Cannot Sell

PS- Please do not correct the word 'protecc' as I have put it there on purpose because it sounds cool.

More Roshi Quests! (OOFmasterNUB)

Yes, I am back for more Roshi quest but if you want to check out the originals, please go to Fan Ideas 3 for them, but here are the new ones I came up with

Ultimate Precision

Gain 40000 increments of chakra, durability, speed and collect zenkai (Not in game, check it out in Fan Ideas 3)

Reward- 25B yen, 50k Chikara, Sharpshooter Needles

Ten needles sprout out of the players back and will target nearby players, zenkai and Chikara crates for about 10 seconds before disappearing. When it hits zenkai or Chikara it will say on the top of the screen 'A needle has made you get (amount of zenkai or Chikara)'. The speed of each needle is about the same as 80 player move spee. Each needle's damage scaling is x5 chakra per needle. Boss damage 5 per hit. Cooldown 20 seconds

Three Sided Attack

Gain 50000 increments of physical strength and 20000 increments of speed and agility

Reward- 50B yen, 100k Chikara, Equilateral Doom

When used, the user teleports to the nearest player and starts circling the player in a triangle motion with a red, blue and yellow ombré trail. The victim cannot move in the state or use powers, and the user cannot be damaged while using this attack. The victim rises up while the user circles in triangles (Ok, now I'm just going to use the term 'triangles') even faster, as lines rises up from the vertices of the triangles. When the lines join up to make a pyramid, the user sorus out, the pyramid turns opaque, and then implodes. The attack only affects the victim. Scaling is x125 physical strength but cannot be used on boss. The whole process takes 5 seconds and Cooldown takes 45 seconds.

Time Distortion

Gain 75000 increments of strength, durability and sword skill

Reward- 250B yen, 500k Chikara, Time Breaker Blade Holder (Not in game, check out Sword Holders in the text above), Space-Time Barrier

The radius of this attack is the size of Cell Arena. When used, it creates a barrier that is blue on the outside, but on the inside it is a design similar to Hit's Time Skip. The people inside cannot move apart from the user and anyone who has equipped the following: Super Saiyan, Susanoo, Gear Fourth and Legendary Super Saiyan. The people inside can use moves freely, even the frozen ones, but the players cannot destroy anyone outside the barrier or get out of the barrier, simultaneously for the people outside. Attacks on the barrier will be blocked. The barrier lasts for 15 seconds and the disappears. The cooldown is 15 seconds and this attack dosen't attack bosses.

Grimoire Suggestions (The Peterphile)


Scaling changes

Grimoire Z X C
Noelle 15x 35x 50x
Yuno 30x (Chakra) 70x (Chakra) 45x (Chakra)
Asta 25x 50x (Chakra) 60x

New Grimoires

Grimoire Z X C Appearance
Magna's Grimoire Exploding Fireball: The user manifests a fireball in their hand and throws it, which explodes and damages players on contact. Scales by chakra and scaling is 15x. Exploding Buckshot: The user throws a barrage of fireballs, bombarding their enemies with explosions. Scales by chakra, and each fireball's scaling is 5x. Maximum Fireball: The user throws a fireball the size of a Tailed Beast Bomb, creating a similar effect. Scales by chakra and scaling is 55x.
Magna Grimoire.png
Luck's Grimoire Thunderclap Orb: The user launches an orb of lightning towards their mouse, which explodes and burns the player hit for 4 ticks. Scales by chakra and scaling is 5x/tick. Thunder Arrow: The user fires an incredibly fast arrow of lightning towards their mouse, which can pierce and multiple enemies. Scales by chakra and scaling is 40x. Thunder Fiend: The user creates boots and gloves made out of lightning, then dashes around the area at blinding speeds, hitting enemies within the area multiple times. Scales by strength and scaling is 10x/tick, with a total of 8 ticks.
Luck grimoire.png
Zora's Grimoire Paralyze Trap: The user creates a magic circle at the location their mouse is hovering over. The moment any player other than the user or those in the user's group step on that magic circle, they would be stunned for a few seconds and covered in purple acid. Multiple traps can be placed over time, and they stay for a minute before disappearing. Scales by chakra and scaling is 5x. Trap Hide: The user turns their traps invisible, as well as all the traps they place afterwards, making their traps harder to detect and avoid. Counter Trap: Magic circles appear on the user's body when this move is used. The moment any chakra-based attack hits the user, the damage of the attack gets reflected back to the attacker, but doubled.
Zora grimoire.png

Imtoy6's Ideas

Rare Grimore

Henry's house smash: Turn into the giant house and smash the ground doing heavy damage.


Asta attack: Shoots a NPC Asta at the enemy and the NPC fights for 10 seconds before disappearing

House Implosion: You float up and turn yourself into a house and blast the house pieces at the enemy

Legendary Grimore


Mirror Mirror Heavy Attack: You teleport behind the opponent and shoot a beam that does heavy damage.

Mirror Dive Bomb: You teleport above where you were and shoot a laser down at an enemy.

Mirror Confusion: Teleport around and shoot a beam of light that bounces off the mirrors and deal damage each time the beam hits the opponent and stuns while the attack keeps landing hits on the enemy.

Izuku Midoriya using Blackwhip under control.png

Legendary Quirk

One For All dark Whip: Shoots out black strings that grabs nearby players dealing damage while they are getting tugged words you.

Dark stab: shoots black arms that stuns players dealing damage.

My own quirk is called repulser(rare)

Repulser Levitate: The user shoots a black combatant inside an invisible bubble that levitates people away from the user and flinging them away dealing ultra damage.

Repulser Bomb: The user shoots a black hole that sucks up every player inside a certain area and flinging them away dealing heavy damage each second.

Repulser Grapple: The user shoots a black hook from their and pulls the user to where the hook landed

New Boss

The Nine boss from the new My Hero Academia movie.


  1. Quirk Copy: You are able to use the opponent's quirk that you use this on but you take damage each 2 seconds you have their quirk and you disable it by pressing the button to enable it.
  2. Kirishima's Red Riot: You become invincible to any attacks but you can't use any attacks either.
  3. Thunder Storm: You blast the opponent with a 1 hit punch but because it's OP it is slow like kamehameha.

-Imtoy6 (Hiboblol8)

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

So for this to work first it has to be based on chakra (So that means you have to obtain it through roshi with training chakra)! The maximum limit can be in the Trillions or quadrillions. The only problem with this is that it could be too op or too weak because we don't have chakra that stops us from casting the same skills. I'm thinking of making it so that you can change how many clones you can summon in the settings. A 5 of maximum clones. These clones' strength, chakra and durability gets lower and lower once you summon all 5. Like for example your chakra is at 1 trillion, since the cap of 5 clones are 1 trillion that means you can summon all 5 but it divides your 1 trillion to 5 clones, which is 200 billion each clone. The more the chakra you have the more you can divide your chakra to each clone so if you get 1qd chakra you would be dividing 200 trillion chakra each clone (This goes for like all the stats except sword but they can add the sword stat if you hold a sword while doing the technique than maybe your clone can appear with a sword?). If my memory isn't correct about the Shadow clone jutsu's dividing power in the anime then feel free to correct it!


  1. They can replicate what power you cast but doesn't deal the same damage due to dividing the stats that you have.
  2. If you punch or use a sword these things are the only things they can replicate while they cannot replicate meditation or push ups.
  3. Each clone does a different pose so that each can be unique of yourself.
  4. Is like the adding speed/agility feature on the settings but this time its 1-5 or whatever they do.
  5. If only one clone is summoned then it can be like you(follows you and copies you) or be a decoy and run the other way by pressing the button in which you used to summon it.
  6. You can maybe switch places with it using soru but i know it would be too op so lets just put it here.
  7. Your shadow clone jutsu's can copy the Form you are when you summoned them. ex. Super Saiyan,Bijuu Form,LSS etc.

Feel free to give me criticism in the comments or edit this thread and change some things you'd like to see using the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!


Expansion on Shokumotsu's Shadow Clone Jutsu (OOFmasterNUB)

Shadow clones can be unlocked when you reach 1k. Each total power milestone gives more shadow clones to use.

1k - 5 Shadow Clones

1M - 10 Shadow Clones

1B - 15 Shadow Clones

1T - 20 Shadow Clones

1QD - 30 Shadow Clones

1QN - 40 Shadow Clones

1SX - 50 Shadow Clones

1SP - 75 Shadow Clones

1O - 100 Shadow Clones

1N - 125 Shadow Clones

1DC - 175 Shadow Clones

Note: This is the limit of shadow clones, not the number you get when you attain a milestone.

Summon Shadow Clones require to press something at the bottom left of the screen. You can choose as many clones to summon until the limit (For examples QDs can only spawn 30 for max). You can choose to summon Solid or Ghost Shadow Clones. Solid shadow clones can deal damage and your durability equals their hp but Ghost shadow clones do not and are used for disguising the player, but if you strike them once they die. When summoned, each shadow clone and yourself adopt a pose so you cannot be seen. Shadow Clones last for 60 seconds, and then it has a 60 second Cooldown. On the top right (where the leaderboard is) there is a map where it shows where are the clones are and how many are alive. When summoned whatever durability perk you have (eg Bijuu mode and Legendary Super Saiyan) the clones also have and specials and champions will be unequipped. When clones die they disappear into a puff of smoke, making everyone know that it was a shadow clone. There are a number of functions on the bottom of the screen.

IDLE- The clones do not move and they stay there, adopting their unique pose

ATTACK- The clones attack the nearest player unless they are in the safe zone, then they attack the nearest player not inside the safe zone. Half of the shadow clones rush towards the targeted player and use any random close range powers, or just simply using sword or punching, and the rest stay back and use long range powers like rasenshuriken. Each clone chooses a random power from its power group. They keep attacking until the player is killed or all clones die. This can be done for Ghost clones, but it wont do anything, just scare the opponent.

ROAM- The clones each go their random way, and try do destroy anyone that is near the clone. Also applies to ghost clones.

MIRROR- Every clone copies what you do.

PATROL- The patrol option makes clones patrol a certain area in a loop. When pressed it will show a map and you can draw lines to mark the clones' journey and how many clones would be following that trail (for example you can draw a line around the spawn point and enter 3 clones, which will result in three clones patrolling around the spawn). You can save Patrol plans and can use it another time, thanks to the handy COPY PATROL ROUTE button, but if you want to use it just once, you can press the SET PATROL button. This can be used to secure areas, kill unwelcome visitors or to protect you while you train.

FOLLOW- All clones make a line behind the user

P.S. This will be highly unlikely, but if the creators see this, and want to use this, it is best not to as this uses a lot of data and makes people lag like a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTNOOOOOOOIIMMMMMMMLAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGIINNNNNGGGGG

Ultra Instinct

First of all, if anyone already had the idea at Fan Idea 1,2,3,4 i'm sorry and i am just writing what i would like to see in the game. Ultra Instinct is a technique and a form from Dragon Ball Super. I would like to talk about the White haired version or the Mastered Version of Ultra Instinct more than the Unmastered version with black hair. First Ultra Instinct should be trained by Roshi from Durability and Chakra. Second it has limits to where you can't always use it, like 5-10 minutes before you go back to without the form and get a backlash taking away 10-50% of your health.


  1. Ultra Instinct would be accessed from Durability and as such giving you 50-70% damage reduction.
  2. When someone fires a move at you and it gets close hitting you, Soru would be immeadiately activated in order for you to dodge.(This can be forced that even if soru is unavailable from being used, ultra instinct can force it to dodge.) This can only happen once per Transformation.
  3. Allowing the user for a new pose that makes them look calm. You will also have white hair and a blue,white light circulating your body. Also rocks floating beside you while you float.
  4. You cannot transform to another form if you've already transformed to Ultra Instinct.
  5. This form allows the user to get a +10-20% more damage to powers,swords,punches,specials.
  6. After using it for 5-10 minutes the user get a backlash in which it takes away 10-50% of your health depending on the time you used it for.
  7. MUI can be forced transformed once you reach 20% of your health.
  8. You first earn the unmastered ultra instinct from Roshi, once you make your stats go higher and higher than your hair would glow and become MUI.

I am currently thinking for more features that should be added for Ultra Instinct. Update, i got a few ideas from Xternalprototype002.


Yami’s Grimoire

So like AFS hasnt made any new Grimoires so I’m thinking Yami’s Grimoire

Z - Dark Cloaked Black Blade [Puts your sword in an even darker dark aura and upgrades your sword by 50%]

X - Dark Cloaked Lightless Slash [Basically sword slash but its bigger and the range is way higher. The color of the slash is black]

C - Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash [makes you slash your sword on the ground and sends a slash that does a lotta dmg]

You have to be wearing a sword to use yamis grimoire and your sword has like a dark aura. Scales on sword.


More Safezones

So i know a lot of people are annoyed because when you train someone comes and always kills you so I think we should add safezones at all the training spots and where Zoro is


Specials/Gameplay Ideas (Part 3): (By Xternalprototype002)

Jojo Update Concept:

(Note: This was posted several weeks ago by me in discussions, but did not gather much attention so I decided to put it here. It has been slightly modified with some corrections. Official new ideas will be posted soon, but here's something that you might be interested in for now.)

New Questgiver: Will Anthonio Zeppeli

He can be found at a pier near the meteor crater in Dimension 1, as well as spawn in Dimensions 2 and 3. You can only start completing his quests after you have finished Bang. He will be giving quests that focus on mainly on Chakra and Strength. You will gain Chikara Shards and Yen for completing his quests:

  • Quest 1: Art of The Ripple

Player is to gain 2,000 increments of Chakra and Strength

Reward: [2.5k Chikara Shards, 2M Yen, Beginners Hamon]

  • Quest 2: Mastering Hamon

Kill 200 players with Hamon

Reward: [4.5k Chikara Shards, 4M Yen, Boosted Hamon Power]

  • Quest 3: Vampire's Woe

Defeat 250 players at night with Hamon

Reward: [8.5k Chikara Shards, 6M Yen, Ripple Energy Channeling]


Train 10,000 increments of Chakra and Strength

Reward: [15.8k Chikara Shards, 12M Yen, Sunlight Yellow Overdrive]

  • Quest 5: Crumbling Pillars

Defeat Kars NPC (HARD)

Reward: [22.5k Chikara Shards, 23M Yen, Fully Evolved Hamon]

New Boss Feature:

Kars will be a NPC that can be found as a bonus boss at the end of each boss battle. However, there is only a 15% out of 100% percent chance that he will spawn. And he only spawns at night. If Kars shows up, all players who died when defeating the normal boss will rejoin immediately. A short cutscene will play, showing Kars rising from the lava beneath the centre of the arena. He will then monologue for a bit and the battle begins. When Kars's healthpool has been depleted by 50%, a second cutscene plays of him transforming into Ultimate Life Form. This makes the boss much harder, and allowing him flight. To make the battle fair, other players can also fly too. By activating ULF, Kars will regain 30% of its health back and a "Shield Bar" above the HP bar. Chipping down the Shield will be easier, but his health will have returned to 100% by the time his shields are gone as he has healing abilities. Defeating Kars is insanely hard, harder than Broly. But the rewards are worth it. He'll drop a Requiem Arrow, 25k Chikara Shards, tons of Yen (depending on your stats), a Stone Mask, and a 2.5x training boost that ONLY the players who defeated the boss can obtain. All items are completely GUARENTEED. After you defeat Kars, you can still fight him again.

Boss Stats:

HP: 1310 (base)

HP (ULF): 2000

Shield (ULF): 500

Mobility: High

Attack Damage: High


Flight, Shield, Ultimate Life Form


Blade Slash:

Rapidly punches at nearby enemies with the Light Blades attached to his arm, piercing players, and has 7 ticks of damage after his attack has finished that deal 5% of your health per tick. Deals amazing damage.


Kars increases his bulk at an alarming rate. In this form, he has slower walkspeed but has increased attack range. He will punch players that are nearby and will ragdoll them aside, dealing great damage.

Light Slip Blades:

The Bone Blades on Kars' arms will start to shine, this is a warning for most players to get as far away from him as you can, as he can almost one-shot you during this period of time if you have less than 45% of your health remaining. This increases his mobility and power greatly, so staying airborne during this attack is recommended.

Attacks (Ultimate Life Form):

Ripple Manipulation:

Kars is able to channel Ripple energy far beyond normal standards, and uses this attack to send players flying or just to immobilise them and barrage with his blades. He can also redirect attacks from stands back onto the boss fighters including YOU! So Stands are useless against Kars in ULF.


Kars, with the highly concentrated ripple energy coursing through him, slams the ground causing a massive shockwave, sending any players on the ground rag dolling and dealing decent damage. Slowly, the boss arena ground is disrupted by a volcano emerging from the centre, spewing lava that will damage any player who touches it.

Multiple Enemy Strike

Kars will dash around the arena, attacking random players with heavy punches that deal great damage. Use flight to escape the potential of Kars spamming the attack.


Kars will randomly select a player, charge towards them, and does a massive donut through the player's chest, then pulling his hand out, dealing INSANE damage as well as regaining 10% of his health back. However, he only uses this when on low health.

I know, I know, this boss sounds op. But all of your health will be returned to normal if this boss appears. You will also gain faster health regen too. The rewards are worth it though.

New Items:

Stone Mask:

This can be found in your specials page which is listed as "Miscellaneous". There, it'll show items that you have obtained such as Requiem Arrows, Stone Masks, etc. The Stone Mask can be used to transform yourself into a Vampire for 30 minutes, allowing you to use Vampire abilities. The downside is that you take extra damage from Hamon users, so beware of them. You also can't use Hamon when you have transformed yourself into a Vampire. You can activate the Stone Mask by pressing "Q" twice and can deactivate your abilities by pressing "Q" twice again. All attacks scale with Chakra.


Space-Ripper Stingy Eyes (Z):

You fire off a laser beam from your eyes at your cursor, piercing the enemy, dealing moderate damage and good knockback. Mainly used to start combos with other specials. Cooldown is 2 seconds.

Drain (X):

Point your cursor at a player, and you will launch yourself at them, clutching their neck. They are immobilised during this time and you will drain their health and restore yours by 30%. However the damage dealt will depend on your Chakra. Coodown is 5 seconds

Body Steal (C):

You can temporarily use another player's body and power for 40 seconds. But has a massive cooldown of a minute and can only be used when you have under 30% health.

Requiem Arrows:

Simple item but hard to get. Powers up your Stand, inceasing damage output, hitbox, range, but extends cooldowns. Your Stand will remain in a Requiem form for 4 hours.

Normal Obtainable Stands:

  • Gold Experience
  • Crazy Diamond
  • Silver Chariot
  • King Crimson
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C for short)
  • Hermit Purple
  • Stone Free
  • Reverb Act 3 (Echoes Act 3)

Stands that can be obtained through items:

  • Gold Experience Requiem (can be obtained through a requiem arrow) (actually works differently from normal requiem stands) (normal requiem stands only have increased damage and reliability)
  • Silver Chariot Requiem (can be obtained through a requiem arrow) (actually works differently from normal requiem stands)
  • Hermit Purple (Hamon infused) (can be obtained by learning Hamon ability from Will Anthonio Zeppeli)

Tournament Revamp

As of 8/1/20, the in game Tournament system has only 2 modes and a shop for items. This idea will expand on the system and how it can be improved.


Decrease the base walkspeed by 10 or 15 and decrease the jump height by 10. This makes powers or specials that have shorter range actually viable in gameplay.

Skill Points

You will gain "Skill Points" each time you win a battle. This new form of currency allows you to increase your walkspeed and jump height to the current one that we exprience. Skill points can also be used to increase your durability, strength and healing factor. Another added speciality is that the points can also be used to increase your usual amount of "Competetive Points". For example, you recieve 35 cp when you win a battle. Maxing out your cp collection by using Skill points will give you up to 58 cp. If you get x2 Tournament Rewards gamepass, you will gain 116 cp per win.


The shop can be massively improved. Add a section where featured items can be bought, such as Stands, Champions, Fruits, Sword Skins, etc. This time, you can actually purchase any Stand or Champion you want... with one catch: the featured section will refresh every 7 hours. Which therefore means you will have to beg the shop to refresh and give you what you want. Common Stands will cost you 500 - 800 Competetive Points. Uncommon Stands cost you 1k - 1.7k cp. Rare Stands will cost you 4.5k - 7.1k cp. Epic Stands cost 15k - 17.5k cp. And Legendary Stands will cost you 22k - 27.5k cp. Common Champions cost you 900 - 3.2k cp. Uncommon Champions cost you 9.6k - 13.7k cp. Rare Champions cost you 12k - 25.8k cp. Epic Champions cost you 29.7k - 34.5k cp. Legendary Champions cost you 56.8k - 60k cp. Mythical Champions cost you 100k - 112.5k cp.


To increase the variety, here are some gamemodes that they could add:

Team Deathmatch - people are able to choose which team they want to be part of, red or blue. Once a team has reached an amount that is even with the rest of the people in the server, it will be locked (like Arsenal standard). People just fight to the death, which allows for awesome pvp moments.

Infection - A person is selected to be a Demon from the Demon Slayer Universe, and will hunt people down. The person has infinite lives and if you die at their hands, you will become part of the horde.

Stand Showdown - Your walkspeed in this gamemode will not be affected and is extremely slow. You can only use Stands and the cooldown for the moves are massively nerfed which makes barrage spamming viable. There are 2 mini modes to Stand Showdown: 1v1 and Free For All.

Sword Fight on the Heights - You can only use your sword. The walkspeed is the same as the original counterpart... and the map is the same but with a modern look. Person who gets the most sword kills in under 2 minutes wins.

Team Battle Just randomly selecting teammates To fight Enemies

Black Clover Update

Sooooooo nyxun hasnt made any black clover stuf except grimores so im gonna think up some ideas

Black Clover Demon Boss

Its gonna be a new boss that drops op stuff


Black Asta Mode

Spirit of Zephyr Mode

Pride of The Wizard King (it gives you an insane boost)

New Grimoires

Yami's Grimoire

Luck's Grimoire

Licht's Grimoire

Zora's Grimoire

Magna's Grimoire

Yami's Grimoire

Sekke's Grimoire? Maybe?

[Username Here]’s Grimoire (this grimoire you can store powers that you have so when you have the grimoire on you can use those powers but you can only put 3 powers in the grimoire)


Explosion and Chunchunmaru

Both of these are from the anime Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! and i'd like them to add a new sword named Chunchunmaru, this is Kazuma's sword and is named by Megumin. Gives better multipliers than the latest sword. Can be obtained from Zoro. Explosion, a move that is used by Megumin a Crimson Demon. It is a powerful magic spell that has a long enchant but let's make it a bit short in the game. This move can fire a massive explosion that has a big range. Cooldown is 1-3 minutes and after using it, you cannot move for atleast 5 seconds. (Or in replacement takes away 10% of your health as a tribute to Megumin being unable to move the rest of the day because she does not have the energy to cast multiple explosions in one day.) When casted an Eyepatch of megumin and her staff comes on your hand and eye.

Let me see what you think about this and what needs to be changed!


Some Abilities and Attacks

Maybe we could add a skill tree or more attacks?

Some ideas for more attacks:

Tanjiro's Blade: Your sword will switch to Tanjiro's Sword for 1 minute, will deal insane amounts of damage. If your champion is Tanjiro this will insta-kill.

Sixth Sense: You have a radar for enemies (might be useful for PvP or Random-Spawn Bosses)

Golden Wind: Your attacks will do 50% more on players and bosses, but you have 50% less health. (Can be turned on or off)

WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR?!?!?: Your attacks will do 99% more damage, your health will increase by 100,000,000 health and your stand will be Crazy Diamond for 1 minute, however this move has a cooldown of 15 minutes (3000 second cooldown)

鬼 (Devil): You can suck blood and your attacks will do 50% more damage and lose 50% less health to non-sword style users. However, you will deal 50% less damage and take 50% more damage to sword users

(i am gonna edit this later i've run out of ideas, i will add more things later)

Tell me some ideas, What do you think?

- Bofronel038

SBR event

A SBR event(if u win it gives u 1 requiem arrow)(use it on gold expierience)

New stands: Gold Experience, Admin stand(0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of getting it)(no using robux to get it)

Gold expierence moves:

Z:7 Page muda(holds the person in place so he wont be able to escape)

X:Muda barrage finisher(deals a huge amount of Damage)

C:Life form creation(creates a animal to help u fight until u die)

V:Grow tree(raises u up to the sky on a tree so u can buy some time to heal yourself)

Pokémon Idea (Lorenzzo08XD)

Pokémon will be like an stand, but is pokémon, the chest is a pokeball and near it Prof.Oak will give tasks to kill people with your pokémon. Here some ideas of pokémon:

  • Bulbasaur (Common):
    • Cost to buy: 1000 Chikara Shards
    • Cost to sell: 300 Chikara Shards
    • Z: Vine Whip (15x). Scales by Strength.
    • X: Razor Leaf (20x/tick). Scales by Strength.
    • C: Solar Beam (25x at Night, 30x at Day).
  • Wartortle (Rare):
    • Cost to buy: 1000 Chikara Shards
    • Cost to sell: 300 Chikara Shards
    • Z: Water Gun (20x). Scales by Chakra.
    • X: Gyro Ball (15x/tick). Scales by Chakra.
    • C: Water Pulse (45x). Scales by Chakra.


New Tournament Prizes


A pretty Sword skin

Benitoite's Wooden Sword

A new Sword Skin that can be obtainable in the Tournament Shop. Costs 1K CP.

The Unformed Ruby (a new Gem)

New Gem

Emergent Ruby- costs 35K CP, and gives 50% durability for all attacks. It is a new gem (a Special), see Ideas 2 page. The Emergent Ruby is the hardest Gem to obtain, as it is a Tournament Prize, similar to the Star Fruit (except its a Gem Special not a Devil Fruit).

Skill Name Key Description
Falling in the Shore Z The Upside Gem falls, and causes large amounts of damage.
Rotting Gem X The Gem sheds its shell, stunning opponents.
Split into bones C The Gem lets out armor, enhancing its durability as well as the Player's.
Luminary V The Gem releases a blinding light from inside, stunning opponents for a while, as well as reducing some of their HP, and whiting their screen.

New Sword Powers (WIP)

Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash - Makes the world go high contrast mode for like 2 sec (like when MiH does v move) and sends a slash that goes very fast that does a lotta dmg to the player. Scales on strength


More Music

JJBA - Jotaro's Theme

JJBA - Kira's Theme

JJBA - Josuke's Theme

JJBA - Fighting Gold

JJBA - Traitors Requiem

JJBA - Overdrive

Super champions

Basically just Evolving Your champion with chikara shards

And they do double of their base form


Killua uses 10k shards to change to Godspeed Killua and auto trains 90% of you speed

Naruto uses 100k to change into Bijuu Mode Naruto and auto trains 110% of your chakra


Amethyst Twins uses 20K shards to change to Shiny Amethyst Twins and one auto trains 40% of your agility and the other 40% of your sword skill by 80% every 4 seconds.



You should be able to make presets of the powers you have equipped. These presets can be saved and loaded.

With this, you could have a tournament moveset or a boss moveset. It's a good time saver.

- Qwerty cuz lazy

Tessaiga Special (Concept) - TheFallEquinox

The Tessaiga is Inuyasha's signature weapon from the popular Shōnen manga/anime, "Inuyasha". A new NPC named Tōtōsai will be located near spawn in dimension 1, 2 and 3. Above him is a GUI showing the different Tessaiga specials you could potentially earn. With 2,000 chikara shards, you can attempt a roll for a Tessaiga special. The percentages are as follows, Tessaiga (67.22%), Red Tessaiga (23.31%), Diamond Tessaiga (9.12%) and Black Tessaiga (0.35%). You can activate/deactivate this special by pressing [Ctrl+5], and when done, your sword will temporarily be replaced by the Tessaiga until deactivated. To use the Tessaiga, you must press [4] when the special is active, allowing you to use its abilities.

Tessaiga Click Z X C Appearance
Tessaiga If equipped, you'll swing the Tessaiga, dealing your base sword damage. Kenatsu: Fire a series of small concentrated bursts of yoki. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 8x/tick. Wind Scar: The Tessaiga unleashes a large amount of Kenatsu in a single strike, dealing large amounts of damage. The scale factor is Chakra. and scaling is 25x. Backlash Wave: Deflects your opponent’s yoki back towards them, with the added power of the Wind Scar. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 40x.
Red Tessaiga If equipped, you'll swing the Tessaiga, dealing 1.2x your base sword damage. Kenatsu: Fire a series of small concentrated bursts of yoki. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 9x/tick. Wind Scar: The Tessaiga unleashes a large amount of Kenatsu in a single strike, dealing large amounts of damage. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 30x. Barrier Breaker: Charges towards your opponent, dealing high damage, and ignoring any power your opponent may be using that reduces an attack’s damage by any percent. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 35x.
Red tessaiga.jpg
Diamond Tessaiga If equipped, you'll swing the Tessaiga, dealing 1.4x your base sword damage. Kenatsu: Fire a series of small concentrated bursts of yoki. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 11x/tick. Adamant Wind Scar:

The Tessaiga unleashes the Wind Scar, including a volley of adamant shards to deliver devastating damage. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 40x+14x/tick.

Adamant Barrage: Fire a barrage of adamant shards, dealing massive damage to any opponent that crosses its path. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 14x/tick.
Diamond tessaiga.jpg
Black Tessaiga If equipped, you'll swing the Tessaiga, dealing 1.6x your base sword damage. Kenatsu: Fire a series of small concentrated bursts of yoki. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 16x/tick. Meidō Zangetsuha: Creates a gateway to the Netherworld manifested as a giant black circle. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 75x. Meidō Blades: Fires multiple blade-shaped gateways that slice through your opponent, trapping their body in the Netherworld for eternity. The scale factor is Chakra, and scaling is 45x/tick.
Black tessaiga.jpg

Tournament Revamp (The Peterphile)

Reset Restriction

Players can simply reset during a match when it isn't in their favour and cause the winner to not get points. Either prevent players from resetting in Tournament Dimension entirely, or punish them for doing so. A few options:

  1. Player who resets loses all their Competitive Points, while the person who didn't gets all their lost points as compensation. 
  2. Player who resets is automatically kicked from the server, and is prohibited from entering Tournament Dimension for the next 24 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bugs where you accidentally teleport outside the arena during 1V1, when you teleport into the ground outside the arena, and when you teleport into the trees during Free For All.
  • Fix the bug where having Springlike Limbs activated prevents you from getting hurt by tick damage.


  • Prohibit the use of Navel Laser's X move. People can spam it and fly around the arenas.
  • Fix the hitboxes for Flame Style's Z and C move, they can barely hit even at point blank.
  • Extend damage reduction feature to all Durability modes, not just Springlike Limbs.

Storm Feature

Similar to most battle royale games, a feature similar to Fortnite Battle Royale's Storm should be implemented into the Free For All game mode. For every 60 seconds, parts of the arena becomes consumed by purple gases that damages player within it, forcing them to enter the safe zone. As time progresses, the safe zone becomes smaller while the gaseous area becomes bigger, eventually leaving only 1/5th of the original arena's size left safe in the last minute.

  1. This prevents players from hiding in trees around the map throughout the entire game and trying to steal wins.
  2. This prevents players from wasting time by constantly running around the map.


Flight Ability

Faster than flame flight

Spawns a kintoun which you can ride

Instead of doing some space + w + w you choose which key you press to activate it

More Things in the Tournament Shop (A)

Anubis - 1k Crowns (Common Sword Skin)

Rinkaku - 7.5k Crowns (Legendary Kagune)

Z - Organ Transplant

Drags you towards the closest player and stabs your enemy 4 times. Scaling: Chakra 50x (200 total)

X - Chimera

Picks up the closest opponent and drags it towards you and stuns your opponent for 5 seconds. Scaling: Chakra 120x

Chimera doesn't work in Bosses

Nezuko - 5k Crowns (Uncommon Champion)

Nezuko trains 20% of your Strength every 4 seconds and heals 6% of your HP every 5 seconds.

More Things in the Tournament Shop (B)

6 - Leaf Grimoire - 6K Crowns (Legendary Grimoire)

Z - Clover Kingdom

X - Holy Pages

C - Arc of Time

V - 6 Clover Leaves

Invisible Water Style - 40K Crowns (Legendary Sword Style; for Trolling)

Based on a joke by Demon Slayer‘s mangaka on Murata’s Breath Style.

Z - Invisible Water Slash

X - Invisible Water Streaks

C- Invisible Dead Calm

New Quirk (TBA)

Roshi's Quests

[7] - Harvest

Train 50,000 increments of Chakra.

Rewards: 1B Yen and Harvest Power

Scaling: Chakra 5x per Bee (100x total)

Description: Summons a large amount of bees that follows and attacks your opponents.

[8] - Shadow Clone

Train 30,000 increments of Strength and Chakra

Rewards: 5B Yen & Shadow Clone Power

Scaling: Strength 5x per punch (this move is the same as D4C's C move but when your clones get damaged, you don't take damage but you only summon 3 clones)

Description: Creates multiple clones which overpower the enemy with a barrage of punches.

[9] - Sunlight Yellow Overdrive

Train 25,000 increments of Strength, Durability and Chakra

Rewards: 10B Yen & Sunlight Yellow Overdrive Power

Scaling: Strength 30x per punch

Description: Engulfs your fists with sunlight to use a Hamon attack.


Adding of dummies To dimension 2,3,4 

So I noticed that there were no dummies there to test on different dimensions so... 

I decided to Put it here 


Custom Coloured Power Gamepass

This would be a Gamepass that would allow you to change the colours of certain powers, like Dragon’s Wrath and Perfect Susanoo. It wouldn’t be very expensive and would be interesting as it would differentiate players from each other because of the colour of their powers.

AFK Mode

It’s just like the AFK thing in Tournaments, except you can use it in the ordinary dimensions. It would mean that nobody could damage you, but you can’t damage them, it would be used for when your AFK Training.

New Champions (WIP)

Luck Voltia: Trains 90% of your speed and agility and 65% of your strength every 4 seconds. Specially Buffs your grimoire damage by 30% and nerfs other people's Grimoire damage by 35%

Asta: Trains 55% Of your Strength and Durability every 4 seconds. Specially Nerfs other peoples grimoire damage by 75%

Julius Novachrono: Trains 65% of your chakra every 4 seconds. Specially Buffs your grimorie damage by 70% and nerfs other people's grimoire damage by 60%

Noelle Silva: Trains 55% of your chakra every 4 seconds. Specially Buffs your grimoire damage by 45% and nerfs other people's grimoire damage by 30%

Mereoleona Vermillion: Trains 65% of your Strength every 4 seconds. Specially Buffs your grimorie damage by 65% and nerfs other people's grimoire damage by 70%.


Dragonball Fusions

I think they should add Fusions from Dragon Ball into champions.

If you have Goku and Vegeta in your inventory you can spend yen and Chikara (a lot) to make Vegito this will be the best champ

Another thing they could do is add more Dragon Ball champs so you can fuse more like Goten and Trunks to make Gotenks for example.

All the fusion champs will be the best champs with High multipliers but they will be very expensive costing a ton of yen and Chikara


Expansion on Auggie123456's idea on Fusions (OOFmasterNUB)

Goku and Vegeta can fusion when you have them but instead Vegeta can refuse to fusion. Vegeta has a 60% chance to choose not to fusion but has a 40% chance to fusion. When fusioned they become the almighty Gogeta. You cannot buy any champions if you have full slots, even when Goku and Vegeta merge. You can only fusion once every 5 minutes, and if the fusion is successful The fusEd champion lasts for a day. Here are its stats

Gogeta (???) - After every player you kill your damage is increased by x3 for 15 seconds and champion increment gain is increased by 25% for 1 minutes. Trains 90% of strength, 60% of durability, 5% of speed and 40% of chakra (ki). Nerfs strength damage by 40%, all damage by 10% and buffs all damage by 25%

You can also get Vegito by finding Potara earrings. They can be found by Boss Drop and can only be obtained from boss after you get Goku and Vegeta. Instead of 60% Vegeta has a 50% to choose not to fusion. Fusion rules are the same as above. Here are its stats

Vegito (???) - When your hp is 50% your damage is increased by x7 for 8 seconds and the other player's champion increments are lowered by 50% and cannot be reversed unless they kill the user of Vegito or leave. Trains 100% of strength, 40% of durability, 10% of speed, 5% of agility and 45% of chakra (ki). Nerfs defense and chakra by 25%, all damage by 5% and buffs all damage by 40%.

Here are the pictures of what they look like


P.S Feel free to criticise me in any way and just saying I'm bad at drawing so yeah.

Quest Skip

You know when you are on a quest and it seems impossible? You can skip if with Quest Skip! (one time use) It lets you skip a quest so you go on to the next quest. Once you use it you can never use it ever again. Use it wisely. 150R$


So maybe they can add a new stat: energy. There should be a energy meter (somewhere on the screen) and using energy based skills use up the bar. Don't blame me if this sounds like kenja no mago but that is also a anime and lots of other animes use this concept and also the quests below are ordered wrong :P. Energy usage is the percentage of your energy bar, energy recovery is the speed of your recovery. energy recovery formula will be [500 * energy stat as a decimal], you recover 5% every time you recover, also if you recover every 5 seconds but if the formula is below 5 seconds then it will switch to that number. Energy bar will be equal to stats.


P.S The powers they can add is also mine

Powers they can add(for energy):

Quest: Enlightment

gain 100 energy

Power: Blind

Blind enemies momentarily using a flash of light.

Energy usage scaling: 1

Damage scaling: 0

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Boss damage: doesn't do anything

Quest: Spark

Gain 1k energy

Power: Fireball

Sends a fireball that does medium damage and a medium explosion

Energy usage scaling: 5

Damage scaling: 10

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Boss damage: 20

Quest: Quick Attack

Gain 10k energy

Power: Lightning Hands

Shoots lightning from your hands that track down the nearest player instantly.

Energy usage scaling: 10

Damage scaling:5

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Boss damage: 20

Quest: Nature's favor

Gain 100k energy

Power: Tangle

Tangle opponents by shooting spiky vines that do damage and immobilize them

Ticks: 5

Energy usage scaling: 5

Damage scaling: 3 every tick

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Boss damage: 3 every tick

Quest: Explosion

Gain 50T energy

Power: Explosion

Make a huge explosion by using up all your energy and stunning yourself in the process

Energy usage scaling: 100

Damage scaling: 50

Boss damage: 200

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Quest: Strange liquid

gain 1M energy

Power: Acid

Shoot a bunch of liquid that slowly burns away your enemy

Ticks: 8

Energy usage scaling: 15

Damage scaling: 5 every tick

Boss damage: 8 every tick

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Quest: Shield

Gain 100M energy

Power: Shield

Creates a shield that lasts for 10 seconds that blocks 1 spell damage.

Energy usage scaling: 33

Damage scaling: 0

Boss damage: 0

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Quest: Wall

Gain 1B energy

Power: Summon Wall

Creates a wall that blocks bosses, players and things that explode on impact. Can only be broken by bosses. Lasts for 5 seconds

Energy usage scaling: 50

Damage scaling: 0

Boss Damage: can be broken if boss uses attack.

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Quest: Bloodlust

Gain 60,000 increments of energy, 30,000 increments of durability, 5,000 increments of chakra, 45,000 increments of sword, 20,000 increments of strength.

The beginning after the end bloodlust.png
Power: Killing Intent

Gather all your power and show a killing intent so big it does Huge damage and stuns other players near you.

area: Za Waduro size * 1.5

Energy usage scaling: 85

Damage scaling: 125

Boss damage: 250

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Quest: Sword Intent

Gain 500B energy and sword

Power: Energy Blade

Swings your hand with a blade so fast that it cuts through anything.

Energy usage scaling: 40

Damage scaling: 40

Boss damage: 30

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Quest: The unseen

Gain 5T energy

Power: invisibility

become invisible but all your stats are 99.9% decreased.

Energy usage scaling: 50

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Quest: Light show

gain 100T energy, 5T chakra

Power: Chroma Laser Missiles

Shoots multicolored laser missiles that track the enemy at a high speed.

Ticks: 15

Energy usage scaling: 55

Damage scaling: 8 per tick

Boss damage: 5 per tick

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Quest: The Fourth challenge

Gain 15000 increments of energy

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 5.59.10 PM.png
Power: Perish

Shoots a huge energy beam that you can control for 2 seconds.

Ticks: 5

Energy usage scaling: 40

Damage scaling: 10 per tick

Boss damage: 15 per tick

Cooldown: 20

Boss drop powers

For this I took ideas for boss from other people. I will try my best in including the people who had the boss ideas. I will only add 1 power to each boss, and also the boss drop rules in the bosses page apply here too.

Credit for boss ideas: DeadShoTzZ07, AnimeFanMateka and Redmond48

Frieza drop

Power: final form 100%

Makes you glow bright white with light...

Percentage drop: 0.075%

Boosts all your stats by 25%

blocks 60% of incoming damage

Energy usage scaling: 100

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Rimuru Tempest drop

Power: Mimic

Transforms to a random NPC. Lasts for 15 seconds. If a player clicks on you, they lose 25% of their hp. If a player hits you, they take 75% damage done to you.

Energy usage scaling: 90

Boss damage: 100

Cooldown: 75 seconds

Dark Naruto drop

Power: Stat Copy

Temporarily increase your stats to 20% of someone's stats. Only works if they are stronger than you by more than tenfold. Lasts for 5 seconds and only works if the player is in your range.

Size: Za Waduro size

Energy usage scaling: 100

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Nomu drop

Power: Big Blowback

Pushes the enemy away from you depending on how strong they are

Knockback level: percent of stronger than you multiplied by 50

Energy usage scaling:30

Damage scaling: 5

Boss damage: 5

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Opm fandom orochi.png

Orochi drop

Power: Spike Tentacle (This is strength based)

Shoots a big spike tentacle that follows the enemy

Damage scaling: 20

Boss damage: 25

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Power: Dragon Serpent Summon

Summon 4 dragons that hit anyone who gets close to you(This is durability based and has a transformation)

Length: 1 spike of Overhaul

Damage scaling: 10 per hit

Boss damage: 10 per hit

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Power: Celluar Deconstruction

Attaches a piece of your self to the enemy so that it eats away at your enemy. Lasts 50 ticks(This is chakra based)

Damage scaling: 5 per tick

Boss damage: 4 per tick

Cooldown: 50 seconds

Power: Serpent Beam

Summon 4 dragon serpents and use them to fire a medium size concentrated beam that does huge damage. Lasts 4 ticks

Energy usage scaling: 85

Damage scaling: 30 per tick

Boss damage: 50 per tick

Cooldown: 40 seconds

-comment: I wasted every brain cell and part of my soul writing this x_x

P.S This took 4 hours. and I will sleep for a very long time (nope) -badluckbois

Champion Coins

I think they should add something called Champion Coins and this is how they will work.

For example if you have a Rare+ champion in your inventory already and you open a box and get a Luffy that’s already in your party instead of getting that Luffy you will get a certain amount of champion coins. These coins can be used to buy other champions (not tournament champions though but every other champion)

The rarer then champion is the more coins it will cost and the more common the champ is the less coins you will get. This will be useful for people who want a certain champion but are not lucky enough to get it.

NOTE: The reason why it’s Rare+ is because people could just get Sanji then keep on getting Sanji and get champs fairly easy but if you think it should be with every champ that works to.

New Sword Styles (The Peterphile)

Sword Style Z X C Cape Appearance
Insect Style (10%) Dance of the Bee Sting: Charge towards your opponent and deliver a single thrust with your sword to damage them and inject them with poison. Scales by Strength and scaling is 20x. Poison damage follows if attack lands, with a total of 4 ticks, each scaled by Chakra with a scaling of 2.5x. Butterfly Dance: Caprice: Charge towards your opponent and sting them multiple times with your blade, dealing damage and injecting them with poison. Scales by Chakra and scaling is 40x. Poison damage follows if attack lands, with a total of 5 ticks, each scaled by Chakra with a scaling of 4x. Dance of the Centipede: Teleport in front of the nearest enemy and thrust your poisoned sword through them while creating a large shockwave at where you originally stood. Scales by Sword and scaling is 60x. Poison damage follows, with a total of 10 ticks, each scaled by Chakra with a scaling of 2x.
Insect Style Idea.png
Moon Style (0.35%) Evening Palace: Charges towards your opponent at high speed using a single large slash, with numerous chaotic blades following the trail of the slash. Scales by Strength and scaling is 40x. Tenman Crescent Moon: Swing your sword and create a chaotic vortex of powerful omni-directional slashes that destroys whatever is caught up within its attack radius. Scales by Chakra and scaling is 75x. Half Moon: Swing your sword in a downward slash and create six powerful slashes crashing down on your opponents, each leaving a trail of chaotic blades. Scales by Sword and scaling is 100x.
Moon Style Idea.png

DOFA Revamp

Z: Delaware Smash

User flicks their fingers, creating a large short-ranged shockwave that deals huge damage. Scaling: 35x Strength

X: Detroit Smash

User unleashes a powerful punch that makes a large shockwave in front of him. Scaling: 45x Strength

C: Manchester Smash

User axe-kicks the ground, creating a large vertical shockwave that deals huge damage. Scaling: 60x Strength

Boss damage done by each move corresponds with their scaling (Delaware does 35, Detroit does 45, Manchester does 60).

by Bro I cant find a username

Aerosmith Stand

Remotely controlled stand, (Any damage taken by this stand while being remotely controlled will transfer to the user so it isn't too op) Max Stand speed is same as user speed. Can't disable Aerosmith unless you're close to user. Flight Controls: W = Accelerate, S = Slow Down A = Left Turn D = Right Turn. The stand goes straight forwards at all times and will only stop if you slow the speed down to 0.

Z: Machine Gun Fire

3x chakra per tick.

X: Propeller Slice

5x strength per tick

C: Missile Launcher

10x chakra per tick (3 missiles)


Doubles stand speed for 10 seconds.

(Rarity: Purple: 6.53%)

OnePieceCorazon's JJBA idea

Requiem Arrow - Spawns every 30 minutes with 1/3 chance around the map, collecting it will buff all stands damage by 1.5x and chance to get Epic+ stands increases by 1%.

DIO's Diary - Spawns every hour with 1/5 chance around the map, collecting it will buff all stands damage by 2x and chance to get Rare+ stands increases by 1%.

(Both these items can be stacked)

Vampire Mask - Spawns every 30 minutes with 1/4 chance, collecting it will increase all your damage stats by 1.5x during the night, however your damage will decrease by 25% during the day.

Aja Mask - Spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes with 1/5 chance, collecting it while having Vampire Mask will deny the day damage decreasement and buff it with a 1.5x damage boost. Collecting it while NOT having Vampire Mask still collects it, but it will say "You need to find a Vampire Mask before using this item.".

(If you collected them once, the next time you collect them will say "You don't need [item name] anymore.")

Also, King Crimson must be at the Rare tier, it doesn't worth being a Legendary.


As known Z,X,C,V are keybinds used for specials there should be an option to when you have special off you can use Z,X,C,V as normal power keybinds, well thats all -Poorbaconhair432

New Dragon Orb Use

The Dragon Balls are basically useless if they are only used for the dragon orb gathering daily quest. So, since they are so hard to find and despawn 1 minute after they spawn in, if you gather all 7 of them, there should be a command in the daily quest menu that allows you to use the dragon balls and summon Shenron. When Shenron is summoned, he would say: ”You have summoned me using the seven Dragon Balls. I will grant any wish you desire. Now speak!” After that, you can wish for the next unlockable rank. When you wish for that, Shenron would say “You’re wish has been granted. Farewell!” Then the Dragon Balls would scatter for the next person that finds them.

When Shenron is summoned, dark clouds would gather in the sky, and Shenron would appear as a giant green dragon in the sky for everyone to see.

edit: The rank wish would only give you the stats requiered to get the rank, you would have to get the yen on your own. Shenron would also let you give 2 other people of the same rank the wish to upgrade their rank, because in Dragon Ball Super, the rules were changed and he was allowed to give 3 wishes.

By Bro i cant find a username

New Music

The Very, Very, Very Strongest (ONE PIECE)

Overtaken (ONE PIECE)

Goku Black’s Theme (Dragon Ball Super)

Holding Keys

Its simple. If you hold certain powers they will get bigger. bigger means more dmg and more aoe or range.

As an example: Pretend you set spirit bomb as Q. if you press q a tiny spirit bomb will appear and go to where your mouse points. if you hold it it will get bigger. bigger means more dmg and aoe. If you hold it for 20 seconds it will be as big as the cell arena.

Another Example: pretend you set kamehameha as e. if you press e it will fire out your normal kamehameha. if you hold it the energy ball thing will get a bit bigger. bigger means more range and dmg.


One Punch Man Boss Ideas


Boros would have 25-50 more health than All for One. He would have a speed close to Broly's. His drops are

1: Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon: Unleash a massive blast of energy that does huge damage. 75x Chakra 75-100 boss damage

2: Ultra Serious Punch: Punch with so much force that objects miles away vibrate. 80x Physical Strenth

3: Ultra Regen: When activated, the next time you die, you instantly regain 50% of your health and double damage for 5 seconds.

4. Meteoric Burst: Boost you walk speed and jump height by 20 each. Block 90% of incoming damage and reflect 50% back. Gives 2x damage. Lasts 15 seconds. (Rarest drop. 1% chance on tier 5)

Speed-o-Sound Sonic

Speed-o-Sound Sonic would have 25-50 more health than All for One. He would have a speed faster than Broly's. His drops are

  1. Hail of Carnage: Throw a barrage of 30 exploding shuriken, each dealing 3x physical power (90x total). each shuriken deals 1 damage against boss.
  2. Wind Blade Kick: Flip forward multiple times extremely quickly and use your momentum to deliver a kick to your opponent. 50x Physical strength 25 damage to boss.
  3. Full Frontal Attack: Dash forward with immense speed, dealing massive damage to your opponent. 60x Sword. 45 damage to boss.

Credits to Coughciugh alt for Ultra Serious Punch Idea

Naruto Transformations (Wafflestotoast) 

Pain's Rinnegan (Mythic): 

[Z] Universal Pull: Using a gravitational force, the user creates a beam that pulls in any enemy while stunning them, dealing huge damage

[X] Demonic Hell Viewing Technique: The user summons a Gate of Hell that emits a burning fire in front of them, dealing huge damage as well as burn damage

[C] Almighty Push: The user creates a massive gravitational force around them that deals critical damage as well as pushes enemies away

Sasuke's Rinnegan (Mythic): 

[Z] Heavenly Hand Power: The user teleports instantaneously to wherever their mouse cursor is pointing, dealing damage at the same time

[X] Heavenly Hand Power Chidori: The user first coats their hand in a black Chidori, before teleporting to the nearest enemy within a certain radius and Unleashing the Chidori on them, dealing huge damage

[C] Susanoo: Chirodi: The user summons a being of destruction, and then coats their arm with a massive Chidori. The user then lunges their hand forward, unleashing lightning all around the user, dealing critical damage to anyone caught within it

Kakashi/Obito Sharingan (Legendary): 

[Z] Light Beast Hunting Fang: Using Lightning, the user uses a Chirori, then releases it in front of them at top speed in the form of a hound, dealing damage

[X] Transportation Technique: For 5 seconds, the user is immune to all types of damage, but their overall damage is reduced by 20% for the duration of the move

[C] Kamui: The user gazes wherever the mouse cursor is pointed, warping away anyone caught within the radius, dealing huge damage

New Dimension 4 Training Areas


- Colosseum (JJBA) 100Oc

- Sports Festival Arena (MHA) 1N

- Butterfly Estate (KnY) 100N

- Urahara's Shop's Underground Area (Bleach) 1De


- Mt. Yultim (Black Clover) 100Oc

- USJ (MHA) 1N

- Mt. Yultim Underground Cave (Black Clover) 100N

- Sokyoku (Bleach)  1De


- Hueco Mundo (Bleach) 100Oc

- DIO's Mansion (JJBA) 1N

- Enriched Spirit Zone (Bleach) 100N

- Gedo Statue (Naruto) 1De


Specials Selection Menu

This is an Idea so that when the devs want to add more specials they can, no matter how many they add.

the Specials Selection Menu is exactly like the Powers tab, there are a list of specials, differentiated by their icons, and under those icons, is the thing for the Powers tab where you can select a key to bind your special to, to activate it, the keys that can be bound, are 5-0. for example, a stand can be activated using 6, and you can have the option to not bind a kagune to a key.


Grimoire Update

I really like Black Clover but I think that the grimoires are not having much relevance (my opinion). I would like to try to convince Nyxun and his team to give a little more prominence to the grimoires, I am not criticizing, they are incredible and the graphics of the attacks are awesome, here are some of my ideas about the updated grimoires:

Move Name
Scale Factor
Sea Dragon's Nest
Create a dome composed of multiple whirlpools, that protect all players in it, and don't let anyone in and block all atacks for 10 seconds
Sea Dragon's roar
Summon a water dragon that shoots towards your mouse, track and chases the closer player.
Valkyrie Dress
Summon a water armor that track and chases the players and dont stop until you find most 2 closer player targets.

Move Name
Scale Factor
Towering Tornado
Create a big tornado that dosen't move and pulls all players in area into it, dealing damage
Crescent Kaimaitachi
Forms a thin crescent-shaped blade of wind, and pushes the hit target away
Tornado Fang
Shoots a horizontal tornado which picks up and throws the target away
Spirit Dive
The user and the spirit of the wind Sylph become one and transform all attacks

In Spirit Dive, the attacks of the grimoire change, in the spirit form, the user will have more speed (+2 points)

And is disabled 45 seconds after use

Spirit Dive attacks:

Move Name
Scale Factor
Sylph's Breath
Create a gigantic, tremendous ball of wind that pull enemies and cause huge damage.
Spirit Storm
Shoots a very large and instant beam over a long distance.
Liable Tempest
The user make a cocoon of wind, trapping and freezing the target for 3 seconds.

(Spirit Dive is deactivated 50 seconds after use)

Special Dimension (Unfinished)

In this Dimension, there are only the Special givers and a few special bosses. These bosses don't drop powers, but they do drop specials. This Dimension will only be available after you complete Roshi's last quest.

Quirk Boss

This boss will be an enhanced All For One. He will have Springlike Limbs and Impact Recoil equipped the entire time. He will have about 1.5k Health and max speed and jump. He drops 35-50 Specials Coins.

All For One Profile.png

Kagune Boss

The boss will be Dragon Ken Kaneki. He will be the size of Beast King (Kaido) and Nine Tails (Kurama). He has 2k health and 121 speed. He grows in size and damage as his health gets lower.

100% health: 0% larger, 0% more damage

75% health: 20% larger, 25% more damage

50% health: 40% larger, 50% more damage

25% health: 60% larger, 75% more damage

5% health: 80% larger, triple damage

He drops 35-50 Specials Coins.


Specials Shop

All For One Quirk [3500 SC]

The All For One quirk allows you to circulate between all the available Quirks at the time. Your appearance will be as shown in the image, but where it shows that you have your Quirk active, it will also say which Quirk you're currently using.


[Z] Z-move of chosen Quirk

[X] X-move of chosen Quirk

[C] C-move of chosen Quirk

[V] Press V to Circulate between Quirks. Order of Quirks:

  1. When just summoned, the starting Quirk is Navel Laser
  2. Cremation
  3. Half-Hot-Half-Cold
  4. Overhaul
  5. Deku One For All
  6. Hell Flame


Post-Dragon Kaneki Kagune (Kakuja) [5000 SC]


[Z] Extended Blades. Extend the kagune's blades and cause them to surge forward, dealing huge damage. 65x strength.

[X] Shield Blades. Enlarge the kagune's blades and deflect 75% damage for 10 seconds.